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>post art about/using popular tags
>8 views 12 hours later
Fuck this piece of shit platform

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private corporation :)
feel free to create a competitor :)
we're not in a socialist shit hole :-)))

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try using ai

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>post art with no tags or 1 tag at the most
>1k views a day later
You'll make any excuse

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its a social network, you have to be social, and network, in order to grow. i know it seems counter intuitive to us antisocial schizo's but thats how i grew

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In other words, you have to posses the vernacular of a teenaged girl to attract mouth breathing retards.

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Maybe your art just isn’t good enough yet

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How would Twitter know? Dumbass

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>500k flws
>only 300 patreons

>40k flws
>2k patreons

Its not about mah likes, its about engaging with your fans

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How do you network on twitte?

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>using tags on Twitter

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>not using tags on twitter

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Tags can only do so much especially if you used something as generic as #GameName. What you want are retweets, likes, comments, which will spread your post directly to other people’s feeds. But if you aren’t getting engagement then it simply means your art is still shit

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Low views aren't lack of engagement, it's a platform failure, low likes despite normal/high views would be an art failure.

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200 followers really isn’t that many, it’s not that surprising if most of them missed the post. As for the tag, op said a “popular tag” was used but who knows.

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Kys faggot

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Hi Elon

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>post your work
>nobody cares
>somebody else posts your work

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if you are a weebshit, post on pixiv and link your twitter in the description, you will get 20k in no time if your art is really good

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>post work
>it flops
>deletes work
I'm totally drawing for myself, guys. I enjoy the process of art and could care less about likes.

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8 views on 200 followers means Twitter didn't even deliver your post to more than 5% of your followers. Views are counted when your post is loaded in someone's feed, not when they physically see it, not if they click on it, not when they scroll past it, it just has to be loaded into a feed, combine that with the fact at least half if not more of those could come from the tag and not followers and it means Twitter is serving your posts to just 1-2% of your followers (at least when you're still small).

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>post something on Twitter
>usually active there, commenting, interacting, liking, retweeting, trying to game tags and time of day etc
>same situation as OP, post forgotten after a day
>post the same thing on Instagram
>barely use it, never even open it unless it's to post something, don't care about tags and time of day
>hundreds of likes, dozens more over the next couple of weeks, get new followers almost every day

Twitter users are just shit

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Once you reach a certain skill, a lot of success is just luck. The more you post, the better chances you have if getting your lucky break.

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i just compliment peoples work and they compliment mine, some people you get a long with better and it becomes an actual friendship. you dont need to adhere to zoomer tumblr lingo to say "love your work!"
just be friendly and tell them what you like about their work, leave nice comments, retweet, ect.
this is why you're ngmi

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>just opened new twitter account
>use 2 tags
>3k views 250 likes
T-this is good right?

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>op is worse than >>6543329
oh no no no

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>just suck up bro
Terrible idea

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>anon thinks being friendly is sucking up
idk why i even bother trying to help you fuckers

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Everyone knows you're being fake and trying to crib from their success with an ulterior motive dumbass autist

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Why else you think the anti social kind get bullied?

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>we're not in a socialist shit hole :-)))
If that were the case, there would be competition, instead we have governments lobbying in favor of companies that either align with their agenda or that are too powerful to lose the support of.

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Tags don't work that way on Twitter. They are made for spontaneous trends (mostly political and marketing), not to help users find old content.
You must publish your art on other platforms and redirect people to Twitter if you want to grow. Or keep posting until some big artist stumble upon your work and retweet it.

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This, honestly. I saw darkstalkers was trending with 25k+ post and a felicia post gotten 500 likes within 2 hours. Only 13 followers btw.

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No one thinks they work that way, people can still manually search for stuff or open up the tag to see recent posts with the tag, if it's not something niche it should result in more traffic than not tagging at all regardless of what's trending.

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governments favor the capitalist economic model because they form natural monopolies that don't look or feel like monopolies, which makes it easier for governments to control. free markets cannot exist under capitalism

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>people can still manually search for stuff
They can. But are they doing it? Absolutely not. Only a very small portion of people does this. And don't forget that the majority of users are on mobile (around 80%). All they do is scroll, scroll, scroll and scroll to see what's on their timeline.
If you still want to use tags then it's no more than two.

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posts like this really shine a light on why so many channers are miserable

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The shitter will be sent to jail like the other

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can someone tell me how to use twitter? what's the etiquette?
i just started posting there the other day, i @'d a professional artist who's course i've been following, showing work i created with the help of his course. i didn't think he'd notice that i mentioned him in my tweet, but he retweeted my art the same day and i got a few thousand hits on it with a some likes/retweets. compare that to my only other post which got maybe 10 hits (i'm thinking twitter limits exposure for new accounts).

should i be trying to @ more popular artists like this to gain exposure? like, create some art of their OC or whatever and @ them? i didn't know @'ing people would notify them or anything i just thought it was a way to give credit, kind feel like it would just annoy them. is this the way to get exposure? to use popular artists for your own gain? seems pretty shameless.

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Trying @ing popular artist like once every 3 weeks to 1 month. Constantly doing that will make you be seen as “that” guy and will affect your growth long term. Build your platform by yourself and post many artwork in the mean time while you wait for the 3 weeks to be up. Post fanart too of popular series or games.

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@ing people will get you buried somewhere in their notifications. Can't speak for everyone but people are unlikely to respond to @'s from randos. Furthermore I think the twitter algo treats posts with @'s and links unfavorably.

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This is why i'm not friendly, because others will always think you're trying to suck up to them or sell them something.
No matter what you do, it is met with hostile sentiment.
On the other hand, there are enough reasons as to doubt someone's friendliness.

Those who are overly friendly or desperately try to keep up an image as being
>"the wholesome person who has no ounce of negativity and wants to help you"
are absolutely trying to groom or manipulate you or have ulterior motives.

