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When it comes to learning how to draw are videos and digital media better than books? Books are always very expensive and it looks more like a luxury to have.

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>Books are always very expensive and it looks more like a luxury to have.
We have an /artbook/ thread for a reason anon, if you're so lazy you don't even bother to look at the threads on this fucking board then you're NGMI.

Also Alissa is cute but she sucks at drawing

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>Alissa is cute
holy moly
yellowfever fags really have low standards

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I usually date white girls but would date girl in OP

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This Ugly shit again? Fuck off OP

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>are videos and digital media better than books
Books don't need electricity, that's a huge bonus.

> Books are always very expensive
It's a feature: forces you to actually ponder whether you need it, and when you've spent some bucks on something, you'd be more inclined to actually spend time studying it

(but really, most books aren't that expensive, and should outlive you)

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post her huge stinky feet

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Videos can be better I guess
But this zoomer tiktok one minute video with memes every two seconds stuff is stupid and you’d have to watch it over and over to get anything out of it

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After the
> play it x2 speed
We'll soon have the
> play it x0.1 speed


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What is the name of the actual artist that this ugly girl copies? I think he did some art of the character "Saya" from Blood (the characted from the original OVA).

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Videos can help see how an artist actually moves their hand, or which parts they drew first, especially when some book courses kinda seem to jump ahead in their steps and not give detailed info. Some people also learn better visually and having an actual instructor show them step by step.
However, books already have everything you need if you have patience and enough attention span, and overall books will have higher quality teaching material. Only good video content generally comes from paid courses, which can be way more expensive than their book counterparts, and just like book to movie adaptations, might be missing some crucial bits.
If we talking about free shit like YouTube, good videos are one in a million, it's mostly a grift because any dumb teen who's ok at drawing can record themselves sounding like they know what they are saying, but not actually teach anything worthwhile. Even the ones who can have the occasional video end up either advising worthless crap, or repeating themselves, like Marc Brunet, who hasn't made an actual new video in 3 years and just keeps telling the same handful of advice under different titles.

TLDR: don't be a zoom, get a good book by a good artist, if said artist also has a video adaptation of their course, it's probably good too, and if you do both at the same time you'll get even more gains.

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you guys make fun of her but her recent short got like 3 MILLION views or something

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this bitch is completely repulsive

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Is she a tranny? The hands look like a man.

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it brings me glee to see this fair maiden's gorgeous visage once again, i'd give anything to see her urinate

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>Books tend to go more in depth in certain topics.
>They cover more topics (i.e. lucrative art topics like Hentai and Furry)
>They're great for a quick reference.

>Videos show the full drawing process instead of a few step-by-step frames.
>They last longer in your memory because videos are more "powerful" than pictures, and pics are more memorable than words.

In the end you should use both, they complement each other.
Sometimes you can find the same material in both formats like Vilppu and Richard Williams.

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There's nothing Video courses do better than Books can. Books are superior in every way, even in showing step by step drawing procedures. If you copy the images in books, the memories "last" way longer than if you just watched Will Weston doodle Circles and Triangles for the billionth times

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jealousy is a bad look even for a lowly basketweaving forum peon

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she's ugly as kicked in the balls

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It's usually the voice that's a major give away and I don't think that's the thing here. She's just a kinda ugly girl and that's ok

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katsuya terada

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Weird how she got popular. I sort of knew her through the FGC and visited her twitch art streams like a year or two back.

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how i imagine a date with her. uneventful. pleasant. emotional distance. a summer breeze parts her fringe and carries her sickly scent to me. she quietly observes the crowd to take mental notes for drawing later. scattered sentences that lead no where. would be pleased to meet again, but it doesn't matter.

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that was beautifully, masterfully put anon, that would be a date as ideal as it gets. i'm touched.

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Nothing is better than a book, why? because the creator of the book has the commitment and responsibility to transmit his knowledge. Youtubers DO NOT EFFORT, they do not have that commitment for you to learn, they SELL you the illusion that they are teaching you but in reality they only want you to subscribe to their patreon or buy their course. Remember that if in a drawing tutorial the youtuber's face appears it is because they sell themselves as influencers and not as drawing teachers.