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Previous thread >>6539873

If you're looking for a place to practice and post all sexual works, from pinups with exaggerated proportions to pornography, then this is the right general for you. Both Eastern and Western styles can coexist here.

>Rules & Guidelines
1) Any form of cartooning styles is welcome; submit and receive feedback from others.
2) Please resize your images below 1000x1000 before posting.
3) Share your knowledge, any tips are certainly welcome for all beginners.
4) Do to not be afraid of asking for critique, please be specific on what help you need.
5) Remember all GB3 related content such as lolicon, shotacon, furry pornography, furry and bestiality are banned on ALL boards, including red boards, except /b/ and /trash/.
6) DO NOT reply to bait AI posts. Hide and report, let the janitors and moderators handle the problem.

>Community Resources

>NSFW image resources

>Timed drawing gallery

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poster below me likes dick

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Yes,I'm a Thug Hunter enjoyer.How did you guessed?

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how 2 pose better?

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do you compromise when the client tells you to make a change that breaks the girls back or makes her proportions fucked? I mean I know it's wrong but should I try to keep it accurate?

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I would push back at that point. It's like, you came to ME for MY expertise, howsabout you LISTEN to me, eh?

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Current commission of 3 pics that I wil also combine to one big pic showing all 3 skirmishes

If I think it serves the picture, why not. But if I feel it wouldn't fit, I'd refuse.

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I finished this recently, any critiques appreciatd

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this shits really cool, well done

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I think that's cool and cute style. it's bit messy and hazy on some outlines that could use more definition like for example the cape and tits.

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you're never gonna be a somebody on 4chan, fred.

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fuck you.

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thank u man

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>DO NOT reply to bait AI posts
Hey retard, putting AI in the title gets the thread filtered.

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I like whats going on but it still looks very muddy and samey. You use that noise filter a lot to cover up small mistakes. But it's a style so you do you.
Needs more coomis. Also the expired cow is gonna fuck yo mom Fred.
You improved the picture in every way. My personal preference is that the image has too much black that you don't get to see the line art. But I think it looks cool anyways.

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Told you id redraw her lol

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she's a big girl

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What do you think of it so far? I want to get crique on it before i start painting.

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what are the different shapes of a vagina? can I get like a spreadsheet?

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I'm surprised someone made my -8 fanart the OP pic

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Overall nice and pleasing to look at but her right arm seem smaller compared to her left arm and the torso coul be slenderer and show more dynamic pose bending the upper torso more back giving fluid curve. It has nice atmo

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?, the fuck you mean?

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i was just going to say i love the op pic, and that character makes me happy.

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>just trace 3D models, bro, no one will ever know the difference!

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not sure if I'm biting bait here but that's understandable if it's your first time in these threads, kai posts a lot of sketches where it's obvious he uses construction, though we're both jumping to conclusions and making assumptions.

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I tried to make her thighs thinner, but I think it lost a lot of its gesture/flow, why?

Also, I'd make them even thinner, but I don't know if it's possible because of how wide I made the hips.
Is it possible?

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da fuck you about?

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I'm pretty sure even 3D models won't be as stiff as Gains Goblin own drawings. It's all natural. May god have mercy on his soul.

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blog? your art style is really nice

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maybe create a stronger line of action? Might make the gesture better

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the hip was making an artificially gestural shape with it's curve. You know you ARE free to change any part of the drawing right? If you want the thighs thinner, make the necessary changes to let that happen.

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this might be helpful, it's a good idea to keep some references for proportions and anatomy on hand, there's several spots that show you aren't super comfortable with them yet, like the knee and ankle/foot area.

Good on you for not hiding hands, by the way, yours aren't bad and only feel a little pointy/spindly. When it comes to composition sometimes it's better to not have a limb cross back over the main body, for a more interesting shape.

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Abella Danger (vector art)

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Yeah, but the whole point of the drawing was to test huge hips and how far I could push it.

>those legs
I didn't know xaxaxa posted here!
Very helpful, anon, I never know what to do with arms. Merci.

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pretty cool. tell me how you make these, is it traced or do you just use a filter? also do gabbie carter next

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Thanks. I made it on Photoshop using just pen tool and no, I don't use filter for this.

Gabbie is definitely in my list.

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Rae Lil Black(vector art)

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awesome, I really like them. great job on the hair

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Giantess and snuff warning. Kind of rushed but is it fapable at least?

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If I'm making art of a human fucking a humanoid non-human beast/monster, what's the cutoff point for the type of species I can portray before I get run off for drawing "bestiality"?

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Normies consider anthro furry to be close to beastality. Who are you trying to tip toe around? Id say the biggest factor for something getting iffy is the creatures level of sentience and its resemblance to real existing animals.

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Checked. : )

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Had to fix her hair, a ponytail doesn't work with hair parted down the middle like that.

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>good render but agly art style
How the fuck that possible

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does anyone know a good timelapse nsfw artist video repository?
or anything to that nature

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Just some lanky guy with a big dig and weird proportions.

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I would

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Dios mio...

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That's not poggers, not poggers at all, anon.

>> No.6577458

I'm also looking for some, the only thing that's found me some so far is the "making-of" tag on Danbooru (and probably other boorus)

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Looks like one of the Rottentrolls.

>> No.6577486

riley reid?

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Shoe0nHead done in that gross out style.

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>click it
>it multiplies
what the fuck

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Not really sexual, since this was an all ages comic. Just suggestive.

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this looks like the kind of thing you'd see someone in the military draw under their rack and then youd remember it again years later after seeing their name on the news

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check out my big bitch
nice improvement over the last drawing mane!

very nice lines. But I feel repulsed by kankles, so I have mixed feelings.
Also watch out because big hands automatically make your figure more masculine(Loomis advice)

>> No.6577675

>very nice lines. But I feel repulsed by kankles, so I have mixed feelings.
>Also watch out because big hands automatically make your figure more masculine(Loomis advice)

joints are important landmarks that make a character feel more solid, and hands are one of the most important parts of body language, making them larger makes them easier to see and easier to convey what they suggest.

You really shouldn't just disregard or minimize parts of the anatomy that don't interest you, it all comes together to make a character in the end.

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size fag here it made my pp react, continue making your stuff

Are you also the anon who made the orc/elf giantesses a few threads back?

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>You really shouldn't just disregard or minimize parts of the anatomy that don't interest you
no one said that.

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Butt why?
Jk that's looks awesome

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Working on 3 pic series of client's warrior lady facing cat woman, dryad and giantess

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I've stared at this a while, this art is hidden kino, he fact some of those difficult problems in the back are solvable is peak, do you have a social/handle?

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zapreti mne hodit v redane

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File: 1.08 MB, 1488x2266, 80F76FEB-7615-4792-ADAE-FF70B67B91A4.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Thanks! Glad to hear my work’s improving and yeah I’m the space elf guy. I’m not on social media at the moment but I’ll probably remake one once I have enough stuff that I’m proud of.
I’ve been studying legoman a lot and I’m really trying to capture the thick milf vibe but it can be pretty hit or miss. Also I thought including some actual problems would be fun for the viewer so they could look them up after and see if they’d get squished lol

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