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Is online community around an artist petty much a cult? The moment you criticize their master you get death threats

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Why do you feel the need to complain in front of them? Your opinion is not that important, and it's vanity to think otherwise. If you want to vent, do it here. At least you know the death threats on 4chan have no weight behind them.

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>join community of people who like X
>insult X in front of the entire community
>w-why are they so mad at me?!

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nta but that seems like a cult like every fan discord

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>At least you know the death threats on 4chan have no weight behind them.

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No you’re just a contrarian dumbass.
Why would you go into a fan discord of something you don’t like just to talk shit about it?

I don’t like tattoos, but you don’t see me going to tattoo parlors and biker bars to talk shit about how much I hate tattoos

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Obviously if you jump in talking shit like a 4channer, you're going to get booted.
But you can move a critique without being an asshole about it.
Complete revulsion to critique IS cultish behavior.

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Unsolicited contempt isn't critique

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OP talks about "criticizing", that doesn't imply contempt.

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I doubt your critiques have anything of value.

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you sound like you've never joined a fan discord lol

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parasocial relationships + forced positivity
The moment you threaten the "harmony" of the "community" (which are just a bunch of faggots circlejerking and grooming each other to collect social media numbers) you get that response if you dare touch their queen ant.
It's much like thot orbiters, or some general's discord servers.
No one actually gives a shit about the critique, they just see any slight towards their master as a threat to the existence of the "community".
Or much like trying to actually criticize a video game; even if you're right, you're wrong because you're threatening the enjoyment of weak minded faggots and making them feel insecure.

Indeed every community is pretty much like a cult, this shithole included to a certain degree.
These type of people contribute to the actual decline of the community they're in, since they don't allow anything negative, thus it becomes a hugbox community full of drama and that will fall apart when something so big and negative happens that it can't be damage controlled.
Of course, criticizing their master's integrity and honesty, even if there would be reasonable grounds to base that claim on, goes against the financial and social interests of the master so you will have his most loyal dogs try to eat you alive.

Just look at the few faggots saying;
>"WOW LIKE STOP [insert strawman projection here]! YOURE ACTUALLY THE BAD GUY!"
Typical cultist zealot response.
These are non-individuals who attach their identity to what they consume.

The only solution is to delete social media, ban minors from being allowed to post on the internet and ban e-celebrities.

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>The only solution is to delete social media, ban minors from being allowed to post on the internet and ban e-celebrities.

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>forced positivity

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Shitty bait.

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>"Yeah, cacti are cool but you're going to hurt yourself if you hug one."

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>yeah cars are cool

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You retarded fucks are worse then the force positivity ones. You bring nothing to the convo, hang yourself you dumb fuck.

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>"This car has actually huge factory issues maybe you should consider thinking before pay 50k to buy it"

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Let me describe this in a way you might understand.

Would you go into a mcdonalds and then start yelling at kids on the playground that the cheeseburgers would be much better if they put onion rings on them?

Because that's essentially what you're doing.
You're not having a 1 on 1 discussion with a professional chef as his equal discussing ways to better his art, you're yelling at children who just want to eat a cheeseburger and play on a playground with other children.

Post your work so we can see how useful your "critiques" actually are.

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>yes and this is my favorite car I know all about the fact it has low mileage, but it has historical significance and looks cool

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I never once come across a faggot like you that has ever added anything of value to a community. You niggers are always just ass-blasted because insert server didn't just roll over and let you act like retards on their turf. Every single time.

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Best thing to do is just ghost the crazies. This is the new normal with influencer culture where the business plan is to literally turn customers into fanatics

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>this is my observation
>anon shares an observation
>is met with endless strawman projections and ad hominem to discredit what anon said because anon is threatening to make them question their online social circles
You're pretty much confirming what i said.


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Like i said, I never once come across a faggot like you that has ever added anything of value to a community.

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Okay anon but either
>post your work
>post your "critique" you gave them

you will do neither, because you're a permabeg retard larping.

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And like i said, you're just confirming what i said.
What is the point or reason of telling me this despite it being a low effort attempt to simply discredit everything i said, rather than actually provide reasonable argumentation that isn't based on your own projections?

