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Since No one actually bothered to make it, I decided to make a tier list myself


Pic is my personal tier list. How good is my taste?

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I havent read most of these

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interesting thread...

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>filtered by perspective made easy

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why is gurney in A and not S?

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Based perspective made easy chad

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Nta but I feel like book does more on theories than applications and is only useful for painters

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Gurney gives the frosting before the cake

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i literally have only read the first past of perspective made easy

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Did not read the other ones

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>only useful for painters
no shit. and portrait books are only useful for humans not animals.

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Illusion of life at C is heresy

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It's honestly more of a history book than an actual animation information book imo. All the stuff you could gain from it such the 12 principle can be found elsewhere. Plus the Disney worship is pretty lame.

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i like history books :(

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I’m glad the board has finally turned against Robertson. Definition of a /beg/ trap.

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>fun with a pencil in s tier while marvel way and preston are lower even though they MOG it

>Keys to drawing in the lowest tier despite the fact that it's basically right side with less bloat

>force drawing being on the same tier as vilppu and higher than Hampton despite being worse than both

>noble approach is on the same tier as christ hart

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Good for you anon

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you should have to post your art next to your tierlist so we can see whether your opinion on education materials is worth anything

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looking awfully straight and white with these books. Do you people read anything by black and brown people? Maybe some out LGBT folks? No? That explains a lot about this board.

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not him, but the book is not structured and is awfully wishy-washy
I want my books to provide information, not be a tool for self expression for the author
compare it to faragasso’ s books or HVC, it reads like a giant blogpost in comparison

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What's that Animation book on S tier?

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Andrew Loomis was black

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no one who says mog is old enough to be on this board.

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Color and Light not being S tier makes no sense.

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Cope and seethe grandpa
As for the Color and Light people, I do think that it's a good book but it's too advanced to a beg to color. Betty Edwards and David Hornung's Books are better.

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come to think of it i've never seen a potrait of the guy himelf

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This. I am getting nothing from any of these posts.

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>ads like a giant blogpost in comparison
It's essentially a compilation of his(great) gurney journey blog posts.

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