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post your industrial design art, fags.

Or can you only draw animu waifu porn garbage, like every other anime weeb retard?

Draw me some old phone or car, or some pipes or valves, faggot anime weeb.

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who the fuck cares about some old phone or car

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It's another anime weeb faggot who thinks the rest of the world cares for his porn adiction of anime waifu garbage.

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draw me this, then, anime waifu fag.

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not your personal request board cocksucker

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anime waifufag is afraid he can't draw anything but anime porn.

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>3d model tracers

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i draw mecha you cocksucking nigger. you'd maybe get some artists on your side if you weren't a raging schizoid. fuck off back to /agdg/ and stay there

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more anime shitters cope.

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aww is the widdle girl sad that nobody replied to her post in aggydaggy?
neck yourself any time

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does this retard think still life is industrial design?

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anime shitters can't draw anything that isn't a 3/4 anime girl face and her naked groin.

>> No.6566841

blender monkey won't even post work

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ok, anime shitter.

now post yours.


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>naked car in 3/4 view

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That car right on the bottom is so cute. Round, not overly, yet still so round! Very good picture too.

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>anime waifufag is afraid he can't draw anything but...ACK!

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murata is so based

>> No.6572563

why the lights have different sizes? did he get ptsd from getting the legs' size wrong once

>> No.6572564

its perspective

>> No.6572568

could be, still looks weird to me, i've seen better from him

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