Instead of spamming the same sentence multiple times because it makes your neurons fire off, actually use your whole brain, monkey.
>inb4 nu-uh ur wrong because u just are ok lol lmao
Why even go out of your way to post if you have no interest in actually talking? This further confirms what i said before.

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Since you want to know whether i'm "allowed" to criticize, show me that you're allowed to criticize me.
Show me your work and if i deem it good based on my personal feelings and, i will allow you to speak.

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>Since you want to know whether i'm "allowed" to criticize, show me that you're allowed to criticize me.
I'm not telling you I'll critique your work, I'm telling you that if you suck you probably have no business trying to tell someone who clearly has a big following what they're doing is right or wrong as they very likely already know more than you. And since you're so scared of posting your work, it stands to reason you're probably too scared to actually provide anything of value either.

But I'm not a faggot and I'll call your bluff, here's a random image from my recently drawn folder.
Go ahead and critique it as you did against the popular influencers so we can see how valuable it was to them.
Or better yet, actually post your work.

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>"You can't criticize anyone who has more meaningless numbers than you"
>"r u scared lol"
>"lol lmao lets see how you criticized the e-celebrity"
Peak bait
But i'll humor you

Anyway, by your own logic, you're not allowed to come into the defense of someone better than you either, since what you show as your skill doesn't show that you have the capabilities to praise someone better than you since you don't have higher numbers or equal skills and your praise is basically worthless, or come in their defense or have any business talking about them either exactly for the same reasons.

Is this the future that awaits us? Unable to point out wrongs based on what the wrongdoer's social media numbers?
Take your own life, humanity ill needs dumb niggers like you.

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forgot to add
Clearly i'm not OP since who the fuck watches and interacts with fucking e-celebrities, but you need a well constructed boogeyman to make up your strawman and bait, didn't you?

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>posts a sketch
cool bro.
post a study next, you sure showed me.

>b-but by your logic
my logic is that people are enjoying something and you're coming in offering unsolicited criticism to someone who has no reason to listen to you. and then get buttmad when people don't take your "critique" seriously and tell you to put up or fuck off.
And more importantly, if you're not at least as good and willing to put in the work toward art as the person you're criticizing, you have nothing of value to say because they already know what you're going to complain about.

>Is this the future that awaits us? Unable to point out wrongs based on what the wrongdoer's social media numbers?
If you're going to bother you better give a reason for people to listen to you, whiney crabs are a dime a dozen and
>b-but the anatomy isn't 100% accurate, and the lighting is slightly off in this drawing that took 10 hours to render
is not a useful critique to anyone.
if you cannot put in the work to show off how to properly do it, then you're just a crab blowing smoke out your ass like all the people who claim you can get to professional anime art level in 2 years, while they themselves are still posting shitty scribbles.

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Ok you first.
Post something that isn't a flat anime girl floating in the void.
That doesn't impress me, Anon.
Impress me first
My sketch is objectively better than your finished work, so why are you still talking?
>you're coming is unsolicited
Ok, then follow your own rules and shut the fuck up.
>waaah crab [insert projections here]
>waaaa listen to ME
Everything you say has no meaning because i am better than you.
It's your own logic.
Or wait... is it perhaps... RULES FOR THEE BUT NOT FOR ME?
Ah, Anon-kun, you got me.

I'm going to go stare at empty windows now.

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It is somewhat of a cult of personality but also the fact that it is online so death threat is fairly common. Maybe cult is a strong word here but it happens in almost every community though and depends on how sensitive it is also.
Now if the artist is also unstable it is another story like this lady here

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proved my point for me anon, thanks.

i have drawings to do, but take one last you. i'm sure these 5 posts are more engagement than you've ever gotten elsewhere for your art.

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>"i have no argument so i must ad hominem lol lmao checkmate i bet this 5 posts are the most meaningless numbers you've ever got G-g-gotcha!"
You proved that you're a faggot who contradicts himself and then runs away when it gets pointed out how much of a dumb underage nigger you are when his same rules are applied to him.
Not to mention for the last time, that by your rules; whatever you say has basically no weight and isn't worth being taken seriously.

