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You guys wanna make a DeviantArt account?

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>Draw figure
>Figure happens to canonically be "underage"
>Attract screaming banshees making noise over fictional characters showing too much or is too suggestive
>Get art removed
Yeah, nah.

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There is just so much AI art on DA. Most of it goes untagged as well.

It really sucks because I use to really like DA.

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Name a site without AI art these days.

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at least on artstation I can tell the difference. I don't know if it's the algorithm on DA or what but I get nothing but AI art,

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>find inactive account from 2003
>like the few low res drawings the user uploaded before vanishing forever
I kneel, fallen one.

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Same. First time I ever had to use black list on that site and they keep on pushing the stuff on me. I think is also kinda my fault because I used to like to check new art being posted on the spot to see if I could see any hidden gem but now the site is kinda unusable.

I think artstation gets less spammed because you actually need to know at least the basic about art and posting on art sites to know what artstation is, so all the normies larping as "artists" get funneled in to DA that is this huge name and maybe pixiv and some boorus that allow it.

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kys chomo

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Also sucked is that some smut writers I used to follow also got into AI spamfest. None of those AI generated goyslop looked like your OC! And I dont follow you to see your generated goyslop! Get back to fucking writing smut! Most of them arent even putting in effort for custom AI models or trying to push the limits of SD generations. Nope, most of them just went to NovelAI and proompt, and then picked amongst the hundreds and just upload em on DA.

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Nah, I'm not going back there

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Well, they were pro-AI and trying to develop their own, so it's hardly any surprise.

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It's a cesspool. But I still go on there anyway.

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>be me
>have a deviantart account for 9 years
what now

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The search algorithm is hot garbage now. And what is it with map spergs and why do they appear in nearly every search result?

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>Had core gifted from some of my watchers
>Tried out muh Dream whatever DA AI goyslop generator
>It's shittier than the base SD generator. Generates 3d abominations that's worse than DALL-E
>Limit of some 50 free proompt a month for the cheapest tier
Holy shit they even failed at creating a decent proompting feature.

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>ugly site redesign
>NFT and AI shit promotion
>removal of QOL features like gallery/favorite search options
>main site search degrading all the time
>there was a mass exodus, so a lot of people left and there are hardly any interesting things on the main page anymore
Screw DA.

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That is so fucking annoying. There are a few writers and 3d artists that I liked who are now just doing generic AI dogshit. Lost all their uniqueness to make the blandest pinups known to man that none wants to look at.

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>removal of QOL features like gallery/favorite search options
I was wondering why the site felt off.

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Is it a brick that throws mice or a mouse that is currently throwing bricks?

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so are there any other places to post art these days that's not shitted up by AI?

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it fucking sucks bro... I go there for cute soulful drawings, there's literally no other site like it :(((

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There's still some good stuff on there that doesn't appear anywhere else.

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I kinda felt the same way about tumblr, though say what you will about their annoying community. It was like an art focused myspace. Now everyone's abandoned it and they had that auto removal bot for possible adult art so it's worthless to even consider going back to.
Social sites are so homogeneous now, and I'm fucking sick of it, I hope something replaces twitter and Instagram for art soon, I can't stand this shit.

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I still had this idea for a closed website only for artists in some alternative p2p internet equivalent. I even had a gay name like Aldebaran or something like that.

I still think something similar will happen eventually, maybe not now but definitely in the next 5 years. So you can talk about shape language and gay shit like this with people who will get it like /ic/ but with 100 times the size and less tourists.

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After review by the DeviantArt moderation team, the material was found to be in violation of the DeviantArt Terms of Service and/or Etiquette Policy.

The team member who deleted your deviation also added the following note:
>Based on our staff review it has been determined that the character(s) depicted in this deviation in a nude, erotic or sexually compromising fashion is classified as being under the age of 18 in their original context.

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Map spergs?

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What kind of socially failed retard uses goyslop to describe pictures
You need to get laid, newfag

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It's exactly what it sounds like. A lot of what-if political maps or what would America's map look like if the British won.

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Oh I thought you meant like pedo propaganda on deviantart.com

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I forgot about those creeps.

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I wish deviantart.com allowed grotesque penis art

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Man, I miss elfwood.

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Anon, DA is fucking FLOODED with it.

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It's true. But knowing how shit DA has always been it really isn't surprising. It has always catered to the lowest of the low. Retards on there will get into serious arguments with you because you said a dick picture taken on a cheap cellphone isn't art.

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Even the basic search engine is borked. If you search a certain term, it it'll also bring up a bunch of other results with "related" terms, and if you search multiple terms at once it treats them as OR rather than AND.

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This, but on top of AI-Slop, it was always just sort of trash to post to if you weren’t catering to a fandom or constantly posting in groups. Unless you got selected to be featured which was a crapshoot even if you were good. Good memories though

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not worth it unless your a fetish artist

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nah, too much a.i shit now.

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dA chat was the reason I started getting laid lol.
Too bad, most of them didn't pursue art.

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Sounds like shit. Is Newgrounds just as bad?

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It's full of AI art and people there are fucking retarded, there's some good stuff ofc but overall people there are just gross

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I like the fact that i get followed by people with art that's significantly worse than mine despite them having more mileage than me. Also autists are fun to stare at.

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An artist I follow got banned for drawing fucking Dark Magician Girl for "being underage". DeviantArt's moral police is absolutely fucking retarded and it's not worth dealing with their bullshit if you draw any kind of lewd art

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