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Day of the rope for the AIfags, your datasets WILL be corrupted.
Pick up a pencil next time.

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It was already game over

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This will only work if EVERY artist decides to use it ans take drastic measure to implement as many AI destroying layers into their work as possible.

This is unironically war and we must do anything to keep AI at the level of souless anime copy and photobashing until its too late
AI can already replicate "soulful" styles

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No copyright no future
Go diddle with your toys until you finally came to terms with the inevitable

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Pic you posted is still souless though, you ai shitter continue to have shit taste

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>A twitter post by Shamelessly AI Generated
>Shamelessly AI Generated
HAHA! I can't get how this guy could possibly complain about anything artists do to protect there work? Surely he knows how miserable he's making some people with a name like that, what a sensitive cunt!

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GPT-4 can write code and the poojeets on /g/ are going through the same cycle of copes that artists were 6 months ago.
>i-it still makes mistakes…
>i-it can only do the easy stuff it’ll never do the hard stuff…
>m-most of my time is spent understanding what the client wants anyway…

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Are you too low IQ to read a whole post and realize i'm on your side?
I hate retarded faggots like you but still. Glaze all your pictures from now on

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It never really began either

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To be fair to the retards, you can usually throw away the opinions of those posting AI images (like you were), because their posts are usually the same "genie out of the bottle" script shit.
But I generally agree with you. I imagine this stuff will be integrated into art programs soon-ish.

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At least you aren’t denying your shit taste

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how long until people engineer pictures that straight up corrupt whatever's trying to learn it? gonna be a blast to watch

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Does glaze ACTUALLY work or is it just artist snake oil cope??

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this unironically doesn't work, they used stolen code (kek)

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it's absolutely a cope

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on /g/ someone already figured out how to easily decompile their ""closed"" source garbage because the devs didn't know what they're doing lmao

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Does it even work though? Need examples

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why does all ai animu has this glazed eyes expressionless face?

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