Go suck some e-celebrity dick, maybe you'll finally be rich and famous, you waste of oxygen.

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you failed to post any actual work or a critique, and you failed to address any of my actual points.
low effort anon, stop spamming now.

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>I have lost a social interaction but i really want to win
You failed to follow your own rules you demanded other to follow
Didn't you have drawings to do? chop-chop, zoomer
You're not getting the last word.

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Holy shit, I member her. No, she is not shadow banned, people moved on to better books and courses. The same reason Proko stopped teaching, you can only teach so much until people either learn, move on or give up. Plus edutertainment will only grab the attention of teens and maybe manchildren

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It does 99% of the time someone complains about their critiques being silenced.
I would bet my life on this.

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Post an example of your based reasonable critique being shouted down by the ugly wojack strawman.

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this is the based reasonable critique

these are the ugly wojacks trying to shut it down by attacking the one who speaks based on projections and stereotypes rather than arguing against what has been said
Anyone who dared even criticize anything in the last decade knows that you get shitty responses like this everywhere where what has been said is never discussed or proven wrong, but the messenger is always shot down in an attempt to delegitimize the observation by discrediting the speaker.

See the example of the last faggot who not only tried to discredit me by imposing his own rules, but then breaks his own imposed rules and moves the goalpost, to try to "win" the argument by virtue of trying to shoot down the messenger and appealing to authority i.e.
>the e-celeb has more numbers than you
Then a last ditch attempt to project me as the same miserable clout starved tranny he is when his own rules backfire on him.

I mean, it is as typical and exemplary as it gets as to why online communities have become pretty much a cult, and a good reason as to why something should be done to introduce worldwide IQ tests so as to limit low IQ, underage and easily impressionable people from interacting with others or being allowed to flock together or have any public presence such as being "influencers", since all they do is bring down the quality of anything they touch until they spill out of their echo chambers and fuck shit up because they dont want to question the things they consume.

Cultists are never a good thing.
Combine cultist behavior/fanaticism with underage fags who worship anyone with a higher social status than them + social media and "influencers" having an interest in being untouchables and you aren't allowed to do anything anymore unless it's stroking the ego and the bank account+social media of some sociopathic groomer.

Ban social media, ban minors and ban e-celebs

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Do you not realize the irony of your image?
>People enjoying a creator
>Force your way into their space
>Complain that they're not willing to accept your bullshit

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A story is not an example, anon. No matter how many paragraphs you use to lay out your view of the world, it still isn't evidence of what you're saying.
Can you post a screenshot of a reasonable critique that you've made being shouted down by a crazed mob?

Also you don't get the point of the image you posted.

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If you’re going to be autistic screeching, at least use the pic correctly, dumbass.

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based cattleya poster, didn't read though

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>of course they're going to nitpick on the image
Well, that was fucking easy

You want to compare a whole group of people, invading a community and trying to change the community as a whole, while pushing out the previous community who made it in the first place
One guy who made an observation that is not praise towards the thing the community is centered around?
>Complain that they're not willing to accept your bullshit
So, what do people who dare practice critique ever get besides bad faith arguments and insults?
This thread is example enough.
Or go on ANY community centered around anything at try to point out an objective flaw.

Enjoyment of a thing or however you suck your own dick, doesn't fucking matter.
You want to keep sucking your own dick or some influencers dick? Good for you, but why do you need to go out of your way to shoot the messenger?
Just suck your own dick and shut the fuck up. I don't need to know that you like to suck up your own cum.

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its also does not help that her realistic stuff are mediocre while stylized stuff are horrible

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destructive or constructive?

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You can't post even one example? You just want to post random meme images?
Here, here's a cute mantis drawing I found. It doesn't prove anything I just like it.

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Are you going to keep pestering me for examples even though this thread proves the points i made?
Are you just going to ignore them because you would have no justification to keep going?
Do i have grounds to claim you're being disingenuous and only want to further derail the discussion from the actual point?

Are you having a conflict of interest in someone saying that e-celebs are human garbage and a detriment to society and minors should not be allowed to post on the internet because they make discussions impossible since they have to shut down anything they don't like?
>are you going to post random memes
Not so random since it ties to the points and observations i make, but you have to keep trying to discredit me instead of attacking my points, so you better wipe your cum off your face when you're finished.

