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I've been lurking their threads for a few months and their lack of progress impressed me
How could one avoid stagnating like that?
What I've been thinking of is making finished pieces by studying each part individually instead of doing those nonsensical studies they do there lol

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Do they scare you because they…draw?

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"Their lack of progress"
And lack of finished works

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Studies are pretty much worthless if you don't have even a basic grasp of fundies. /asg/ has always been full of shitters because they're full of people that only want to draw bland chink toons without putting in any of the required effort.

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Bro, you’re asking /ic/ how to avoid being like them which means either you haven’t started or you have started but haven’t put in as much practice as they have.

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And studies are meant for preparation to finished works no?
I see artists like, say, Leyendecker, and when you find his studies, it was studying just for luls, he made studies because he had a Piece in mind that he wanted to make
ASG studies are all over the place and have no goal

Other generals seen okay, The master studies general has a few insightful posters

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I think people who are just copying won't get very far. A huge chunk of making great art can only be learned by taking a leap and trying things out on your own.

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Worrying about how others practice is a sign of depression. Please seek medical attention immediately anon.

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Too much 2d shape copying, not enough from feeling.

This too. They have poor taste because they're mentally deficient, and that mental deficiency makes learning a lot harder than it should be.

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>my experiences in life are based off the success and failures of others

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You retards have absolutely zero self-awareness whatsoever

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asg fails because they didn't go through the preliminary steps of learning figure drawing fundametnals.

If you want to avoid this fate, I suggest reading through this guide:


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How do you know they don’t have finished works? Is it a requirement they post them in the general dedicated to…studying?

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This thread is just a bunch of retarded beginners trying to feel good because they're slightly less bad. Anything to avoid drawing I guess.

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Yep, and shitters like you feel threatened, so you are trying to feel all high and mighty about shit that hopefully doesn’t involve you. Considering you been sperging out in this thread, /beg/ boy

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it’s always like that
many, many cases

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that's because those filthy ASG niggers are doing pic related but with anime

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There's not a single rule about NOT posting finished works
If they don't post them is because they don't have them
And also there's rarely any coherence in their studies, you never see them studying related elements for a complete composition l

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>There's not a single rule about NOT posting finished works
If they're breaking a rule, report them so they get banned, problem solved
Take your meds and get back to /co/

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it's funny because even no one here can draw like this even if they copied it.

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even you

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this is the easiest fucking shit on the whole planet especially if you use rulers or meshes
it just takes a whole lot of patience and it is not worth the effort

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I see studies as a way to comprehend concepts that cannot be easily put into words. The thing is you need to study the concepts that CAN be put into words before you dive into studies.

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That's true. When you copy something, all the mistakes you make can be easily solved by putting your copy and the original side by side. You can't do that with your own works, you need to think and be critical with yourself to understand why the thing you've drawn doesn't look as it should.

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I don't think you understand what studying is for and what studies are you aren't supposed to see impressive original finished pieces you're supposed to see people asking for help on how to draw a head because they honestly don't know how yet

it's like going into a preschool and being surprised the kids can't read and write yet and then going 10 years later only to still not understand it's a preschool and all the kids there aren't supposed to know how to read and write yet

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u talk the talk but can u walk the walk?
I could probably do it on digital. Def not trad tho

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PYW, if you get mogged by the /asg/ prebegs there's no taking you seriously.

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studies are a way to study, you dumb nigger

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i dont post in asg often but i can kinda draw like trigger now (not gr8, but anime studies have been helping)

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forgot to attach pic of work…

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Omg... Speak for yourself.

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american expressions are incredibly cringe

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Curry, no toilet, drinking piss. That’s good enough for you, pajeet?

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How can the way someone else studies affect the way you study?

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oh no no no no

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how come you have toilet but still shart in the mart?