Even then, if you draw like shit and you know it and then gets comments like
how in the fuck are you not raising an eyebrow?
I lol
i even lmao

Twitter is all about bigger accounts boosting you or outright buying likes/followers/retweets.
The "networking" to grow on twitter is done outside of twitter.
If you don't know anybody, it doesn't matter what you do; you could be able to melt diamonds with your ass and it still wouldn't get you one follower.
If anything Twitter is just another porn site and brand accounts trying to be le ebin memers to appeal to zooomers completely reign over it.
It's a glorified porn/ad site that virtually has no real people on it.

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> Can't speak for everyone but people are unlikely to respond to @'s from randos.
Normalfags yes, but artist no.

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Normalfags are genuine with their comments, other artist above /beg/, not so much.

>> No.6567116

Normalfags also don't bother with art unless it's some meme or relatable comic about how it's literally them.
Or porn.

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Some of the things you said hit home. The internet was originally used by people to escape from complicated social rules in real life and find like-minded individuals but now with the way social media is just navigating it gives me a headache and is even more socially complicated than real life now that I don’t even bother with it anymore.

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Can adding tags to your post hurt??
>t. not a twitter user

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are you serious man? its just being friendly, i've had artists i really respect and like reciprocate and follow me back and support me just by commenting under their post about their work. there is brown nosing, and then there is being friendly and supporting someones art that you like

to your second point, im just sharing the advice that worked for me, i started at 0 with 0 followers or friends, and worked my way up to thousands within about 3-4 months, and along the way i had big artists follow me and support me. i did this all by sharing good art, and being friendly to those adjacent to me, all through twitter, with zero hashtags.

again, i dont know why i even bother trying to help you guys,

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Too much tags on Twitter makes you look like a bot for the Twitter algorithm and for users. Most marketing guides tell you to use ideally 2 and 3 at max.

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No, but adding more than 2 or 3 hurts

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Originally, most things on the internet were truly organic, because people's mentality was also vastly different and not hyperfixated on reaching some sort of social success.
They were just genuine people trying to have fun.
I mean, ok, are you expecting an award or something?
>idk why i bother
No one is forcing you to do anything but in this time and age where social predators are the norms, you can't seriously call someone a fag for not believing every single thing people say.
If it's true, good for you though
if you want me to pay a monthly subscription to learn your secrets, then go fuck yourself.
If you're just trying to bait people so you can call them crabs and be the epic troll, then what the fuck are you doing with your life?

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>write in print
>add 2 curves for N and 3 for M
You are a domestic terrorist, young man.

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And it's not in Minecraft.
But I'm not American. There is a mix of everything there.

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I've been at 700~ or so followers for awhile now.

I like to think of it as being an underground artist. I'm all kinds of anti-establishment which is why I post here rather than somewhere that isn't a literal shithole filled with the scum of the internet. Like Han Solo chilling at the mos eisley cantina.

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I just want to follow my favorite jap artists, retweet and like their stuff in hopes of them following me back. Is it because I am a fucking westoid? Not gonna lie 90% of my feed is all about moonrunes I don't understand but it looks cool to me. God I wish I was nipponji.

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Your art need to be good enough. I see many western artist being followed by jp artist, even dino follows a lot of them.

>> No.6567230

If this is your art, you can definitely get more than 700 followers

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>just be friendly and tell them what you like about their work, leave nice comments, retweet, ect.

Sounds reasonable enough, except for the fact that the artists I follow have hundreds of comments already.. What am I even supposed to say?

"Omg wwoooooww I loove your art!!! (obnoxious dick breather emojis and hearts)

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Drawing reactions

>> No.6567247

what do you mean

>> No.6567249

>feel free to create a competitor :)
It shouldn't have to be a competition, it should just be dedicating to demand for better.

>> No.6567250

I mean draw little doodles as a form of communication, so your stand out

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i'd recommend you start with people around your size, thats what the term "mutual" means. make mutuals around your size/slightly larger that support each other. that being said i still compliment great artists and a lot have followed me back and been friendly ever since, so its not all a waste, sometimes even just having a good pfp helps you stand out

>> No.6567262

You have to at least have 10k followers to be able to do that otherwise you're just going to be classified as another weirdo who wants attention and will be considered annoying.

>> No.6567263

Less than a hundred but I almost never draw fanart because I don't enjoy a lot of things these days. And the things I do like are pretty niche. I'm happy in my corner though tbdesu I draw my ocs and post stuff about my comic and my online friends & peers like it too.

I used to have 30k follows on tumblr years ago and I could almost make any post I want viral. But living off of other people's IPs gets depressing when you have a creative mind. Also getting a lot of dms from schizos and falling into arguments with other big accounts runs you down.

>> No.6567268

>Also getting a lot of dms from schizos and falling into arguments with other big accounts runs you down.
Got any examples of that? I'm really curious and could use a laugh.

>> No.6567270

I have some jp moots. One chinese moot I'm surprised about them following back because they have a few thousand with godtier art and me being a literal who, but I guess there's something they liked about my stuff. It does make me happy when I like someone's art that shows up on my feed and they like one of my posts back. It's not something I see any other culture do, maybe in japan they see it as like an exchange?

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You also have to look your followers in the eye and give them a firm handshake! Make sure you only post art made on the best paper stock, trust me the difference will be all worth it.

>> No.6567273

Private entity :)
You're not entitled to anything they do :)
Feel free to leave for other choices in this capitalist system :))
I wonder what choices there is under communism ;))

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crab yourself, i'm sure it will work out by never trying anything new, or being friendly to anyone. everyone loves antisocial cunts, you're gmi

>> No.6567278

It is so thanks. I just seem to not be able to get any traction

>> No.6567280

Man I wish I do but this was like 2014-2015 and that account has since been hacked by porn bots, but that was already long after I left since the site became unbearable leading up to the 2016 election. I do wish another site like that got popular again because it was nice having a space with just social outcasts talking about their favorite fandoms and hobbies.

But yeah I have fond memories of the danganronpa fags dming gore and coaxing people to kill themselves.

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200 is fucking nothing?

>> No.6567402

see >>6566878

>> No.6567423

Stop typing like a women.

>> No.6567473

Do you have any examples?

>i'd recommend you start with people around your size, thats what the term "mutual" means. make mutuals around your size/slightly larger that support each other. that being said i still compliment great artists and a lot have followed me back and been friendly ever since, so its not all a waste, sometimes even just having a good pfp helps you stand out

What exactly do mutuals do? are we just supposed to repost each others work?