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Death threats against *you* have no weight, because you're anon.
It's different the other way around.

>> No.6647258

>Man angry that people won't take his critiques gets upset and starts spamming because people critiqued him
Every time lmao.

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Wow, your circuits started shorting out and gotten mindbroken from the slightest push back

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Keep making edits you ass blasted fuck, lmao

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Why are you surprised that a community of fans dont like when you have something negative to say about the person they're a fan of. Especially if you made a choice to be there.

Plus is your critique even good? It's already one thing that nobody asked but if it's bad then that makes it even worse

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It's not a critique, it's a narrative you won't substantiate.
In fact, this thread reinforces my point, that 99% of "censored critique" is just useless whining and attacks, followed by whining at and attacking anyone that pushes back at all.

>> No.6647393

>In fact, this thread reinforces my point, that 99% of "censored critique" is just useless whining and attacks, followed by whining at and attacking anyone that pushes back at all.
I'm not the one going around appointing emotional states to others or claiming they're seething jealous coping mad or accusing them of having said specific things.
I'm not the one attacking the one's speaking and never arguing what has been said.
>its a narrative you won't substantiate
Can you substantiate your claim without appointing made up emotional states to me or accusing me of having done and said things you made up in your mind or categorizing me as an "enemy"?
You can literally read this thread and it's for everyone to see and honestly i feel reluctant to even link archived threads because who says this is just another bait&swtch since it's been the whole thread like this? I have more than enough justification to be skeptical given this thread and many other threads who have been like this.
I have substantiated enough and claiming otherwise won't change it.

Whether anyone feels offended by shit anyone says, it doesn't invalidate or discredit what has been said.

Or just keep baiting to farm (you)s. I don't mind either way.

>> No.6647481

>i feel reluctant to even link archived threads because who says this is just another bait&swtch since it's been the whole thread like this?
I will assign the label "schizophrenic".

>> No.6647513

i don't think so. maybe you have no experience with the internet or the world, but that is no longer the case.

>> No.6647519

>who says this isn't just another bait
>lol lmao schizo
case in point
You just keep proving me right and giving what i say more credibility and prove yourselves wrong even when you're baiting, shitposting epic trolling.
At this point in the thread, i can make the assumption.

I basically win the thread, yet again.

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Are you a faggot?
Pretty much many of the artists that I know of with sizeable following splinter off and make their own discord servers with their own communities.
If EVERY big-ish artists crowd one server, then it'll be a literal dog eat dog where only the big and biggest artists gets attention whereas everyone else just gets drowned by the big artsts.

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Criticism ≠ Critique

>> No.6648345

Thats a lot of words just to say,
>im gay,

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>The moment you threaten the "harmony" of the "community" (which are just a bunch of faggots circlejerking and grooming each other to collect social media numbers) you get that response if you dare touch their queen ant.
> they don't allow anything negative, thus it becomes a hugbox community full of drama and that will fall apart when something so big and negative happens that it can't be damage controlled.
You have perfectly described /asg/ and /lsg/, zero room for feedback that goes against the status quo of circlejerking and orbiting that one queen ant. I happen to ruffle against the queen of /lsg/ and the way that general collectively reacted just as you described led me to believe the detriment it actually is and realized what a colossal waste of time providing feedback is never mind posting content you create because you won't receive anything useful other than a being part of the circlejerk. A pity it has to come down to you filtering those types of generals that is essentially deleting the social media.

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Most generals are and used to be like that.
I ain't obviously gonna drop names or it will attract their armies but, /salt/alt/ were always a circlejerk when certain now high numbered non-anons would post.
oc thread as well.
Threads would become pretty much unusable and spammed to death and it would attract a lot of non-artists and starved artists as well whiteknighting to the max if ever the slight would be committed against their orbiting target, while the non-anons would start treating the generals as their own personal blog until they either got btfo/bullied or collected enough social media numbers to not come here to shill themselves anymore.

