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Even pros have off days.

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where's the mistake?

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Oh, I see it

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The composition is godawful. Look at all that unbalanced blank space.

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haha wow, imagine fucking up something so subtle yet vital. ?Did he re-up a fixed one or just own it?

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i thought it was the neck placement being way off to one side

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It's obviously balanced by the text.

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Not even close

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And you are?

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I hope she gets some urgent medical attention for her dislocated shoulder

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Post how you would fix it. Legitimately curious.

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That's the problem with this forum, it's full of narcissistic losers who think they know about art but have never created any.

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It's the large cranium

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The mistakes are all in their shoulder, right? Or am I am ngmi?

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Still living in mom's basement... not going to make it.

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I don’t see what’s wrong with any of these pictures. So clearly it’s not a big mistake and nobody actually cares since it’s only viewed for 0.1s as we scroll through it on social media.

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You don't see the issue with the left leg in this one?

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nobody itt pointed out the actual mistake yet.
ngmi, the lot of you.

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The mistake is that you weren't aborted.

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The more people that post and don’t see it, the more of a retard you become. You should realize that with your big art brain. How much time do you waste trying to get stuff 100% correct when 99.999% of all viewers EXCEPT FOR JUST YOU don’t care. Think about how much of your life you have wasted. And how nobody cares about what you care about. Think about how sad your existence is. That you see something that nobody else sees or cares to look for. You’re so alone in your journey in art. You think you see an injustice that few other savants can see. You want to pride yourself in identifying its subtlety. But you just look like a fucking retard autist. The greatest thing you will accomplish is making this thread and getting anonymous people to respond to you because nobody cares about your art. You probably don’t even draw.

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when you see it...

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The big mistake is that all of this stuff is digital.

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>AI hands

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Fine, you win. The mistake is the sphenoid wing of the sternomastoid is upside down.

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You'll garner more long term attention from making music than you ever will from any piece of art you'll create. Any artist should know this. Unless you make smut, no one cares about your art.

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Purpose of the thread is to show even great art has mistakes in them. We aren't always perfect and that's ok. The final image can still be appreciated.

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Sakimi is low hanging fruit but she's the best example of

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If only these artists had posted these as WIPs on here asking for feedback and critique...

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If you’re going to make a retarded thread like this at least point the mistakes, don’t just post the pics

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That ruins the point.

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I got one.

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>Ruan Jia if he wasn't Asian, but really wanted to be.

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This dude looks like the guy from Blood on the Dancefloor. The one who groomed kids. I didn’t know that hairstyle was still in use.

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Neck is placed on top of the left shoulder and the fingers are all of the same size.

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Getting your panties in a twist over that is like saying a drawing of a character with a white background sucks compositionally.
Get a life man, or better yet go draw you filthy ngmi

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Its important to wait some time to see your work with fresh eyes otherwise you would end up with something like this

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that is quite hard to look at. Remember, clear silhouettes. Shape meld if you must, but be careful.

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yes, and proportions are all fucked up, long torso, short legs

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There's a misalignment between her left arm, her head+neck and her torso+rest of the body. Her left arm and neck imply we're looking at her from the side, while her body says 3/4. Since the body is 3/4, the neck should come out of the in-perspective middle of her torso, aka be moved more to out left. Either that or redraw the whole body to be rotated so we see more of the left side of the torso and less of the front.

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most of these are still great imo
the concept is more important than perfection

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all these and how ell A.I art has taken off has made me realize how much normies are more forgiving than crabby art fags are.

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it would look worse if it wasn't "wrong" tho

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now post your work^_^

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That's a lot of words to say "I don't understand anatomy".

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you first <3

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the issue I have is that it takes too long to really start noticing the flaws. I have to not look at something for a real long time before I get the effect where I can notice flaws in my art

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How many of these are actually mistakes?

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A 'mistake' should be glaringly obvious to anyone the moment their eyes hit it, even at a distance or smaller image.
Most people here however are 'eye trained' to look specifically for increasingly small mistakes over time, and they often have to search for about a minute or so, for most people this pic would look fine at a distance or normal eye view.
Pro Tip, if it takes you more than five seconds to see the 'offness' of an image, it will at least pass most people's inspection who aren't artists or designers.

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This kinda proves the point. Artwork with minor mistakes don’t need to be glaringly bad. And even pros make beg mistakes at times. There’s no reason to cry over your art not being perfect, because even mistakes can make a piece more enjoyable.

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just flip your canvas bruh

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Yours is just a coping mechanism for making yourself feel better about the fact that you suck at drawing.
Instead of wasting your time with this,




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I am drawing. What about posting great art with mistakes is a coping mechanism faggot?

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When is it ok to break anatomy like this? Sakimi does it often and she get scathing for it. Why is that different from OP?

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I know to flip my canvas dude, it doesn't always help

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Just flip your eyes then bud

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Sakimi gets more shit because of many reasons. But the only issue is sometimes her mistakes are really noticeable. Even to non artists.

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This one made me laugh. I was looking at all the details, thinking it might be in the shoulder or maybe she has three arms or something. Eventually I started thinking that maybe this picture is a prank and there’s not actually something wrong with it…

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sometimes I look at my hands and get the dreadful feeling that I used to have or should have more fingers, ever happens to you guys?

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It’s a Sakimichan post 2015. Of course there’s something wrong with it.

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Why even try if you ain't gonna be perfect?

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Because perfection is not achievable. Unless you’re drawing straight from reference.

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>Thinking OP even draws.

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Still looks kino

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So does everything else in this thread.