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>240 posts on IG
>comment and like shit every other day
lol whatever

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based elon

>> No.6567499

What was the time of day you posted? Supposedly play a large role in whether you get eyeballs or not.

I'm always hesitant to comment on someone's work, because there's not much to say besides "oh this is good", and no one ever likes criticism.

Actually one of my strongest internet memories was writing some helpful criticism to an artist who was using vector - she was making line art with the pen tool, but was making too sharp of on an angle with it and her lines would have these razor thin ugly little straggler sections towards their ends. I gave advice on fixing this.
She blew up on me stating she never asked for criticism and doesn't want to hear it.

Now the only time I write criticism for anyone is probably on here, because everyone is expected to be an asshole.
There my little diary entry guys.

Fan-art of their OCs if you really like them will probably get a retweet and some eyeballs. Use it as a chance to study their character and work out what you like about them.

I have a suspicion it's BECAUSE you're inactive it pushed you to others to try and give you that dopamine hit to make you active.
I wonder if anons who have trouble increasing their follower count simply made a new account (with a vpn), and submitted their pictures again, would they be more successful because twitter would push them?

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>sign up for shitter
>account immediately banned for no reason, without me even posting
>ask to get it back
>no response for nine days
>sign up for shitstagram
>account immediately banned again
>ask to get it back
>they want a picture of my fucking face that I don't want to send
are these crappy platforms even worth it, tumblr support is a thousand times better

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File: 234 KB, 1920x1080, FriO-LZWIAMv_VO.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


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be friends and repost each others work yes, eventually you get bigger and bigger mutuals and your reach potential increases exponentially.

>> No.6567551

>account immediately banned for no reason, without me even posting
Same thing happened to me, I was just following people and they assumed I was a bot.

>they want a picture of my fucking face that I don't want to send
Tell them to fuck off. What kinda creepy background check shit is this? Twitter was just happy with the fact I emailed them, I didn't need to do anything else.

>> No.6567565

>Tell them to fuck off.
I would but so many people are shilling it and saying it's the best way to get followers, idk what to do

>> No.6567573

>draw character from popular thing
>draw my favorite character from lesser known thing
what does this mean about my art?

>> No.6567574

>Actually one of my strongest internet memories was writing some helpful criticism to an artist who was using vector - she was making line art with the pen tool, but was making too sharp of on an angle with it and her lines would have these razor thin ugly little straggler sections towards their ends. I gave advice on fixing this.
She blew up on me stating she never asked for criticism and doesn't want to hear it.
Sorry to hear that man, probably bad luck you had to give critique to that unhinged artist in particular, there's still people willing to listen to advice an let others give reasonable critique; if it was me I guess I wouldn't mind as long as is something that can help me

>> No.6567579

Nothing in particular? I mean, you're making a comparison between a popular character and a less known one

>> No.6567587

so how am i supposed to know which drawing is better and if im improving

>> No.6567591

You need appeal to gain followers, working hard is not enough, when will you faggots learn

>> No.6567607

It’s because of your email or you’re from a 3rd world shithole

>> No.6567608

In that case you should draw again something you did before when you started then sit down to compare and analize to see if there's particular things that have changed or that you're not satisfied with that can be worked on, or ask for a second opinion from someone else, the thing with social media points is that most of the time they are not a surefire method to measure artistic improvement specially when you have a defined goal in said improvement

>> No.6567610

>Other artists with less followers draw original art
>1000 RTs
>I draw original art
>50 RTs
Yup. My art is trash.

>> No.6567628

Aren't you are a whore looking for attention though?

>> No.6567634


>> No.6567641

So, anime tits or woe is me crap?

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No, real skill and real appeal, stop coping, you all sound like BluebottleFlyer

>> No.6567661

That requires too much work. Coombux are easier to do

>> No.6567665

how do i grind appeal?

>> No.6567727

rhythm, colour, and composition.

>> No.6567751

it is not only that, study the work of artists that you like in particular and not only because it is popular (if you like something that is popular it is also ok) learn to identify what things you like about that work and why, then try to recreate that feeling in your work, it is not easy but all hard work pays off.

>> No.6567792

Oh sure, but that's just general advice to getting better (particularly good for finding your own style). "rhythm, colour, and composition" are the elements that create appeal and draw the eye.
You can draw an amazing and realistic figure, but with poor composition and no rhythm, it won't be nearly as appealing. I shouldn't even have to state the appeals of good colour control.

The thing with rhythm though, is it seems there is very little written about it. Every time it comes up, it's about a single page, with different elements discussed. I think a proper in depth look into it would make a bog-standard art book into a must-have.

>> No.6567864

maybe people don't like the drawing that you post

>> No.6567869

I dont like any artists

>> No.6567876

Then why should anyone like your work?

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A few times i pointed out real clear mistakes and of course it backfired.
Not only did this artist blow up on me, but their fans where eager to tell me just how wrong and jealous i was.
I mean, it was things like a pillow shaded fan-art painting having a warped iris most probably due to liquify tool, or another piece of fanart having crooked eyes and too sharp of a chin.
And you try to be as helpful as possible but people will just pile on you for being negative.
Or god forbid, you actually disagree with the "critique" of another person who is just blatantly praising the art.

I'm hesitant for these reasons as well, especially since the only alternative is to praise the work.
I don't want to make friends or mutuals or even be near such people who are only after compliments, they will drain your soul and then cast you aside when they have no more use for you.
This is what anons also don't get here when they so desperately look for friends;
Who says anyone would want to be their friends and then get dragged into drama if you don't shower them with praise and attention whenever they want it?
Such people are tiring to have around.

And if praise is all some people need to consider you a friend, they're not really worth investing your time in a friendship with them. It will never develop beyond mutual convenience based on some abstract goals and social needs.

>> No.6567947

I don't believe you, it's impossible that you don't like any art medium, you wouldn't even be interested in being an artist in the first place.