There are a lot of former anons from this board who practically made it and are well known to the average art coomsumer and have very high followings, reaching from 20k to 200k followers on average and they all were here when they were below 10k.
When they started making money, they stopped posting here, even though this board did not help them market themselves in the slightest.
They came here, ate all the grass, then moved to greener pastures while leaving the board in shambles.
Let's not mention the general that was/is /dad/

I personally never partake in any of the namefags/generals and the drama shit, i just observe and point out shit if i need to and look at all the stupid prizes i win every time.

>> No.6649461

Natural Hypertrophy has a great vid on Parasocial relationships.

You don't have to be a fanatic like everyone in the community, take what you need and move on.
I've literally told some dude on r9k years ago where I live and nothing happened. On a site where Millions of people use you point out 1. you're more likely to win the lottery

>> No.6649471

>that one queen ant
Nobody fits that description, at all. Actually no general does other than /dad/, but that's dead. Take your antipsychotics

>> No.6649474

>t. queen bee orbiter
Back to your hugbox general.

>> No.6649478

Who am I supposed to be orbiting again? Sounds like you're just giving bad advice and people are telling you to fuck off.

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File: 1.84 MB, 600x300, 1657508360468.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I dare you to go to /lsg/ and provide constructive criticism regarding sidemouths. I had the unfortunate encounter with the fucking Queen and despite trying to explain to the fanboys that the only reason sidemouths even exist is so it may be used in animation under a tight budget since it is passable enough to work in motion. I wouldn't be surprised you're one of those cocksuckers, now fuck off.

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>be anon
>make an open statement about the state of the board
>everybody accuses you of being a lying psychotic schizo crab who is a jealous beg
i lmao every time

>> No.6649622

counterpoint: if an artist has a cultist fanbase, he is doing literally everything better than you, and you disagreeing isn’t a critique

>> No.6650410

Community= cyber-cult

>> No.6650517

>i gave my opinions and people disagreed

>> No.6650938

>"Not true didn't happen because i say so you're just a psycho omg ur seething"
>never makes any actual arguments
>calls that questioning
>calls that people disagreeing
I really don't understand how these retards think they are doing anything besides giving Anons who criticize anything more credibility by reacting like hair-pulling mentally unstable tantrum throwing children whenever they spam the usual one-liners+ the usual tranny buzzword insults.

This is a peak example of why children should get banned from the internet.
They make learning and discussions practically impossible.

>> No.6651064

Why can these people never post an example of what they're talking about?
Almost makes it seem like they didn't get silenced because they just posted a simple critique.

>> No.6651104

Ask the OP who made the bait thread about the very specific example you want

This constant questioning for proof when this thread is basically a reflection of what has been criticized and pointed out, when you can look up the archives for generals and generally lurk more, almost makes it seem people like you don't give a shit about actual proof but rather want to discredit anything anyone said without putting any effort in proving them wrong, which in turn gives people criticizing even more credibility.
That is called damage control; trying to police or silence opinions or true statements that would damage a reputation by attacking and discrediting the one who speaks. If a statement would be untrue, it would not need to be controlled or silenced.

The more you try to question those who speak by virtue of calling or implying they're liars or projecting head canons unto them without objectively proving what they said as wrong while also basically ignoring or being ignorant of every bit of information that supports their critique and observations, the more you make them come off as telling the truth.

Well, it is typical cultist behavior, which further adds to the points, opinions and observations that the Anons made.
I don't expect an intelligent answer anyway so keep spamming the usual insults, maybe your dad will come back.

>> No.6651138

>This constant questioning for proof when this thread is basically a reflection of what has been criticized and pointed out
What had been criticized is death threats and silencing, people disagreeing with you is not death threats nor silencing.

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>people disagreeing with you
See this >>6650938
>"Not true didn't happen because i say so you're just a psycho omg ur seething"
Again, this thread is proof.
The only two Anons who dared even point out anything negative,
which are true statements and you knew if you lurked enough, have been met mostly with mockery and snarky responses.
Those are not in any way shape or form any type of disagreement; Just a bunch of children pulling their hair out because you threatened to make them question their loyalty to whatever the fuck they jerk off to.
You get the same response when you say that porn consumption is bad and fucks up your brain.
It's just a bunch of npcs suffering from cognitive dissonance.
>inb4 proofs
Look up archives and generally lurk more

The more this type of cult behavior is normalized and perpetuated, the higher the chance people with genuine ill-intent to destroy your communities you will get.
And honestly, this is what the community deserves at that point until the cultists are driven out.

