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almost 1 year progress. How im doing /ic?

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pretty good.
ur face and colors have improved a lot

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you fell into the anime eyes/no nose trap

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Another fembot. Why do women fucking love these ugly as sin styles?

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Hard to tell. Your style is very distorted. Post your figure drawings.

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80% of people who post in this thread will read the image backwards
I don't see much progress
Changing styles from tumblr to western anime, not hiding hands (that much) and doodling the flowers instead of using a brush is nothing to write home about

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definitely improved on fundamentals! but the composition feels too safe and "bland" compared to your old piece

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Almost read it backwards.
It's pretty hard to compare these two pics, but I suppose the main improvement I can see is better hands, better (still wonky) bench and rabbit. You've also changed from brighter colours to more muted and yellow ones, changed the angle, and completely changed the style of the face, but these aren't strictly objective improvements but rather choices based on what you want to communicate.
Overall, the biggest improvement is the higher amount of effort put into the details, and you do seem to have a good grasp on colour. I would probably suggest either practicing perspectives or at least finding a reference for this pose for bigger improvements on this piece.

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because its trips you won't hear a bad word from me, but because I'm not from 4chan you will hear every bad word from me;

learn to describe things IN 3D with shadows and lights because you are symbol drawing the rendering (using shapes you don't know why you are using), you are simplifying objects which is better than the old one (where you just draw in hopes of hitting some anatomy), but by simplifying them you lose a lot of potential value, your perspective still needs some work

Colors match together, you have much better fluidity and ambient color, the whole work is oozing synchronic colors so i guess your color ambience has improved (???), your perspective has significantly improved

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i like your old colors for her hair better, it pops out more than the new one, everything else has improved though, glad to see you did away with those giant lips lol,

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this'd look good if it weren't for the face

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go look up your old thread instead

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whoops didn't read your image, nvm

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I'm just glad that the bench has proper planks now. and your character has functional hips and non-claw hands. Your painting is cohesive. Well done lad

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I've seen this shit on here before that isn't yours faggot

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who the fuck puts the after one the left and the before on the right

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Go back faggot

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The followers of the true Lord, Lucifier. Fuck ur weak right handed god

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It's shit but not as bad as fetish drawings. Come on anon. We both know how degenerate men can get.

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I do not understand why on English speaking websites people post their progress on the left and their past on the right. Even though 4chan is a board heavily influenced by the Japanese 2chan, we read from left to right, so many of the anons here are gonna critique you and say you de evolved as an artist when that isn't true. I love the perspective on the 2022 version, but the expression on the 2023 version. Try to find a happy medium in the future

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Why do perma/beg/s get so angry when others can actually draw?

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I feel like you should have kept the angle the same for both. It would have certainly showed off your skills better too. Otherwise I think you improved! Colors are more cohesive and it still has a lot of your older style. Though I kind of prefer the hair on the older one shape wise but that's just me.

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holy shit, I thought left was the before image
you got worse
>shittier color
>shittier shapes
>shittier composition
>boring image
stylisation is debatable, this isn’t

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>piss filter is cohesive colors