>> No.6567990

This you have to draw fanart for other people on twitter in hopes of them retweeting you, or comment on popular posts so that people will click on your profile and maybe follow if they like what they see

>> No.6568048

Are you not gonna post your work?

>> No.6568059

Views are not likes dumbass ESL

>> No.6568150

192 of your follows are either not very active, follow 1000s of people and dont bother viewing it all, or are bots

>> No.6568213

Nah Elon fucked visibility for everyone that's not a subscriber to Blue, there was uproar recently about people only seeing posts from the accounts they follow in the Following tab while the default For You tab was full of irrelevant bullshit and memes posted by Elon.

>> No.6568478

Yes, that's the whole point of social media.

>> No.6568581

I’ve got news for you buddy, visibility was fucked long before Elon took helm. Twitter is even worse than instagram at getting eyes on your work. I mean you may as well be posting on an empty server in another galaxy when you use twitter. No one sees your shit unless you’re Patton oswalt.

Just as an example, I’ve grown 2 accounts to over a thousand on instagram using hashtags and drawing art for people. Can’t even break 50 on twitter at all no matter what. People are super stingy with likes, forget about retweets. Only way you might get retweeted is if you join an artmoot circlejerk where the same people retweet you and even that isn’t a sure thing because after a certain period even they stop retweeting you. If you draw fanart for a somewhat mid-sized to big account, it’s akin to playing the lotto expecting to win, only you just spent 2 hours drawing a picture for someone who likely won’t acknowledge it. And this is for mid-sized accounts, just nobodies who have a decent following. A lot of anons suggest socializing and getting to know people but everybody behaves like they’re a big celebrity on twitter, too good to interact with anyone who might be 100 followers off from them. It’s pathetic.

>> No.6568672
File: 245 KB, 995x911, 1677798381380303.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Welcome to Astroturfing.

Newflash, Twatter has always been a woke plattform, and the Musk did absolutely nothinh to fix it, in fact, he is blatantly anti porn and has done jack all to get rid of the bots and algorythms that only benefit the progs, be an absurdist progressive WORDFILTERboy feminist consoomer making "the face". Oh, whats that? You aint one of those things, that sucks to be you, you are on your own, no, dont ask us for multiple profiles with a single verified account like youtube, no dont ask us for longer tweet character limit, no dont ask us for non-mobile page view mode, no dont ask for no image compression, no dont ask us for tag filters to block certain content, no dont ask for video and animated gif downloads and PAID US 8 BUCKS A MONTH FOR A STUPID BLUECHECKMARK THAT DONT UNASTROTURF YA AND ACTUALLY MAKE YOUR TWEETS VISIBLE AND GIVE YOU MORE LIKES AND RETWEETS AND MORE SUBS.

OH and good luck dealing with the wokandans who harrass you for existing in the same site as them and for disproving their bullshit.

Oh, you think we suck, good for you, go ahead, leave and go to any other site nobody fucking watches, baraag, if we saiy is CP then you better believe it or else, same with Mastodon, Truth Social, thats just trump 4 wall room were he screams, Gab, Minds and the hijillion so called FREE SPEECH ALTERNATIVES, they are ANTI PORN right wing prudes! Sorry baby the little and bad we offer is better then the nothing they offer, No doesnt matter if we are bad, you get assymilated and be happy!

>inb4 schizo whinning.

Twitter is the Youtube of social media an art sharing site, its objectively and subjectively bad, but the subverted demoralized normies and the terminally online crazies keep it afloat cause MUH PHONE so sill never die! Obey!

>> No.6568673

Astro turfing, classism and shadowbanning dont exist!

>> No.6568674

>thinking any of the two makes a damn of a difference


>> No.6568677

>No i Didnt buy a preloaded account, No sire.


>> No.6568683

Then how do you explain all thosebwhonuse multitags and dont get fucked. Oh wait, they are progs.

>> No.6568685

Yes, its below nothing, on twatter if you ate least arent 10K, you dont exists, specially if you are a NSFW account and japanese.

>> No.6568695

>Youll give is your phone number, OR ELSE!
>cave in
>Congrats. Your twitter account has been disabled, dont ask, just give us your phone again to verify, trust us.
>cave in
>good, now you are astroturfed.
>sub and post
>get 20 notifications
>they are all "In case you missed this tweet that you already saw", no we are not fucking with you. Trust us :)

It literally happened to me, i had to just kill my account and get a burner phone just to make another one and i avtually get real notifications now, but i am still below, only 500 subs because i did some Super Mario Movie art that got retweet by a bigger twitter user.

>> No.6568717

faggots had been whining about twitter visibility since forever lmao it doesn't matter who the current boogeyman is

>> No.6568720
File: 73 KB, 1200x716, 1592307909176.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

At least learn to structure your writing, you absolute retard.

If fags on this board already shit their pants by reading a more than enough eloquent post, how do you think they will react by trying to make out what your alphabet vomit is even about?
You got so many buzzwords and normie platitudes you could open your own social media site.
>hijillion so called FREE SPEECH ALTERNATIVES, they are ANTI PORN right wing prudes!
Porn doesn't fall under the category of free speech, that it should be a right to be spammed everywhere.
Someone that supports free speech doesn't have to support porn.
Porn, if anything, only attracts the astroturfers and woketards that will harass you for existing and lowers the quality of a site.
You can safely assume that the majority of people who heavily consume porn, are left-leaning homosexuals who scream racism at non-interracial porn and spam blacked, bmwf/m porn and edits on every porn site imaginable.
Also they are most probably transvestites that reside in a multitude of adult discord servers and other servers focused on videogames with a younger demographic to lure and groom children by pretending to be 15 year old girls, when in fact they are 40 year old perverts that deserve to be shot on sight.
>inb4 right wing pol albino jew jelly crab schizo beg
Political ideologies are for cattle. Most people on this planet should not even be allowed to speak or interact with other people in any manner whatsoever.
>Twitter is the Youtube of social media an art sharing site, its objectively and subjectively bad, but the subverted demoralized normies and the terminally online crazies keep it afloat cause MUH PHONE so sill never die!
Now this was the smartest and most comprehensible thing you posted.
Keep elaborating and articulating this point until it becomes an insightful and reasonable commentary.

