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Thread to study the male body. Post your art, discuss artists, and post resources related to the subject of cute boys and handsome men.

Some resources:
>English Youtube channel with tutorials about ikemen/anime boys:

>Do not take the bait or derail. Don't be a sperg.
>Only post SFW shota, link NSFW and suggestive from catbox. Don't post real life references.
>Don't fight about different male body types, shota/ikemen/bara. Nobody cares.
>No femboy/trans/traps/futa. Go to /salt/ for that.
>No tits, no coochies, no female body ratio.
>Don't sperg if a feminine male (not femboy) is posted, ignore if it's not your cup of tea, keep in mind the nature of stylization and simplification in anime and cartoon art styles before you choose to derail the thread, though crit is welcome like always.
Previous thread >>6521071

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Thread prompt draw something with an emphasis on arms/ arm studies

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round your line edges his sholders are pointy

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reminder homosexuality is sinful
Draw cute boys as a therapy, not because you want to fcuk them

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everyone here is a woman you fucking geek

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fujos draw gay stuff

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Bend over anon I'll free you from the stranglehold the closet has you in

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Old thing I tried to fix ineffectively

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>2 dragon princes drawing in the OP
double base :)

Here's something from the oc thread but i decide to tweat it abit to make it more infocus and touched the shadows on the face.

nice pic to revisit and im liking the interaction here tho i cant if its drool from their mouth or hes eating hair lol

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like this?

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The general clearly says "cute boy study..." yet you go and post a female figure and a male figure with a female face
You "people" are mentally ill and make it impossible for anyone to like you

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wtf is this lesbo shit

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>2 dragon princes drawing in the OP
Stop spamming your shitty OCs

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this really does not belong in this general

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cute and based

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What does the before look like?

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So much bitching and no work posted? Really makes you think...
Nice work anon I like the perspectives in your recent stuff

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>all these samefagging tourists complaining.
A female in male focus image has always been allowed she's even blacked out, cope and seethe transtroturfers.
Very nice body, though what sticks out to me as a little off is his arm and face

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No, this is a general for guys. No women, trannies, or "draw a girl and call them a guy" femboys.

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Wew, never thought my drawing would actually make it as a banner for a general. Thanks anon.

Working on another sinner rn, Yi Sang.

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Cross-posting from the OC thread

>Well, did you find any good guides/vids/etc?
Honestly I think looking at other artist WIPs and time-lapses helped a lot more than following any actual tutorials.

Next best thing is looking at professional oil paintings! I've been really lucky to visit some museums lately but there are plenty of high-res images you can find online. Although if you can then I highly recommend gathering as many images as you can of specific details.

I like a lot of painters too but a few I really like for their rendering are Francois Boucher, Wayne Thiebaud and Alyssa Monks. However since I am an anime enjoyer I'm kinda trapped trying to figure out how "realistic" I want to paint for my go-to art style. So I'm kind of in a weird period where I'm experimenting while simultaneously trying to strengthen my fundies so that when I DO figure it out I'll hopefully be strong enough to pull it off.

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I really like your colors

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Art depicting my current mood. Having a strong will to draw yet not much ideas regarding what to actually draw is pain.
Ayy thanks for including Hikky!

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You have a lovely way of painting, head looks a tad big though.
I want him.

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A classic piece.

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Thanks anon!

It's great that I can get a fresh pair of eyes to evaluate my drawing. Thanks for the critique, will repair it once I get some time off.

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quick rkgk

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Make the palms lighter

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nta but why? that trend looks gross

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go outside

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It looks terrible when you're drawing anime though, a better crit for >>6570844 would be to use references to draw better hands.

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I'm not a woman

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wait there's a lighter palms trend?

Yea I kinda rush this drawing

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It's not a trend it's just what darker skin looks like.

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it is a trend, no one gave a shit before westoids made it a thing in the sake of ''realism''. It looks ugly as sun unless in a very realistic style, which anime isn't.

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Looks fine if the artist isn't a retard and doesn't makes them stark white desu

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post a good example then, it always looks bad

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It's just a slight shade change anon

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this looks hideous

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Is this like on twitter when people bait for pics by going "I've never seen X look good on Y" are you fishing for pics of tanned boys? Because that pic is in a standard inoffensive anime fanartist style and we have worse in this thread posted regularly. I'll concede though, if you don't want to add the shading detail to your art don't.

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that aint anime though, that's westoid shit.

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Pretty sure they're not even arguing in good faith, anon. At this point I wouldn't be surprised if they're just trying to shit up the thread so don't bother giving them anymore (you)s

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i am not shitting up the thread, the anon you are responding is by giving obvious unnecessary shit advice like ''make the palms lighter'', when it looks like shit.

