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So I think my old tag is holding me back. It's just 3 letters and not long enough for a piece. I've been using it for almost a year and I can't improve the geometric design. My solution is to turn Zaj to Zajga. Also the "j" is just pronounced like an "i" so maybe it'd just be better to change it.

Suggestions, ideas criticism welcome

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more like faggia amirite

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I can show some stuff I made
I drew the kitty. "Belze" is my buddy. You can see my signature on the foot

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Is this board moderated properly?

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The first zaj looks like a dabbing wizard to me. Lean into that and you have yourself a winner. Z is the raised arm, A is the hat

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more like say…onara dignity HAHAHAHAHA

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Really have trouble seeing it but thanks

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Do it anon

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Mean like dis?

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I was think more like this

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>I'm using a trackpad so my thumb movement is shit

start with AJG (red)
then Z (green) or cursive-stroke the green however you want
then the other A (blue)
then all the ticks (black)

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This is good but it looks like he’s jacking a guy off

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There’s no flow to this at all. You need to watch some videos on graffiti lettering. Fill a notepad page with tag ideas every day

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literal nigger shit