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He was only 17 when he drew this

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I was only 12 when I banged ur mom

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Kim had already spend 9 years drawing 10+ hours a day by then
>please be true please be true

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Master Kim is the one person who I don't even bother comparing myself to. I can only revere him from a distance.

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soo, not much progress from 17 to 40?

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Even if you ran 50 miles in one direction, you'd never seen the sun or the moon change positions.

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If you mean, one can hardly do better, I'll have to disagree. It's a bit of a waste that he ended up creating not much more than sophisticated doodles. Would have been nice to have him work say on a full comic, or a series of artworks

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Sure KGJ drew a lot but seeing this makes me believe that talent is real. There's people in there 20s and 30s who have probably drawn more than a 17 year old KJG but still can't draw half as good as him.

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He's produced volumes and volumes of ink drawings. Since when were Gibson and Coll not considered artists? Buy his hardbound sketchbooks, and you'll see plenty of finished art there

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>not considered artists
I never said KJG wasn't an artist. There are many nuances from being a total fan, and despising the guy.

"Doodling" was to be interpreted as: he took a pen and draw whatever came to mind. There's no structure, no attempt to express a coherent message. Gibson for instance was an illustrator: his production was then polarized by the demand, he wasn't just "doodling" in a notebook whatever he pleased (maybe he did, but that wasn't all he did).

> finished art
Again, not exactly my term, but finished doodles aren't comparable to a series of oils paintings or a few comics.

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It's probably IQ gap

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>eyes on the front of the horse's head

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>he took a pen and draw whatever came to mind.
that's part of the appeal, stream of consciousness drawing on a very high level.
>There's no structure, no attempt to express a coherent message.
True, but every artist has their strength, epic sketchbooks were his. That being said, the few comics he did displayed good storytelling and it's not like his art lacked content (Korean folklore, robots & technology, his travels & experiences, and weird sex were a few of his recurring themes).

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cope harder dumb nigger

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uh yes you would, retard, you literally don’t even have to run, the sun and moon change positions on their own literally all the time

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and had already been drawing for 17 years. imagine

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> oh no, you said something I interpret as negative about something I like
How old are you anon?

Yeah, it can be enjoyed, although it's a bit repetitive (visually), but most artists are: it's hard to keep renewing yourself.

>every artist has their strength
Eh. I can't but wish he would have put is mind to something more "involved" and thoughtful. But Ain't Gonna Happen' now.

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they change positions because *they* move, not because *you* moved

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you get what i mean. you're not the earth

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>Even if you ran 50 miles in one direction, you'd never seen the sun or the moon change positions.
>you'd never seen the sun or the moon change positions
>sun and moon
>change positions

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stop poking holes in my analogy.

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I thought it was some retarded korean proverb kek

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I agree. A lot of drawing power, but most of his stuff is very random in a bad way, as in "I didn't plan any of this, I just made it up as I went and it shows".

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He probably copied most of it, don't be too optimistic

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at 17 I was being bullied at school and beaten at home.

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The pen marks already shows a great deal of maturity though


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What's with all the
>He's good but...
Takes? Every time a kjg thread comes up some faggot says this, but kjg DID do a few comics. Tiger and the long tail and spygames to name 2.

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And tiger and the long tail has 1200 pages...(6 volumes 200 pages each)
Anyone ever seen it?

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Didn't knew; I mostly know him from the sketchbooks and various random videos of him doodling

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his skill is so unbelievably high it doesn't make sense, so people need a way to understand him in a human way

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its korean only, and from before his first ever live drawing.

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