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>Drawing a figure
>Clothing and facial details aside, it looks the same as all other figures
Has this ever happened to you? Well, share some references here, we might all learn something.

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I've read this Juni Ito story. She fucks and becomes one with the house.

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rate from best to worst

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>fake tits, disgusting
An artist should know better.

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5 is objectively and unarguably the best

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best at being disgusting

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4 is all you need
faggots pick the others

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put the tits of 7 onto 2 and I'll take one of those cause I'm not a dirty stinky filthy negroid

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who tf has such a dirty attic, and walks it barefoot? -> dummy


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>interesting body types
>noooo why are they not hot

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> monstrous = not hot
> <=> not monstrous = hot
now that we've derived this from your logic, tell me anon, do you think your mom is monstrous? see, that's the power of Logic

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well at least to a degree to somebody, otherwise i wouldnt be here, right?

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I want to have rough, passionate sex with this woman and impregnate her. Beautiful like a flower

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Regardless, you can't change the type of the objects you manipulate as you go, and you've started by implying
> monstrous = not hot
i.e. by considering them boolean. this work right?

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2 is overall best because of hips ass and good midriff. 7 is close second because of tits, and pretty hair but if she has a toned abdomen (with a defined yummy centerline) then she'll steal first place easily. 1 is probably 3rd, 3 is 4th, 5 is fifth because even though I can enjoy muscle girls, im very picky and it has to be done right for my dick to still get hard to it. She's a bit to muscular to the point it removes some of the natural beautiful curves women should have. 6 looks like a weirdly proportioned and over exaggerated, and 4 is a bit to chubby for me despite the model having a nice dark skin tone. Not even hating against black wammen, her thiccness distribution is just a bit overdone for my tastes

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name of model plz? Im in love with this woman

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>Podesta has entered the chat.

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what kind of body do I like? one of each

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The first interesting posts

Still alright

And onward are just an excuse to post disgusting gay stuff.

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More like from plastic to photoshop.

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I saw Hitomi Tanaka irl at Ueno Station and she looked uncanny valley territory

Captcha is VAG HY2 lol

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Damn, for an horror gal thats in an eldritch horror world, shes got a sexy cute body. Still would smash.

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Where's the interesting bit

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There's no cock sry.

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Thanks, name of girl

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Can't remember.

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> Cum remembers.

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Kacy Hill is a singer of Kanye West Music label, The photos where she appears in lingerie are from American apparel 2013 and were censored by feminists lgbt according to the media, fucking fat feminists and fucking trons

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Should have fucked her brains out.

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>The smallest guy here is taller and beefier than 90% of /ic/

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>Average euro chick
Is being baseline pretty that rare in memerica?

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I'm European I just thought she was cute at the time.
She is still.

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Nigger spotted.

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she's a real life Raita character

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heh he said orgasm

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This, give me maximum booba and ass

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This is what peak performance looks like.

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how to achieve this mode?

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Look into Norf Fc and the diet accompanied by the Englishmen.

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Capital lad

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is there a video of a cute girl doing this so i can jerk off

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is there a video of a cute girl doing this so i can jerk off

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I don’t get it. How can you be that cute and waste it on being a hog? She’s literally shitting on her potential. Then again, she’s probably filling a niche for lonely hogmen who seek out le attainable fatty mclardass girl next door type because “she would totally go for me”. How do you fuck this Hutt anyway?

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okay nigger what the fuck is this

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interesting body type

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no it's not anon it's a dismembered sex slave why is this on your computer

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because i have an interest in the subject. da vinci used to dig up corpses and dissect and document them intricately and you cower at this. how were you ever going to know what a dismembered sex slave looks like if not for me? you're welcome. keep exanding that visual library bro

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You are not like da vinci bro. You have access to everything da vinci was trying to learn from cadavers. You're just a sick disgusting freak.

>> No.6640203

at least the corpses were dead? whos >>6640198 and >>6640172

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no idea, all of my posts have 4chan file names because i saved them all from here

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>the perfect body type doesn't exi--
You can ignore the stretch marks, but i'd be lying if i said i wouldn't want to love and respect her, hold her hand and then have wholesome intercourse for the sake of procreation but also violently grab her by her thick waist and cum all over her until my dick gives out.

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I wasn't aware that people actually want to fuck pigs with lipstick.

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you clearly dont have a penis then

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Yeah, i'm a weird guy but not as weird as those who jerk off to cutting boards with nipples.

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>IMPOSSIBLE challenge! IC thread don't devolve into porn!

