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How do I improve this?

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do you draw for wikihow?

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No, why? It's certainly not basic as wikhow art is it?

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It is more complex and requiring in skill than WikiHow art is, but the rendering makes it look like it would belong there.

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The main mast is wrong. You've got the sail on the wrong side. Go look at ref.

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could be a wikihow artist's passion project

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this is fucking horrific

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this is so fucking gay please stop making art. We need to stop giving Chads drawing software

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This looks like something I would have seen on 9gag in 2013

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Cool work anon, here's my quick take

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draw it again but better

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I like how bold you are, don't lose that

there are a lot of problems with the construction and rendering but I will only criticize the subject and composition (I am still learning the second)

I assume you wanted something endearing and to show how immersed you are while creating this amazing and happy one piece world, but quite honestly showing your sad and lowly saturated and room and face is quite depressing. if that was the objective, it was not dramatic enough, not enough contrast.

now on the composition, it is messy, as you don't know where to look first or where the highlight of painting is. is the luffy your your face? in addition, there are to many breaks in your patining which make it difficult to guide the eyes. I would try to align the boat with the pen and your face to make the eye movement smoother.

if you decrease the lighting and the saturation on your face, it will make it more dramatic and depressing. if you want to show how glad you are while painting, perhaps I would take a completely different take.

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that's nice

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Better colors, colors are why this is rough

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I have no idea but maybe make the fantastical elements brighter and more vibrant

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I actually laughed, good job /ic/

what separates a professional from a hobbyist is attention to detail!

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This is an insult to one piece

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is that pewdiepie

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i think it's ryan gosling

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Pretty cool art bro, keep it up

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This is alright. You didn't have to post it here.

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you should first and foremost save the filename as something recognizeable