>> No.6568721
File: 51 KB, 640x360, 7375B5C1-5037-4441-A678-F0B2DF8CE06B.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It really makes you wonder what kind of nefarious algo code is in effect under the surface. We really don’t know how the algorithm decides who will have visibility and who won’t. Is it location-based? Does it decide based upon a built up web profile of its user developed over time by scraped data of web searches, keystrokes, political opinions, economic bracket, etc? For example, your web profile might peg you as someone who supports trump based on videos viewed, google searches, visited websites (like 4chan), etc, and this info slots you into a category where you are automatically silenced whenever you tweet/post on ig/YouTube etc forever and it’s all based on a data-scraped profile of information collected, collated and shared around over a decade of web search information from your ip address. Put simply, you could be getting memory-holed just for your beliefs. It’s not schizo to believe something like this drives algorithm reach.

Algorithms on video games have reached a similar level of cynicism, which is why I’m suspect. It will slot you into games with better players just to keep you playing longer. It will nerf your ability to win by giving you progressively harder competitors. It keeps all of your play data on file to manipulate your play experience and the games you’ll be allowed to play in. It used to be that you joined a game based on highest ping. Now it’s a whole system bent on emotionally manipulating its user into playing longer and spending money.

>> No.6568755

>”u-unlike twitterfags I’m a real artist. I do it for self fulfillment”
>5786446 threads whining about no likes and no followers

>> No.6568782

I never thought of that. Hmm.

>> No.6568816

What you guys don't understand, is that if noone is asking you for opinion you're not supposed to give it. Noone cares, you just look like a jerk. Twitter is not /ic/
Art ''friends'' are useful because they promote you and your work unpromted.

>> No.6568824

The entire concept of 4chan is anonymous retards giving opinions nobody asked

>> No.6568828

And that is beautiful.

>> No.6568859
File: 125 KB, 780x102, normies and social media.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I get what you're getting at, but then you need to see it from the other side: why post your art on the internet? No one asked for it. No one cares.
If no one is asking for your art, you're not supposed to give it. You just look like you want attention.

If you take yourself the privilege of posting your art and shushing anyone who speaks things you don't like, you should expect anyone else to take themselves the privilege of giving their opinion whenever they like.

Actually, why post anything on the internet? You don't go scream and expose yourself in public and then get angry that some random passerby answers you, right?
If normies want actual walled garden social media aka echochambers, they should just post their shit in private and no one they don't like will ever say anything that they won't like while gatekeeping their communities.
But wait, "gatekeeping bad", so you can safely assume that normies just want to air their dirty laundry in public and getting praised for taking a metaphorical shit on the street and they get angry when anyone points that out.

Do you really want to personally deal and be connected to such people that will most probably take out their anger and insecurities on you because you didn't praise them?
>Art ''friends'' are useful because they promote you and your work unpromted.
Again, i get it, but I would not want to give such people any attention or success they clearly do not deserve because it would be like giving a teenager a gun: They will feel powerful, but in the end they're only going to shoot people to gain things and accidentally shoot themselves.

If you hate seeing things you don't like, literally just close your eyes.

>> No.6568865
File: 87 KB, 558x479, F5AB4D97-0A46-433F-AC94-9B2C024F94A4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I started doing this, especially with the one trend of people begging for you to draw their characters. Makes a clear difference but the issue after that is retention.

>> No.6568941

Are you unironically autistic?

>> No.6568945

What was your experience with this method?

>> No.6568946

It's the only good platform for animators

>> No.6568949

>this work might not be as good as my last one that i uploaded... guess I won't upload it
>this work is better than my last one, and better than my last upload, but I have another in the works that will be better... guess I won't upload this one
>alright that one is done, turned out not quite as well as I hoped, so I'll upload the next one
>months pass
>no uploads at all
I have to get over this insistence that I only upload my best shit.

>> No.6568980

>just be friendly and tell them what you like about their work, leave nice comments, retweet, ect.

The problem isn't doing this, it's having to do it or you're completely invisible. Instead your work just standing on its own in the "new" or "relevant" sections of an art site you're now forced into a clout transactional para social nightmare.
And that mentality bleeding over to every art related facet of the internet

>> No.6568996
File: 209 KB, 384x390, 165465465163546.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Since trying to be reasonable is now autistic guess i'm extremely so.
Was that post meant sarcastically or was that serious?
Because, my nigger, if that was meant seriously, artists do deserve everything bad that happens and is done to them and really don't deserve to get promoted in any way.

Only a narcissistic sociopath would think like that.
You don't want your opinions to go unchallenged or your work to only be praised? Don't post them in public places. No one owns you shit.
Pose in front of a mirror with your work and put a mask on while playing clapping soundtracks.
Everyone knows that even if such people get ignored, they're just going to spam the PUBLIC SPACE until they get the response they want and they will cry and complain, spam more and blame god, christ and the church for not getting the one interaction that gives them the validation they crave so much, that is why they get hostile towards anyone who triggers their insecurities or points out their flaws, going as far as projecting or circlejerking about
>"the bad people"
with other "victims" like them.

And if you didn't want an answer, why the fuck did you even bother replying in the first place? Were you expecting to get a
>"wow so true! take my upvote"
in response to justifying the absolute mental retardation of the average normalfag?

Teens are like that, they just expect everyone to stand still and take it whenever they try to hit others and cry when they get their shit pushed in. They believe they are allowed to do anything they want but others can't.
Call it narcissism, main character syndrome, solipsism, rules for thee but not for me or just a lack of beatings.

If you throw a fist, expect to be hit back.
If you wish for attention so bad, don't complain about what you get.
Stay in your hugbox.
It's not that hard to understand.

Such people can't actually socialize; they are parasites and should not be allowed to be promoted in any manner.

>> No.6569141
File: 67 KB, 1000x773, 1678844555888655.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

People like you are the problem.

