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Does being maidenless make you a better artist?

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on the contrary, an artist needs safety and warmth in order to produce the most soulful of arts

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art much like nuclear physics lives alone, and exactly for the same reasons.

YES (if you have hard time controling your libido)

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Which is it now

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It depends.

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a loving marriage with a lot of hugging and no sex

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Idk, I can draw girls better when I'm pining over them in my incel mode. Even though I blatantly rejected a cowoker who asked me out recently.

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There were great artists who got laid and those who didn’t. It doesn’t matter. Either way works.

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Having your own family means you have less time for art, which means you gotta be extra creative in how quickly and efficiently you produce pieces.

So, restrains can improve your art, also, by not being on your own, you have more perspective on your mind, meaning the things you can express are a bit wider.

Still, there are lonely great artists, there are family-artists, they are gangbanger artists with a ton of friends...

There's everything of everything in a way, including serial killer artists, that are extremely disturbing... Sadly they exist.

Whatever sparks creativity in you.

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The most interesting artists are the ones who are constantly suffering. Artists with family have safety, and will always be the most boring. Same with friends. Artists who have the most safety nets are the least interesting because they make the least sacrifices. You can’t name one artist with a normal life who has done anything interesting. All the artists who have made things you can immediately think of have had completely fucked up personal lives, isolation, tragedy, or a history of failed relationships/abuse/sexual abuse. You’re never going to find a married artist with friends and family pushing the envelope.

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God, I love Elden Ring; this was my build that got through me through the game lol
IDK if anyone plays on Playstation network but


is my username if you ever wanna pvp or whatever

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and heres a pic I never finished of Melina

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I don't like the explicit glorification of sin, but you drew her pretty damn hot

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Bruh we accepted to go to hell the moment we came for the first time

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Being maidenless makes you better at everything. The downside being that finding a maiden is the primary objective of our lives

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>t-there sure is an advantage to being a virgin, r-ri-right guys????

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>he hasnt repented
kek. lel. luh mao

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My friend, I have some incredible news for you, and His name is Jesus Christ

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Yes. Being with a man makes you even better then being alone however

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You’ve got it wrong my friend, you accepted hell the second time you came, not the first. Man is meant to be with one woman forever. As soon as you sleep with a second woman you are doomed in life.

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>typing from a machine conceptualized by a virgin
yeah def not