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for anons that went to college for art, what did you learn and would you recommend it? Is there anything people should avoid?

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Networking from friends I made at art school is how I got my first job as a concept artist. So there is that

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Mandatory reading:


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Look at the art your future/potential teachers. Look at their portfolio and ask yourself if you like it, if you want to aquire the skills that it took to make and even if you want to create something that goes into that direction. If you don't find their portfolio online I gaurantee you they are shit. If you see bad art, you will most likely look for plausible explanation why it looks like that, because you think they can't be that bad because they are teachers/professors. The truth is a lot of them are crap, many nodraws out there who just want status and safe income. The good news is that there are good ones out there. Make sure to look up every single portfolio of the teachers. Someone who can't draw or paint will not teach you anything, worse yet, they will sabotage your growth without even being aware of it. If you find something that speaks to you, look up the students who graduated. What are they doing now? How does their art look? How did it look before they graduated?

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Hey OP, just adding my advice as an adult learner.

There are cheaper options like "ateliers". The more known ones are Watts Atelier and New Masters Academy.

Watts offers courses where you can audit their stuff meaning you can just take the courses but not pay for critiques to see if you like it, or pay extra per term to get your stuff reviewed.

New Masters Academy does a subscription model but has a lot of decent material too.

However a lot of this stuff can be torrented so lurk on /ic/ for courses and see if you can grab some to save money.

That being said, the other dude has a good point. I want you to make it a goal to look up some artists you like and look at their portfolio and background aka where they went to school or how they did it so that you can make a better inference on what you want to do.

Also there ARE online art tutors that just pay by the hour out there. Why not look for a dude that literally went to a school you liked and see if he offers tutoring. Might be wayyy cheaper and even more direct since he or she is using the techniques in the field and might have way more insight.

Hope this helps bro.

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You should avoid breathing through your mouth.

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I learned the "official" terms for techniques I figured out on my own....... I swear there was something else I learned that was art related...... Ah well, I guess it's just a bit about how little I actually learned from art school.

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don't ever go there for dating every girl identifies as a boy

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Studied art but not at an art school but I had friends who did.
1. It's expensive, my friends dropped out because they couldn't afford it.
2. Art at a State University was a mixed bag, all stress. There were a few classes I thought were worth it like Color Theory and a few teachers I really liked but I'm wondering if it was even worth it. Fortunately, I'm only $17,000 in debt compared to that Noah Bradley link.
3. You better be a social person who can make friends and hopefully friends with the right people because that's how you can get far, by networking.
4. Unfortunately, it seems even the good Art Schools have been pozzed in current year.

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Even at school you are completely self taught. You pay out the ass just to access a curriculum and weekly critiques.

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Pretty much all of college is really about networking and making connections that will help you get your foot in the door later.

My buddy went to Cornell for his masters and at the opening day initiation meeting or whatever the professors and deans were straight up like “you’re likely going into six figure debt to be here, and you’re not paying for the education, you’re paying for the opportunity to share classes and network with future leaders” or whatever.

If you’re going to go to college you need to prep more on improving your networking and social skills than worrying about easy shit like studying or whatever. Nobody will ever care about your grades while you were in school, they’ll care about who you got to know there.

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>Is there anything people should avoid?
Avoid going to art school if its not 90% paid for. As other anons said it's an incredibly large expense to go to art school. Imagine paying tens of thousands out of pocket or having $60k-$100k worth of debt just do to picrel. ( 4 years of illustration at ACCD) Imagine wasting almost 1/3 or a little more than a years worth of your time taking humanities and sciences classes just to fulfill a prereq (45 credits out of 140ish), many of which are pozzed to shit, instead of taking proper studio classes. Just think about how much more mileage you get by attending weekly/biweekly figure drawing for an entire year alone instead of wasting your time in lecture talking about queer issues or climate change for the same amount of time. or how about taking some online classes at CGMA and learning the same things the art students are doing at a fraction of the cost, and at your convenience.

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