>> No.6569149
File: 80 KB, 480x360, sure-hes-talking-but-is-he-really-saying-anything-no-not-really-no.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

All this writing when you could just be drawing

>> No.6569187

It does, people don't retweet posts that have a bunch of tags in them cuz it looks ugly as fuck

>> No.6569188

How did you get mad at that post

>> No.6569201
File: 83 KB, 563x480, negachu.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Yes. individuals like me are a problem to people who only seek social status through trickery and dishonest means.
If you want "friends" who will be useful to you to promote your work, why don't you just say so?
And why would you keep being unreasonable and illogical as you being able to say anything you want to people with the justification that they're being negative, which is honestly just an excuse to execute your craving for power over another person, but no one else should be allowed to do the same to you?
You know what they say about those who can't be criticized.
Writing shit like that only takes me 5 minutes and i'm always drawing.
btw that isn't even 5% of my autism.

>> No.6569216
File: 37 KB, 568x442, 1675734258815022.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

bit unrelated but is pretending to be female a real strat to net followers?
don't have any social media but been thinking about jumping on it

>> No.6569516

No, ppl don't care unless you're an attractive person literally posing in front of your artwork. And you don't want to be that sorta person, I promise you

>> No.6569528

Obviously got a shit ton of views, likes, retweets, etc. Went from 5 to 100 followers in the week. Not the greatest but pretty decent for a nobody.

>> No.6569583


>> No.6570099

are you one of those persons?

>> No.6570122

Draw Mori sucking on a horse cock that will get you followers

>> No.6570146


>> No.6570150

yeah no getting likes and shit on twitter is hard unless you draw hardcore porn of whatever's popular at the moment

>> No.6570366
File: 27 KB, 357x403, doodle 2023-03-20 drink.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I don't even do that, I just retweet people's stuff on my timeline and I get followers for some reason, I just want to refer back to them because I like their art.

I get sense that a lot of people here are producer of art, but not consumer of it somehow, and I do not understand why that is the case.

>> No.6570368


>> No.6570378

elon is the best mad scientist

>> No.6570463

>460 follows
>draw cute fanart for popular youtuber
>youtuber RTs it
>1,100+ likes

OP literally just shill if you want bagels so much

>> No.6570516

Actually, why has that become a thing suddenly? I've seen like 3 or 4 artists make drawings with Mori standing next to a horse, with y'know... the implication.
Where'd all this come from?

>> No.6570522

>getting filtered this hard

>> No.6570601

>most popular post is a meme drawing I spend 20 minutes on
good enough

>> No.6570606

It happens to me enough that I've started to think there's something inherently wrong with me or when/how I post my art.

>> No.6570607

I just post on pixiv and call it a day. I don't have to interact with he/she/him/it/they fags.

>> No.6570634

based free market chad dabbing over collective bugmen

>> No.6570640

I do this and I’m completely ignored and my 2hrs spent drawing them wasted and I look like a retarded chimp. This method is like playing the lotto except instead of discreetly buying a lotto ticket you’re spending hours of labor on something they’ll ignore bc it’s obvious retweet begging and as a result your followers will see your pathetic begging attempt fail miserably.
>inb4 git gud
Already good, doesn’t matter. Everyone is hip to retweet begging.

>> No.6570641

>there would be competition
Do you seriously think there is no competition? There's plenty. Part of societies problems is caused by stupid faggots like you who don't do their homework and instead just blame the system while continuing to remain ignorant and do nothing.
Artists whine about twitter and want a more art focused website, but would never go to it, because they're dumb attention seeking loser like OP and want to put their work in front of everyone, and not just like minded individuals.

>> No.6570644

> Already good
No need to lie like that, anon.

>> No.6570654

Don't just post on Twitter, post your art everywhere! Posting art on art groups and Reddit really helped me with followers. :)

>> No.6570662


>> No.6570694

Be happy you can finish a drawing in 2 hours!

>> No.6570699

So you draw for fame? ngmi!
popularity is somewhat of a luck thing, there are things you can do to rigg it in your favour like cater to the masses, but it can still not give any results.

>> No.6570793

Why just female? Pretend to be a tranny and you can abuse all sorts of empathy points.

>> No.6570845

>just create your own bank
Ok, next.

>> No.6570852

How often do you all post art? I feel like there's pressure to post finished art every day, but I end up posting only WIPs most the time or old finished colored art

>> No.6570882

Depends how much your art stays relevant. At 600 followers my art only gets interactions for about 2 days, then I have to post something new. I think it's fair because I can finish a pic in about 8 hours.

>> No.6571092

I never used tags and was was able to get 2,000 followers with ease. The issue is you and how big of a bitch you are.

>> No.6571094

Did you use keywards and suck the dick of a lot of popular artist?

>> No.6571146

You don't even have to do that just go to a community (art,games,anime,board games or whatever the fuck) and make constantly art for them, that's it

>> No.6571162

That’s what im kinda doing, but what happens when you want to get out of that bubble? Especially if that community is niche too?

>> No.6571182

Basically me but on instashit
How the fuck does this shit even work?

>> No.6571245
File: 56 KB, 750x750, 1679425376599.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Me but with
>Instagram shadowban
Literally over for me. I'm an unironic autist and I draw the same niche shit over and over again using the same tags. I get engagement, people like my stuff, etcetera. But in December boom, post doesn't show up in tags. I waited a week, tried again, but again it didn't work. Fast forward today and I'm still shadowbanned.

>> No.6571260

What happens when you spam the sametags on insta. You are seen as bots

>> No.6571287

First of all, your art needs to be pretty good.
Draw ecchi oriented pics, no men.
Have a pixiv and post your OCs and characters from other franchises there, in the description, link your twitter, people will follow you there.
As you post stuff offtopic to your original niche, expect to see people complaining and unfollowing, this is normal, however you're balancing it with your new followers who just want to see hot chicks
Also as someone who did this myself, when you open commissions, literally 80% of people will just want you to draw their OCs, or their friend's OC as a gift, so it was never about the niche but about the quality of your art and OCs.

>> No.6571329
File: 638 KB, 828x1283, 52C209DA-F11A-462C-B2D5-0724E4549F0D.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

> your art needs to be pretty good
Uh huh, agree with half the shit you said though.

>> No.6571334


>> No.6571336

>"just do coomanimetitsfotm lol"
Post your work.
Honestly hard to imagine who'd see this and go
except literal children.

