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>Getting stronger and stronger as an artist
>Spent 9 hours working on this today

I feel great and just keep rocking them out

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It needs another 9 hours or so

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poor girl
life must be harsh on her

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Being able to draw for 9 hours and like the result is the greatest asset you could have as an artist

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What the fuck did you spend 9 hours on? If this is you getting better, I'd hate to see your old work.

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what is that

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9 hours? jesus man, that would take me 10 minutes

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It’s very unappealing, sorry. Using brushes with some texture, contrast and a wacky pallet might help your style

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it looks rough, but don't worry, it can only get better from here.

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It's wacky looking, ngl. You should probably focus more on the big picture composition first before zooming in to work on details (you've clearly put a lot of work into the face and lining the person)

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Such a difference between the photo and the diagram...

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If you're going to draw like this, I'd recommend switching to ink and paper. The digital compounds the lack of appeal and gives it a trashy airbrush look. Ink will also force you to work with mistakes and commit to lines, restoring sovl.

Also recommend looking up the concept of tempo. 9 hours isn't just too long for this one piece, it's impractical to draw at that pace if you're looking to improve.

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Good job buddy, it's always nice when we can see improvements in our own work. The point is to improve, not to be perfect at every moment.
My suggestion is, since you're going in the direction of heavy stylization of the figure, to take it further and extend that stylization to the background as well. Experimentation and not getting caught up in how things "should be" will help you push things further and find the spot you're happy with in your art.

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Ouch oof my heckin' boneitis

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it gets better the longer i look at it

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Hapsburgs genes really are kicking in

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It has that "Je Ne Sais Quoi", I dig it.

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Based OP, making nodraws crab