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Most anime fanartists are westoids

>> No.6572237

its not a fanart, it's an original oc

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Looks like shit, to you, anon to you. It's just a suggestion op can ignore if they'd like, though the hands look flat and more shading would help since they're the focus of the image. This is just my opinion though so take it with a grain of salt -adding a disclaimer to not upset your sensibilities.
I meant the style itself. Westoid weebs draw like that.

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yes, most ugly """anime"""" are drawn by westoids

>> No.6572348

We're all westoids drawing ugly anime here

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speak for yourself

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im a seanig and my anime drawing is far way better than westoids

>> No.6572556

Not Japanese

>> No.6572562

seanigs are better at drawing anime than westoids though

>> No.6572581

No one here is Japanese, no more fighting

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Tennoheika Banzaiiii!~

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are you women or are you homos?

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are we human? or are we dancer?

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Censored because woman but tons of artists do this fine. Seems like a skill issue on your end.

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why are you beating a dead horse go draw nigger.

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how to render like this? looks so smooth and matte

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nah i want to burry my cock in a cute twunk,sorry sis

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your blog
give it to me (please)

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you're a fucking moron

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>Censored because woman

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drew a character pairing as splatoon characters at midnight

>> No.6574977

When you make everything shiny like that their clothes look like they're made of cheap satin

>> No.6574984

i know, but i like the way it looks
i don't tend to color like that for my other pieces, though

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good work anon

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thank you anon
i like experimenting a lot more since i've bought a new tablet
there's no longer a disconnect between my hand and a screen plus it feels nicer to sketch
here's one i did yesterday, too

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Love the way you color

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goddam i hate construction and anatomy and drapery

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Elijah II Of Eternamont (simply know as Elijah) is a 19 years old former noble and grappler monk from the Kingdom Of Bretannia. Forced to separate from the rest of his family and his big sister at a very young age, Elijah somehow managed to arrive in the south-eastern Romalian zone of Creacia by himself, where he was found by a specialized martial arts school. After this, he spent his whole teenhood training in hopes of becoming as strong as possible to protect his sister if they were to ever meet again. Gentle and patient with everyone, he fights in a style reminiscent of irl greek boxing with a lot of grabbing techniques c:

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Sinclair is such a good boy, God bless.

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great rendering

>> No.6576903

Based tradchad-- keep em' coming!
Man-- that's some painting skill right there!

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The longer I work on this the more I'm starting to hate it lol.
Lovely colors!

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Very cute please finish it anon

>> No.6579551

Nice piece. Personal critique/taste. The eyes freak me out when they're rendered like that.

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The perspective looks great!
These are fantastic! Excellent skills.
This looks good so far! Love the rendering.

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Press 1 or 2 for good or bad end

>> No.6579916

That's a man

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I'm not very satisfied with this one but it's still a wip. I might redo it again later

Thanks for the compliment, anon

I love yours as well, the eyes are mesmerising. You're doing well so far, keep at it. You'll finish it soon.

Thanks anon. You have a very unique artstyle. I like it.

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>calm down dahmer
I almost want the bad ending now

>> No.6580625

shotashits must never be allowed to be lobotodoggies. It's haram

>> No.6580658

honestly not a clue what this means

>> No.6580960

>honestly not a clue what this means
hes talking about what dahmer did to some of this victims.

>> No.6580970

weren't most of his victims underage though? instead of haram it'd be part of the lobotomy bible

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crossposting something I made the other day

i like the shininess reminds me of oldschool DA rendering

gorgeous color palettes.

it has the potential to be a very cute pic but something about his eyes make me think of sunny-side-up eggs and i just can't unsee it lol

i kneel as always such soulful art

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crossposting something I made the other day

i like the shininess reminds me of oldschool DA rendering

gorgeous color palettes.

it has the potential to be a very cute pic but something about his eyes make me think of sunny-side-up eggs and i just can't unsee it lol

i kneel as always such soulful art

he's a pretty cute boy, and the lore seems promising. are you making a comic or something?

>> No.6582574

>cute boy study general
>posts girls

>> No.6582685

>cute boy study general
>doesnt study

>> No.6582750

Poast art

>> No.6582754

They look like cute boys

>> No.6582770

Your mom looks like a cute boy

>> No.6582772

You dad looks like a femboy

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>> No.6582781

This is fucking sexy please post more

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File: 43 KB, 798x598, download - 2023-03-28T061221.959.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

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>> No.6582924

the dog boy can stay

>> No.6582932

the boy dog stay can

>> No.6583410

dog the can stay boy

>> No.6584070

boy dog doy doy?

>> No.6584103

I hope that's just a joke about how the character looks and not you actually making dahmer fanfic.

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