>> No.6571340

It's not I have a choice. I draw the same characters over and over again, and the tags are always the same. Maybe my idea was retarded to begin with because IG is kinda shit but I found it way better than Twitter

>> No.6571352

You have to switch up the tags like use different ones on my insta so many times, sadly. The only thing insta has over twitter, is that you can use as many tags as you like without the algorithm fucking you over.

>> No.6571581

What's your like-to-follower conversion ratio? I have ~3000 likes across 10 posts but only 50 followers

>> No.6571597

You should have gotten 200 followers.

>> No.6571737

You have to get big enough to the point where people are actually interested in your art and not the character your drawing

>> No.6571763

>Too much of a poorfag to create his own bank
>Blames the system instead

>I get sense that a lot of people here are producer of art, but not consumer of it somehow
There does seem to be an air of "my shit is better than everyone else's", meanwhile their shit is still just sonic the hedgehog diaper porn.

Genuinely good advice, but the friendless losers of this site can't even conceive of being nice to others to get it in return.

>> No.6571823

wat... social media just happens to be a natural monopoly, most things aren't like that.

>> No.6571827

if you spot a retard on Twitter, it is always the amercian, god americans are so fucking braindead. Sorry, just here to vent, fuck americans, I hope they get a second 9/11. I hope they get into another civil war and kill each other.

>> No.6571851

Exactly. Because of social media's service, of course people are going to flock to the most popular one, thus naturally causing a monopoly.

One problem that gives his criticism SOME credence is that when teens move on to make the next cool upcoming site, it gets bought up by the conglomerate (eg Instagram).
The government probably should have stepped in before that happened.

>> No.6571863

you are Jace Wallace? I used to buy your gumroad shit
you disappear for a good while isn't it what happened? Anyway post your shit on related sub reddit to attract coomer bro Twitter only can do so much

>> No.6571893
File: 134 KB, 567x1000, inwaves_SD.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

yeah I had some mental health issues but I'm back now. It sucks because I gotta start from nothing again.

At least I have like 500 WIPs to finish.

>> No.6571950
File: 16 KB, 498x427, images-2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>be me
>Takes me 4 years to reach 330 followers
>not a single commission despite dirt cheap
>mutual on Twitter starts retweeting other artist.
>200 followers in a year
>Already taking commissions
>Same price.
I'm not that butthurt as op pic implies, I'm not like a NEET that only draws, but it does stings.

>> No.6571957

>doesn't know how social media algorithm works
this is why perfectionists always gets dunked on by people who are consistent posters in more ways than virality and improvements.

>> No.6571965

Even beyond algorithms the average scrooller wants accounts that provide consistent dopamine hits. There's some absolutely trash artists with 25k+ followers who clearly don't care about consistent quality, yet their fanbase doesn't seem to be bothered or notice braindead mistakes like backward hands, inconsistent limb length, broken necks, etc, just as long as they're getting some new completed drawing every few days they're apparently more than satisfied.
As much as it pains perfectionist artists, your average fan literally will not see or care about a lot of the things you obsess over. If your goal is engagement, always stop at good enough and post it then move on to the next thing. Not happy with how something turned out? Who cares, post it anyway.

>> No.6571973

Note that I'm not saying this is the "right" way or that you can't get a huge following with occasional high quality posts, just that if your goal is quick engagement and easy commission sales, don't be a perfectionist. I know some of my "worst" pieces that I was forced to finish at a "good enough" level because they were commissions have actually wound up being among my most popular.

>> No.6571976
File: 276 KB, 1200x969, 1662235198091238.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

it's just degen meme shitposters trying to push and drawfags will do it for shock/lulz value, I used to do that shit too, it can be fun, but do it because it's silly and you want to

>post art about/using popular tags
>8 views 12 hours later
Why do ngmi post shit like this, there are ~20k artfags and millions of ppl, millions more bots.
At least this anon's post makes more sense >>6571950

Just give up already, if you care that much about socials, whoring yourself by other means will be easier than drawing.

>> No.6571979

You're either misjudging your skills/appeal compared to the mutual, or you should analyse what the mutual does compared to yourself to see if it works for you.

Not that it's guaranteed to work, every piece of advice is caveated that it depends on luck unfortunately.

>> No.6571980

>Not happy with how something turned out? Who cares, post it anyway.
The very fact you had to write this out tells you it's stupid and you are innately against it.
You don't have to a perfectionist, but don't just post what you know to be drivel just for imaginary clicks.

>> No.6571989

Oh I certainly agree, I'm just saying what I've observed in terms of creating a popular and successful account. I've been pretty removed from the posting game for quite a while, but I look at enough artists who dabble in similar content and styles to see skilled artists who post once in a blue moon get far, far outdone in terms of account popularity, fan response, and commission sales by mediocre artists who consistently pump out works which run the gamut from decent to borderline garbage.

>> No.6571992

I suppose so, running up the social media ladder is skill of its own, entirely separate from being an artist.

>> No.6572011

>Why do ngmi post shit like this, there are ~20k artfags and millions of ppl, millions more bots.
see >>6566878
He's not complaining that he hasn't gotten much engagement, he's complaining that the fucking algo screwed his post. It just straight up isn't showing the post to anybody, arbitrarily.

>> No.6572027

>it's just degen meme shitposters
Not sure if I approve of them making bestiality art of essentially actual people, but maybe I'm just a huge faggot.

>> No.6572031

could be that OP doing nsfw and they limit his reach greatly. Happen to everyone though
you can check shadowban tool and see my friend got like 20 follower and he got search suggestion ban

>> No.6572051

Mori is the character, it's fine, not the VA whoever the fat white broad is that voices her.
Every anime chara has a VA too, if you follow that line of thought.

>> No.6572075

yeah. as long as you are self-conscious about it, you should be fine. posting studies and progress is not a bad start. so with that in mind, you should be able to post at least 1 image every 3 days minimum.