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This is gorgeous but there’s little anomalies that can be easily ignored.

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Again little stuff but the overall image is beautiful.

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This guy has amazing greyscale and I use him as a study.

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i'm scared of colour too bro

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It’s weird because it’s kind of a stylistic choice but also wonky.

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This is disgusting, not just the fucked up face but the tiny palm and long ass fingers too

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hey anon. not an artist as I'm only a beginner, but regarding >>6598361 I see this mistake a lot in general, and it's a hip issue that keeps killing my boners in coom art. it's an anatomy mistake, because it's like the hip extends into the a thigh-like formation and then the full leg with another thigh is attached to that formation. try to imagine how this character would look like from behind, it would have a massively huge and deformed left glute (from her perspective). her right hip is fine, but her left hip makes no sense. tl;dr this is why you should not skip bone structure when learning anatomy, at least that's my 2 cents. lines should convey a general idea of what I mean, obviously i didn't align everything properly

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Bruh the posters are literally implying that these are great artworks with one big mistake and arent making this grand harsh criticism to warrant them to somehow be master artists. Are you fucking stupid?

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here's another example of what I mean. pardon the furshit, but correcting this image to convey my message is easier. I see this mistake all the time, and it never stops making me seethe

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Mistakes give it soul though

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das it mane, thanks.

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Who's this guy??? I love it... :o

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Nvm.. found it. I'm a moron. Tim Liu for anyone else who's wondering...

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Agree, I recently started with music production, it's quite tough though, but I feel like just about anyone can make decent music with the computer if they try for x amount of years but I don't necessarily think everyone will achieve success with music after x amount of effort (same for visual art)

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Are you sure that's correct?

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So wrong it hurts

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But it’s technically amazing. Of course you can call it render monkey but he makes drawings like this all the time. Like anime mouths on realistic characters.

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And here’s a less stylized piece from him.

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This is way better. >>6606002
This one is uncanny.

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It's all AI art.

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Yikes. This is why we need AI.

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Samefag kys.

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lel, it's also not as much as a mistake as it is a fuck you to the commissioner for ripping him off but still really funny i just wanted to post it

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At the end of the day good art doesn’t need perfect anatomy or perspective. But you should aim for it if you can

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I don't understand why they put that shit horns on everything, it looks horrible.

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what the hell is that coming out of his ass????

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What's wrong with this?

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yup, they can fuck up too

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looks worse. If you could keep the gesture while fixing it it might look better.

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>looks worse

put your glasses on grandpa

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Ok dunning krugersan

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It looks fine to me.

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So, this was drawn by AI and she just sign it, right?

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ya she had secret early access in 2018.

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If AI was only trained on Sakimichan’s rush pieces I would be concerned for the AI.

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She used to make really good shit though.

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Style doesn’t need to follow anatomy.

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>looks worse
you are outta your damn mind
although i would have left the rim lighting on the shoulder alone

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Yeah this is better
though I'm surprised that nobody has pointed out how her right eye (the far eye) appears lower than the left.
You could say that the right eye is just slightly closed, but I can't help but feel that it looks strange.

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Asian genes.

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I have seen 12 year olds draw like this. Kishimoto didn’t draw this.

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dunning kruger thread

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im retarded, point out the issue for me

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>remove all stylistic element for the sake of "correct anatomy"
>think it's better
/ic/ fags in charge of critiquing pros.

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This is good?

>> No.6620905

>fags with shit eye become aware of the fact
>gets defensive and calls non-shit eyed anons crabs

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Think this >>6606002
looks good?

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No but that's not the one I replied to. 90% of images ITT have no visible flaws let alone "big mistakes".

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Can't unsee it but can't imagine it fixed either.

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Fuck. I was laughing and forgot to attach the image.

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>AI can't draw hACK!

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All of these have visible mistakes. Use your eyes lmao.

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I have human eyes, not crab eyes.

>> No.6625169

why the fuck hasn't this thread been deleted yet
it's literally a not-so-subtle "crab on someone who's miles ahead of you" thread

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Because no one thinks these artists are bad but they recognize that sometimes artists even pros make mistakes and it’s fine to appreciate great art with noticeable issues.

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Your art doesn’t need to be perfect to be good.

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This artist was trying something new.

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stupid nigger crab bitch

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>Great Artwork

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so I made this edit, but I reverse searched the OG now and found his sketch, and I see what he was going for(which I unknowingly removed). Something was just lost in translation when he rendered it.

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aimed somewhere between the rough and clean lines.

>> No.6625858

What’s wrong with it? And what were they aiming for?

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Just uncanny, not exactly wrong, I've since seen their other art and don't think my "fix" really applies to their work, almost all their characters have odd proportioned faces for effect.
I thought they were aiming for rugged/slightly masculine female/big nose etc, my first edit just shrunk the features to more average proportions.

>> No.6626344

That’s a girl?

>> No.6626355

per the artist, pv_hristov, on instagram

"Just a nice young lady."

>> No.6626386

Literally nothing wrong with it. Just some guy "fixing" a face cause he doesn't like the artist's style. This kind of weird mentality seems to be this thread's theme actually.

>> No.6626399

I like his style, But seeing it out of context of the rest of his work, and in this thread instead for the first time, I thought it may have been a mistake(initially), the kind artists make when you get used to odd proportions as you paint, and don't realize until you see it with fresh eyes.

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You are not retarded, anon, you good. It's the amount of fingers

>> No.6627330

I don't get what he's going for it looks bad.

>> No.6628849

Using Sakimi as your excuse is pathetic.

>> No.6629884

What's wrong with it?