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I just want to let people this great reference for western comic artists that I call Hot Santa.


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wow he is attractive and I'm not gay

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Here is another piece of Santa ass.

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fucking gross

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We really do age like fine wine. We're all gonna make it bros.

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>We really do age like fine wine
you are going to go bald at 20. Chads that age like wine start lifting at 4yo. You are here masturbating to anime and crabbing.

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having a beard is cheating, he is hiding 50% of his face
nice bod tho

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Anyone is able to be attractive if they work their ass off (literally) and keep up prime physique, which gets more difficult to maintain as you age. Don't assume you're just get healthy later because it will never happen until you do it now.

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I want him to slap me on the back and let out a hearty laugh

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Ah, you like them younger.

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beards are gross there are studies that prove they have rests of shit on them

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Here's from Hector's picture

Finding hot women and skinny dudes references are easy, but finding well-lit muscles is not as abundant.

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The average 50+ year old man is not so pretty lol

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>what is showering and shampoo
Maybe yours does

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no, i am not a chinlet i dont need a beard to make up for my lack of chin

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Ok, you don't like the buffet. How about a flavor savor. It only holds cum loads from last week unlike the full buffet.

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Sometimes you need muscle women as welll, but not too crazy.

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Forgot the link.

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skips legs
droopy vaguna

would not draw

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this photoshoot is so gay

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this is perfect, does anyone have an upload?

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This girl is a little leaner.


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>assmad toasties that hit the wall jealous from the superior sex that is Man.
Lower your tone.

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dumb hair + fridge

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Strong without being a hulkabitch.


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And I like this one for the crouching shots.


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the magic of steroids

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Do they realize this lighting is completely useless for artists?

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Frazetta did it better.

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This one I can help with.


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Enjoy your microdick and heart attack at 50

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>bringing up women out of nowhere
You good dawg?

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uh ? most men look as washed up as women by age 30 , ever heard of twink death ? Attractive people age like fine wine, if you're already sour milk when you're young don't expect to look good at 50 delusionnal anon.

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What's that little penis doing between her legs?

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Lmao twink death. No shit faggot not everyone can look like your pedo bait forever. We eventually all become sexy men because of testosterone retard. It's retarded to think twink death applies here. You're just a coping pedophile

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You obviously don't know how to use roids

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>We eventually all become sexy men because of testosterone
bald fat guys are not hot deal with it, aging will not help you !
>You're just a coping pedophile
i hope you're only attracted to women who look 25+ or else you're an hypocrite (but i would not be surprised right wingers always are)

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According to heteros, it's a labia, aka pussy lip. You fucking virgin, even a gay man knew that.

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Can I get these for free?

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Must be some kind of tranny gadget

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It's called clitoris you dumb faggot. Women bodybuilder on steroid = Well developed clitoris

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Don't listen to this anon. Clitoris is a lady's name in Seinfeld

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t. hairless egg

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the old man with a short dick

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shut up, asshole

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Gross roided out body, he is ONLY attractive to gay guys.

Kill yourself. I<f you havent made it by now, you never ever EVER will.

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less calling each other faggots, more sharing links to download packs for free

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>T. old uggo

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so anybody actually got the pack?

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>I'm an hate intense faggot

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Here's all the artstation shit you're looking for, God bless mother Russia


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It won't have all the above pictures, but it's a shit load of stuff.




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This one has Hot Santa, but it has zero seeds.


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Link to the decode site pls?

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based, thanks anon; will be sure to seed those when they're done

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Why would I waste my semen on other dudes?

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>gets reference megapack delivered
>doesn't think of drawing
classic /ic/

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1. Search idope dot se
2. Type mel mneyan
3. download 500+ and 740+ pack

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mels mneyan

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which set?

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680+ Amazons Reference Pictures

It has zero seeds.

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if i can get these less popular ones downloaded i'll be sure to seed them too

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what the fuck does yandex have to do with it? you fucking asshole

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based retard getting filtered

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Search Base64decode

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Filtered from what???