Also minors and low iq individuals should really not be allowed to use social media, because such unreasonable and petty behavior i.e. fanatic cultist behavior, can only come from a child.
Also e-celebs are sociopaths who groom their their followers for financial and social profit.
Would you disagree with any of these statements?

>> No.6651293

How can you hate this dude? He is chill and extremely friendly.

>> No.6651468

whats the source of the artist?

>> No.6651505

Anon, has it come ever come to you that you might just be an unlikeable person to be around?

>> No.6651521

>Is online community around an artist petty much a cult
yes, that's why you often hear about the leader getting caught messaging young girls for nudes

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Oh no, a bunch of mentally ill trannies don't like me? What am i going to do now?
Still not an argument though.

>> No.6651686

>This thread is proof
This thread is proof that you will whine and cry if anyone disagrees with you. No one is sending you death threats, no one is deleting your posts, and no one is shutting down your criticism.
You legitimately just can't handle the idea that if you post something, people might disagree with it.

>> No.6651691

So you think acting like a sperg lord will help your case? You’re worse than than the people you bitch about, fag

>> No.6651693

Fuck off, roastie

>> No.6651703

The Man speaks truth

>> No.6651721
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Again, nothing but personal attacks but never actually and honestly arguing the things that are said.
>no one is shutting down your criticism
But what you fags are doing is practically trying to shut down any criticism by attacking the one who speaks.
You are shooting the messenger. You are controlling the damage.
You are policing a narrative.
I'm explaining it to you and i will keep explaining it.

By spamming insults without substance, you are showing that you're having an hostile response to new information that contradicts your own beliefs, and the new information shakes your very identity that you have to lash out at text on the internet, as if that does anything. It is unreasonable to even think and follow through with incessantly spamming insults as if that would achieve anything.
All you're doing, is truly and quite literally projecting your own feelings and showing how weak minded, insecure and threatened you are; By words on a fucking screen.
Nigga, just close your eyes.

>> No.6651739

The argument across the thread has been the same, that 99.99% of the time someone claims to have been censored, but refuses to post what was censored, they are deliberately hiding the fact that they were being a shit. Being a shit isn't helping your case.
Before you post again telling everyone that you're being silenced, consider who's been writing paragraph after paragraph in this thread.

>> No.6651796
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Again absolutely nothing of actual substance but insults and shitty non-arguments.
>The argument across the thread has been the same, that 99.99% of the time someone claims to have been censored, but refuses to post what was censored, they are deliberately hiding the fact that they were being a shit.
Ask OP, nigger, i'm not OP.
Do i need to tell you again that i'm not the one who made this thread, therefore i do not have the proof you so desperately want?
Even then, how would you know? You're already deciding on an outcome based on a preconceived notion. You are projecting very fucking hard, zoomer.
Even then, the question of the thread is cultist communities, not whatever the fag that is OP posted on some shitty youtube video.
>Before you post again telling everyone that you're being silenced, consider who's been writing paragraph after paragraph in this thread.
Now, how does me writing big and long words do anything to do with that?
Silencing isn't only equal to getting banned or comments deleted.

It is a fact that by trying to in any way question the sanity or imposing a specific emotional state of someone who speaks out an opinion, is a silencing tactic.
Are you not aware, even though i told you many times, yet you seem unable to comprehend such basic fundamentals of discussion and social interaction or do you ignore it and keep doing it on purpose?
One the other hand, I have all the justification to question your sanity, your motives, your maturity and your emotional state, since unreasonable, bad faith arguments and childish responses is all i have received, without me being guilty of trying to damage control or silence anyone.

Nigger, how hard is it to understand that none of you faggots are disagreeing with shit? You're just screeching and accusing others of the shit you do yourselves.
You can't seriously be this fucking retarded, not even as a joke, not even as a troll, because the joke's on you; i enjoy explaining shit.

>> No.6651809
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>> No.6651815

Like a true sperg lord. Now continue to dilate, troon.