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ITT: You post a picture that inspires you and what you like about it the most, I'll start

I love the figures in this picture, it's a very simple pose but it feels dynamic and flowy. I love how the legs are drawn, specially the calves. They give a nice sense of depth and perspective without necessarily worrying about the nitty-gritty of it

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She's cute.
She's plump.
She's smug.
And she knows it!

Oh and I like the vivid colors too.

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You can reverse search that image and find out but it should be obvious to everyone that it's Zankuro, his style is pretty unique

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Boku no pico

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she's thick
she's perfect
but the most important the shape design is so fucking good

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The tradition, rural and the land-made feeling
Mediterranean vibes
The nostalgia of everything that won't come back again

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Kentaro Miura's obsession with detailed hatching is so baffling
I don't think I'd have the guts (hehe) to hatch even just the cape

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You probably don't have the guts to do anything that isn't masturbating all day.

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I like you

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don't project

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Miura was a great artist.
I liked a lot of his monsters

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miura is great. most importantly, he has good taste. he draws masculine males, feminine females and grotesque monsters. one trick pony artists always mix or fuck them up

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>he draws masculine males
he's also capable of drawing androgynous males
he's really good at everything

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as most other takahiro pieces, the lighting is the high point
his stylization is also of very good taste as he found a way to implement modern traits like large eyes and less sugestive mouths into complex, realistic rendering
a master of porn art. his girls and compositions are pure sex

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That's really, really good
Would you mind posting more, please?

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I only have a few saved but here's his pixiv https://www.pixiv.net/en/users/5394075

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John Flaxman, The Defeat of the Persians
Flaxman was primarily a sculptor but he also drew these beautiful and highly regarded outline illustrations to Homer, Dante and Aeschylus. His drawings, in a style inspired by classical Greek vase paintings, served as the basis for engravings that appeared in printed editions. I really appreciate Flaxman's total mastery of anatomy, draftsmanship, and classical aesthetics, and his ability to convey form, action and even depth with pure line.

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>androgynous males

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is this digital or physical art?

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dude's actually a tradfag, can you believe it

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I think i've seen touhou fans make a bunch of actual oil paintings of 2hu characters.

the paintings were well done, but its kinda funny to choose that as a topic

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pixiv nuked
he's gone, do you know where can I find his stuff?

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> You post a picture that inspires you and what you like about it
I can't I will get banned

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Absolutely based. Miura truly was one of the greatest mangaka in my opinion. Literally fought to pursue his passion, to the bitter end. Gotta respect that.

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>I can't I will get banned
............why would you get banned?

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yeah his assistants are pretty good

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jannies sometimes don't like anons posting other people's work

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>extremely comfy
>i like how the figure stands out from the background by being less detailed
>the background is beautiful and very detailed
>remind me of a still of a movie

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awesome, thanks for sharing.

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>twitter/pixiv deleted
anon can you up his imgs ? PLSSS

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This picture is a master course on why silhouette is the most important thing in drawing.

Amazing shapes everywhere you look, if not for the weird colors on the muzzle, this would be perfect in its simplicity and elegance.

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there's nothing about this pic I don't love
This is my end goal in drawing

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great post.

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you know why

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grow up

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I love picrel by him

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Its sick. Its piss. Its insulting. Its revolting.

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I didn't like the way he draw the hips

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Man those feet are perfect

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Feet too big, wouldn't lick.

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only temporarily, because it's rather limited.

but fuck man, this guy uploads girls daily with amazing outfits. every fucking day.

dudes a monster and i love the outfits he designs.

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I like trad oil paintings. Even if they are poorly made, they rarely fail elicit an emotional response in me. Some CG paintings have this property too

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Yeah, without seeing the feet it's confusing which way she is turning. There is a line to suggest the back of the dress, but it's the silhouette that causes the hip to look like her butt.

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That painting reminds me of Aleksandr Rostov a little bit

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File: 3.23 MB, 1440x720, smеkbo - 12 done out of ??? These have been a lot of fun, and I'm still looking forward to doing more of 'em! [1620485516368936960].mp4.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I like the animation skills of this artist. Inspires me to git gud.
Even the most rudimentary art inspires me because I'm not that good at art

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>the scale of the figures
>the colors
>how silhouettes can manage to show a landscape
>the little details of the lights on
>the sky looks awesome
>storytelling in art if you look deep enough (destroyed city means post apocalypse, silouhettes arent menacing, showing they are acquainted, etc)

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any art that isn't mine is inspiring. i look at mine and notice too many mistakes and it feels too familiar to the point where its boring
other people's art on the other hand speaks personality to me, the personality of the artist who made it.

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heres some grown up for you

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not the same girl, im sadge

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top right body is perfection, my ideal

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i mean bottom right

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nuked, does he still post somewhere?

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As far as I know it was based on the Duomo di Amalfi; Cattedrale di Sant'Andrea
(Pic Related)

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How about a song?


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Watts' Hope. It's not technically perfect, but the subject, posing and rendering are fucking lovely to me

Thanks for the new rec and holy shit is the draftsmanship in the rest of his drawings just as good

>not his Alice
Come on, now

Nice scene to reference

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