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ayy lmao

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it started with porn

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>How can you be that cute and waste it on being a hog?
>Then again, she's probably filling a niche
I'm sure that's what's happening. there are plenty of guys from whom she can earn a living and she doesn't have to have a relatively healthy diet and/or exercise. chicks have it easy in this respect: there's always a dude who will want you. the reverse is not true

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some gay edgy "art" project if I remember correctly

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To the person who posted the various bodies of men...thank you. I don't know why these assholes just don't go to /s/ already. One of points of being an artist is to create beauty even where there is none. Yet, people keep posting the same body types of women here with damn near no variety.

The irony is that there's more variety in /s/ than in /ic/.

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Is this form possible natty?

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You must be a woman or a homosexual. Maybe both even. Sucks to have shitty taste anon ;D

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this thread is about interesting body types OP hasnt seen already, what are you on about

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Nope, thread is just bodies that people find interesting, which is inherently a taste/opinion thing.I find hot women pretty interesting :)
Looks like you're retarded as well.

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why do you equal taste and interest?

>> No.6643755

Your tastes influence what you find interesting. The interests you partake in or experience then go back to influence your tastes.
They both are linked, so you can use both to describe why you choose the images you select.

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As OP, I'll say I'm a faggot who just happens to find elongated women interesting, and knew this thread would gain more traction by starting with naked women. Anyone who claims to misunderstand "interesting" as meaning "what interests them" is obviously and purposefully missing the point, or else, underage b&.

>> No.6643759

based OP

>> No.6643763

Based, then post more naked tall ladies please. I liked the OP picture :)))

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The issue is that no one was really posting them. Like the OP pic was interesting, but afterwards it was just people rating bodies that they find attractive. That wasn't the point of the thread.

It was supposed to be bodytypes someone found INTERESTING, not body types they are SEXUALLY ATTRACTED to. For example someone posted a webm of a very muscular woman who had very interesting muscular definition in another thread. Now, something like that is more interesting than >>6635112 which is just a woman with a muscular definition.

Utter bullshit.

>>6643756 is interesting or piques my interest, because it's this isn't something you see everyday. She has a body that is heavily emaciated and I can see a good portion of her skeleton through her skin that you just don't see on everyday people. Just because I find it interesting doesn't mean her body type is to my taste.

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very few of the female bodies posted in this thread wouldnt stand out irl i dont know why youre so upset just post some bodies that interest you instead
sounds like you have shit taste if you like super muscular, defined women and skeletons though, i personally like to look at appealing things but i guess not everyone is into art for beauty

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peak male body

>> No.6644499

Lack of water, probably for this specific photoshoot.
Normal fit body with oil.
Normal body for weightlifter.
Silicon, road abusers
Thinnest Sumo

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from best to worst

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>saying this about someone preferring a large body type.
>on an art board
>anime reaction image
holy fuck you dont even have to post work for me to know you cant draw for shit. think about your retardation next time you finish the next episode of your weebshit and your attempts at copying it come out looking like a spastic child had a fit.

why am i sperging out at you specifically? because if your dumbshit ass cant even understand someone elses preference and scoffs with this cunty smug air then you sure as shit cant be posting anything else worth reading in terms of art.

TL;DR go fucking draw- even if it is weebshit

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>writing this much because somebody insulted your shitty slampig fetish
>plebbit spacing

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Orphan of kos

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too slow champ

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how is he not dead yet?

>> No.6645190

christ jesus she's amazing

>> No.6645192

no and no

>> No.6645223

its fake.

>> No.6645257

just wanted to reinforce the previous comment, damn retard

>> No.6645259

What concentration camp did that fagot escape from?

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Elephant legs

>> No.6645264

it's an inflation edit

>> No.6645281

you are gay

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is this a boy or a girl?

>> No.6646321

I only have common sense and good taste, if you like the fat legs of an obese woman, then go to hell, don't bring masculinity into this because you lose out, suck dicks

>> No.6646323

I also need to know. I need to know if I am gay or not from masturbating to this picture.

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because he has a sacred obligation to deliver presents every year. he cant afford to die

>> No.6647877

wtf is this thread even about

>> No.6648010

Body type diversity, cos samebody is a plague.

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it's a woke

>> No.6651205

lmao, this can't be real, this has to be photoshopped

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Damn, you really think so? I thought it was real for sure!

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>doesn't know that asians are just giant bugs straight out of EDF

>> No.6651946

The thread said interesting body types, not meme edits.
arigato, docta-san

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Since we're on the topic of mewtwo bodies

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*tongue lolling emoticon*

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looks like her big toes are doing this

>> No.6653226

why do some have a 6 pack and others have these side abs?

>> No.6653842

Everyone has ten abs but everyone's are different

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need the source of 4

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>ywn do studies with him irl
He is perfect. God I wish I could have him for a live drawing session. But this will never happen.

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2>6>the rest

>> No.6656716

This bitch is like 2 feet tall l

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Avoid farting for five years

>> No.6657062

The thread says interesting body types, not realistic body types.

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