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Do you have to be angry to be a good artist? I know most people associate artists with sadness, but I’ve also heard artists described as having an intrinsic anger and violent personality. Not necessarily physically violent people, but violent in terms of how they approach work and life.

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no, most successful artists are suck ups. It's all about networking and you can't get your name out there being an angry twat.

Which is the biggest problem here.

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there actually was a relationship between aggressiveness/violence and creativity
most young man peak around 25 or 27
forgot where I say the study
now if you're talking about success that's a different thing

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Procrastination is one half out our fight or flight reaction to emotionally difficult tasks, like learning a skill. Anger is the other.

So yes, angry people are more likely to just fucking draw and eventually get good. While sad people will just keep simmering in resentment.

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