>> No.6572798
File: 49 KB, 604x598, 35.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>draw fan art of a big artist's OCs hoping they'll notice it and maybe like or retweet it since they do that kind of thing often
>it kind of blows up a bit on the OCs tag, in the top ~15 most popular tweets related to the tag that day
>checking the artist's likes the day after to see if they liked my art
>liked all the ~14 other tweets on that tag that day except mine, even those with less engagement

>> No.6572835

>wahhhh wahhhhh people told me to fuck off after i offered critique!!! my feelings are hurt!!!
nobody cares retard, stay in your anonymous crab-box with no consequences. nobody wants to hear the advice of some shitter/nodraw on relevant social media platforms.

>> No.6573109

DO NOT use more than 1 or 2 tags nor put too much text on it

>> No.6573624

america is a cartel economy. worst side of capitalism and plutocracy. socialized 1%

>> No.6573666

how do you guys struggle so hard
i honestly draw garbage and it gets plenty.

do you forget to fucking follow people?

>> No.6573681

These shitters don’t interact or follow people. That’s why they get no traction.

>> No.6573689
File: 100 KB, 800x600, SDDFGR.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.6574313

you can check if your account has been automated shadowban by posting your work under a tag then go incognito mode and check the tag lated work

>> No.6574407

eh, how? i dont like to follow or see art on my twitter i like to look at videos, dramas, porn, fight vids instead of art. i follow like only 3 or four artists

>> No.6574679

>Post art about/using fairly popular, but very saturated tags at 12am on a Tuesday
>35 views, 7 likes in about 10 hours
Nice. That's better than my previous stuff. I am growing, lads.

>> No.6574687

or they don't post frequently/consistently

>> No.6574761

Post in somewhat niche communities. That’s where the traction comes into play, then draw the fotm. Also make sure to post at least 1 a day, like comments, and respond to each comment received.

>> No.6575042
File: 8 KB, 280x212, image.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Hey, fellow human here. How do I convince twitter I'm not a bot so they'll lift my search suggestion ban? When I post my human crafted art to share with my fellow humans, I sadly go unnoticed :(

>> No.6575109

being on social media (insta/twitter at the time) made me legitimately suicidal
I have no idea how anyone can endure this shit
especially if you don't draw porn, seeing that shit you worked body and soul for a week get 5 likes while some gross shitty sketch gets 3000 is fucking soul crushing, it makes you lose hope in everything

>> No.6575149

nsfw artist gonna get that eventually
you can check every big one there
you have to be actively seek out and post it on reddit or related fan art sub/server to look for people to retweet you

>> No.6575312
File: 53 KB, 329x492, 1344837106436.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Hey, fellow human here
Prove it.

>> No.6575319

>you worked body and soul for a week
Thats the mistake right there. Pour your entire being into your craft just like the masters? rookie trap, everytime.

>> No.6575326

not really, the mistake is throwing pearls onto swine. I'm still making things that come from the bottom of my heart, I just swore never to share my art again
I'm actually exhilarated that the world of human expression will be in the hands of AI pron proompters soon lol, my motto is fucking choke on it

>> No.6575336

Holy cope

>> No.6575338

Being extremely resentful is ruining my health. If I wanted to cope I'd have participated to this stupid rat race and found an excuse to think it's not so bad

>> No.6575357

>not really, the mistake is throwing pearls onto swine
Thats literally what art has always been through the ages
>I'm still making things that come from the bottom of my heart
Thats fine and all but the key to improve is just lifeless, mechanical repetition, anything else with heart/soul involved should be used merely as fuel for your motivation, to keep you going and practicing. In other words, every newbie mistake is spending an unnecesarily long period of time pouring blood and tears into a piece that will innevitably turn out to be shit because they are inexperienced. Instead said newbie could fuck around doodling penises and shit for 15 minutes and then moving on to the next thing, which over time will lead to vast amounts of improvements in comparison to the first case. In short, thinking that mastery comes from all the effort, time and pain gone through is wrong, mastery comes from spontaneity, just someone with a good mental gallery fucking around. Go build that mental gallery instead of trying to chase perfection.

>> No.6575410

dude what the fuck are you talking about, this looks like extreme projection on your part. making art that you feel within yourself and "grinding" shit are not mutually exclusive activities, if you look at the world with real interest and fascination you can put actual love into the shit that you can only fathom as mechanically grinding away loomis heads or something
seriosuly this is a problem wit a lot of people on this board, always has been, you just don't have any interest in beauty or the world you just wanna draw porn or work at blizzard

>> No.6575426

Stop misinterpreting shit, actually read.
>if you look at the world with real interest and fascination you can put actual love
Thats fuel for motivation, ot does not equal to art skills. You think your love for, say, an apple will make you better at drawing an apple? Dont be retarded, your love for this apple will motivate you to draw it, it wont make you better at it. What will make you better at it is practicing a shitload of apples you may or may not give a fuck about. Simple as that.

>> No.6577533
File: 2.68 MB, 6000x4153, maybe.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Nah man, there's something weird. This just happened.
>instagram account
>100+ posts
>~13 likes average
>Get a follow
>Look into new follower account
>3 posts
>~50 likes per post.
>account a week old
>Not a bot nor a scam, not promoting/selling anything.
>Hashtags are about the same.
The fuck am I actually doing wrong?

>You're either misjudging your skills/appeal compared to the mutual, or you should analyze what the mutual does compared to yourself to see if it works for you.
I don't think I found anything special about the way he posts, he also doesn't use hashtags.
I admit his drawings may have more sovl, just in case here's the comparison, the one in the upper center is the same character, I did a redraw because he asked for a "do it in your style".

>> No.6578867

his stuff has more recognizable face and expressions on his characters than the example you have posted of yours, but it feels more like he was able to leverage a larger audience elsewhere because the account is so new. like when people started out on a new platform he'll tell his followers on his old platform "hey, i recently started instagram and all of yall go follow me there UwU"

>> No.6578883
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Have you tried doing what this guy did? lol

>> No.6578973

maybe you’re using too many tags, anon. on twitter it’s best to use 3 tags max posts with lots of tags are usually mistaken for bot posts/reposts

>> No.6579514

posting porn on popular tag is an instant shadow ban mate

>> No.6579515

forgot link

>> No.6579586

>hopefully i will redeem
fucking kek

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