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How do you deal with progressing faster at art than those around you? Usually people ask the opposite. It gets pretty lonely at the top at the same time I want to keep improving without sounding like a massive faggot. Is it just fear of being left out? Fear of the unkown? Life is just not fair?

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pyw & sage

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By realizing that some people are just born with inherent gifts like sharper eyes, more stable fingers, and a supportive environment

Those who are below you aren't "lazy". Some factors are just out of their control

Stay humble

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You like to sniff your own farts and if you're told anything that challenges your idea of "talent" you coil up and hiss at the person.

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you might be delusional and/or have surrounded yourself by people that don't take art as seriously

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Are you that same faggot who came here a month or so ago to "apologize" to some artist he flamed, when his entire post was really just him looking for an excuse to jerk off over his new art job?

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How much brain damage have you received to think like that lmao for all you know you could be the person you are mentioning all along.

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I don’t get your question just look for people better than you if you want to be challenged.

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Nah, there are only 2 smelly pretentious anons on /ic/ and it's that guy anon just described and the other shitter who draws loli.

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Left out? Bro, u r not okay in the head, that's the most retarded mentality ever. Fag.

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>made on the ipad pro 12.9 2022 with the apple pencil 3 in Procreate

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It's really just asian genes and talent huh?

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Try going to a bigger pond

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People who complain about talent are the lazy ones

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Youre on top of a centimeter tall dust. know that youre very low at the international scale and fuck off with this bullshit

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i have shit eyesight and was homeless for most of my teenage years with no family or supportive environment

if you think art comes from natural born ability you are genuinely hyperautistic and people who think that need to be put in concentration camps

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Gifts and curses exist but they are just another factor in the mix.
To say it's all talent is cowardice
To say it's always all hardwork is arrogance

Either way, don't act like you're special, and be humble. You don't know what battles the other is going through

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