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Some of you are the biggest hypocrites... Tell me how the "no to Ai art" movement wasn't an AstroTurf in benefit of the stablished giants and you a literal tool. Now that Poopooshop has it. Is it ok for you anon to use it? Are you willing to discuss Ai art now?
Post your poposhop Ai art below.

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Plopplyshop is worse than dalle2 from a year ago. And I got a warning when I typed in "white fist".

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Can you fuck off back to /g/ already.

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LMAO shit do we have a list of their banned phrases yet? Can you even prompt boobs?

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The fuck are you on about? Painting software has had AI for years now, but it was only for AI assisted coloring. It was obvious they’d keep implementing AI. They are a company that makes software. They’re not artists. Their job is to keep on top of competitive technology. They’re not an ethics committee.

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What are you talking about? Nobody here wants your Photoshop shat out pictures or shoops. This was never the place to post shopped photos.

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Very unlikely to be able to prompt boobs. Also English only and it packs a shit if you have spelling mistakes. (Unlike sd)

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Fuck you. This is Krita territory now. Only real artists, real art tools and real art are allowed. Go back to /g/ right now.

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Does the cracked version have AI?

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>white fist
I unsubscribed to it when I noticed I can do more with Krita and Blender alone. But seriously it's Ai has a words filter?? hahahaha

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Trips of brutal truth.

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Hey, guess what Rakesh, Adobe’s dataset isn’t stolen, which is entirely different, you ultra faggot. Their dataset comes from Adobe’s own stock image library.

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I doubt it. It's the Photoshop beta app. Does a cracked version have the neural filters that were added ages ago?

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Ok Kyle keep Turfing for your masters. Golem.

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that's pretty much the feeling i get.
but not only photoshop: openAI, M$, and Google are fighting to get opensource AI models banned, and keep control of the knowlegde on a few corporations
/ic/ is just too low iq to understand what is at stake on this fight

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no we just dont give a fuck. Now fuck off to g

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ask chatgpt to rewrite your post in normal english next time, raj

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>/ic/ is just too low iq
not to disparage artists, but this is a stereotype that happens to be true.

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Yeah man fucking big tech, anon is too stupid to understand that even art it's going to get policed on expression. Art should be free to express whatever the heck one wants. It's evolving just backwards, We'll hide art just as Goya did.
Too low Iq to give a fuck. I'm sorry your mom dropped you as a baby.

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Sure whatever Kyle. Is that the best argument you can bring here? Go back to your trailer.

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lmfao stablished giants. suck my cum out of a paint tube you street shitting son of a bitch

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>Too low Iq to give a fuck
if i want to discuss the atrocities and soon to be censorship of the big tech then i seek them out, but i dont need an AI Thread every fucking second when i try to learn how to animate on my linux opentoonz pc

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ur welcome to leave and go back to wherever you came from

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Sure I'll suck your micropenis Kyle, but first suck-clean my shit filled ass cheeks

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i cant if i have to see you bitchin two time a day. For real discuss that in g you will find open ears but this is a fucking art critique board

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a trailer has more plumbing than what passes for a house in your shithole

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yeah post your ai poopyshop art below. Can't you read??

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good morning sirs

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The was a low blow. We do have plumbing, just not in every house

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very funny, kys

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you caught me Maam'

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hello sir

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Me pooping on the streets with my 4090 + SD + Krita

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do not poop sir

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sorry for your hands :(

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hello. i hope you are fine today

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no im not. Ive not drawn enough today

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please do the needful then sir

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check previous threads before starting one you mongoloid. those arguments were destroyed long ago

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Does gimp have AI plugins?

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Post your Ai Art.

> Remeberr... Anon is not your frriend, anon is insecure and ego drriven,
> Take frrom cirique the positive parrt and disregard the rrrest.
> Be intelligent with yourr time and make use the Ai tools, be lazy but efficient.
Is good to know the baisicss but don't overr-compensate with a frragile ego
> yourr not yourr ego, ego is keeping you at bay from learrning new techniques.
> Ai is a new tech-nique.

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you're just trying to justify your practice. truth is big tech can benefit in either scenario. Making Ai-generated images not eligible for copyrighti goes in the right direction.

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Krita does, you can plug it to A1111

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> Ai art bad ai steal, ahhh big tech no bad ai, big tech no steal, big tech no astroturf in favour of big tech. Poposhop good, poposhop no steal, gotta buy poposhop, poposhop ethic good.
You are just trying to justify big tech practice.

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hello it is i big tech ceo. please do not reveal my plan on 4chans thank you mens

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so your posts before were really written by AI? because you cant write for shit. Also the reason i dont use AI. Because i dont learn art. I commission a machine. And thats just not fulfilling.

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Sorry Sir I’ll use chat gpt next time to improve my writing. Regardless of that. As long as the message gets transmitted who cares about syntax and orthographic mistakes, specially on a forum like 4chins.
The main point was to fast forward the future of this forum as it will become acceptable to post ai art/photo-bash now that photoshop included it and possibly astroturfed open source ai to their benefit to catch up and monopolize. And to call out the people that astroturfed for big corpo and continue to do unaware of their marionette strings

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Photobashing was rejected here even though it's industry standard in concept art. You think ai has a chance?

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>fast forward the future of this forum
if you seriously believe that this will happen on /ic/ you are a newfag

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sure isnt like ic hasnt even accepted digital art fully. And like i said AI does hinder me in learning art and just takes away my pencil. I like my pencil.

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(You) are the astroturf sirs

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