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use gprivate and yandex when most here use browsers with filters and ad blockers

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And who said that I used them? the old man with the bait is cycled as shit, you asshole

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Dude on the right did not skip fried chicken day.

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I can't get these to work, says file not found. Tried both pasting from here and decoding, I've only ever downloaded through magnet links straight from websites, anyone know what I could be doing wrong please?

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nothing changed on my end anon, it's just you

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Am I supposed to paste in the whole line, or decode it from UTF-8 then paste it in?

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that's not a magnet link, that's the thing you have to decode

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I tried that too but to no avail, how exactly do I decode these? idk what to do to get the standard magnet link format out of them sorry

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you managed to do it once, now do it again :^)

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Thread ultra fagot, asshole

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AHH that didn't even cross my mind thanks anon
the link wouldn't let me download anyway but I managed to find it on the website

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i've almost finished downloading a bunch of them myself, mostly the ones near 100gb each; it'll take a while

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wow he is attractive and im gay

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Here, a genital-free reference.

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thanks to the anon that posted the links to these, they're really fucking good; will try to keep thesm seeded 24/7 since there isn't a whole lot of seeders and it took a while, really worth the download and storage space though

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oh, I already had it and didn't remember it, It's on cgprs by the way, go there

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Is there something like this but for pregnant women?

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*of pregnant women, please excuse me

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Thank you to you and also that Anon that you mentioned, will help seed

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I couldn't find something on the high seas,but there is something. I don't know if it is a nude shoot.


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hes not hung enough.

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Does anybody else have the problem of not utilizing references like these because it lacks context to go with, or that whatever composition you put it into isn't really dynamic?

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yes, most reference photos are useless. ngmis love hoarding them or posting about how good their tastes are for collecting reference

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you shouldnt be using references like that imo, most of these posed shots are unnatural, acting out throwing a punch is worlds different from throwing an actual punch with intent to hit something

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So get on /hm/ and use a second reference on the crotch!

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Malnourished fucking hobbit with a dick 10 cm bigger than his body.

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I can’t believe have to explain how to use the fucking reference. Of course, the arm won’t look like that when punching, the triceps won’t be hanging so low because the arm would be in motion dragging the muscle like hair in the wind for example. A very heavy hair in the wind.

You use these references to study anatomy and/or how the anatomy foreshortens. You use them to learn different types of proportions and body types. But most of all, you use them because you don’t have a fucking photography memory. Eventually, you’ll memorize anatomy, but until then go fuck yourself.

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decode twice, guys.

>> No.6633376

That's why ya use both refs :^)

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>i hope you're only attracted to women who look 25+
Literally no man ever. Cope & seethe little one.

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This one seems pretty cool.


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Unsplash is a great place to get free photos.


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This example

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Is fucking shit

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This is pretty much why almost all reference images are awful. They are always doing some dumb pose in an attempt to be "dynamic" or "gestural".

>> No.6637912

Is there any with a bare bit tittied woman?

>> No.6638025

that's a twat, I believe. as if it matters.
>no personality
>no poses other than gaping
twat are so boring unless a dick is stuck in it. Thank Antinous I'm a homosexual man.

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is this how you cope that you have no foreskin as well?

>> No.6639195

Is this why all women in wrpgs now look like she hulks. They only reference roided up "women".

>> No.6639208


Vaginas are very ugly.

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They have other reference pics with smaller women with big weapons. I wish there were more she hulks with big weapons, it's usually small frame girls

>> No.6639278

damn this ref sucks so much. awkward pose, star fishing where you can't judge depth at all. there's nothing useful about this pic at all.

>> No.6640042

>satanist tattoo

>> No.6640047

Mentally retarded tattoo with childhood traumas

>> No.6640048

It's a shitty pose, most of them download these references to masturbate, not to draw, besides, tattooed women are lousy art models.

>> No.6640078

That whole pose pack sucks honestly, but it's an option for those who want tiny women with cartoonishly-large weapons. Personally I prefer the more muscular women