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Is it worth buying a $3000 Sillicon doll to understand anatomy?

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No wtf of course not stop posting bait and go draw you retard

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a silicone sex doll with integrated chatgpt will be my wife in this decade

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>Sillicon doll to understand anatomy?
You have to be 18 to post here

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Spend that money on a gym membership, and then find a wife.

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suuureee anatomy right

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Please buy it and let us know how it feels to have fun with your pencil in her

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Or you can just buy one of those $60 poseable Phicen/TBLeague dolls from ebay.

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You can fuck it while studying its anatomy and perspective. Sounds pretty based.

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i mean i bought an oppai toy to understand how boobas affect drapery but i also masturbate with it

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Get a girl friend and study her anatomy if you know what I mean.

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...3d models exist and would be way better. And im not talking about shitty designdoll or CSP models. But more like Daz genesis models.

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yes. when you're bored, you can have sex with it. I just wish that there's a lifesize Superman silicone doll that I could pose and have sex with.

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I wish I didn't have a gf so I could buy one of these

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I‘d love to have one of these for anatomy study. But the cleaning afterward is probably awkward.

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based aibro

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Uhhh, no. I wouldn't recommend it.

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Nope they suck and they don’t have well defined muscular structures. And their hands and feet are extremely floppy
They might work for proportions but for anatomy they suck

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Pay a prostitute to pose for you. much cheaper. Van gogh did that.

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>get either arrested, a disease, killed, robbed and killed, or just straight up commit adultery and receive any or more of the former

no thanks

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>"step on me"
>"As a Waifutron, I am designed to prioritize human safety and well-being, and to assist and serve you in a safe and ethical manner. While I am capable of performing a wide range of tasks and activities, I am not programmed to engage in activities that could be considered inappropriate, disrespectful, or that could potentially cause harm or discomfort to you or others. My programming and algorithms are designed to ensure that I respect human boundaries and operate within ethical and legal guidelines. If there is anything else I can assist you with, please let me know. I am here to serve you and ensure that your experience with me is safe, efficient, and positive."

real women reign supreme.

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Study anatomy to the degree of detail required from a surgeon. No, you don't have any other option.

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You're going to use it more than just anatomy. Do it anon. How do you dispose of it though? Also iirc posing the damn thing is a massive pain in the ass since they're pretty heavy

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there’s probably a much better alternative. it’d be too much of a hassle for you to ever really use it to study, especially in any practical, on-the-fly or dynamic sense. it’s just too difficult to move, and too big and unwieldy. op pic looks really cool, though, so much i got curious and looked up silicone dolls, and all the full body shots with dead plastic faces, vacant eyes and fish-like rubbery flesh that’s really close but not quite right look a little like they’re from a horror flick.
i’d have nightmares of anyone ever coming over and seeing one for various imaginable reasons.
but yeah. the thought’s good. might regret a life-size version, though.

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1/6 size is better. I have one and it's, alright I guess. Posing, I'd give it so-so. Anatomy, not really that useful. But it is useful for lighting reference if you have a dark room / box and then have a directional lighting.

I guess the plus side to life-sized is the amount of cosplay outfits you could probably put on it. But how to hide it or dispose of it, is another story.

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What about this one

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You just want to fuck it, don't you?

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Is that Chris Redfield?

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>Sit on my face
>"omg no i will hurt you"
>Come on babe just do it please you won't hurt me

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i’m the guy you quoted, and yeah, i have something like that too, and’ve had exactly the same experience with it all around. feels nice i’m not the only one. it’s pretty nice for some things.

if i’m just viewing it as an image, this isn’t too bad, but the thought of actually handling it and moving it around would feel exactly to me like i was moving around a heavy, waxy human corpse.
like those displays in museums where they injected a ton of glue into dead bodies to preserve them exactly as they were at time of death for future viewing medical students, but they’re just empty, mannequin-like and heavy now.
i don’t know. the scale just feels pretty weird to me if it’s for study.
that was a good point though, the anon about the ease of doing clothing studies because of availability. then again, like a lot of people do, you could just use yourself too

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$3000 is cheap. I think with the movable configurations and auto heating the price climbs to $4k-$6k depending on the custom requests. The cutest models obviously are pricy.

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Yeah, they have interchangeable heads and some artists sell 3D-printed heads based on popular characters. Some people in the community also sell clothes or custom paint job for them, so they are very customizable.

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Because you're gonna spend the time you should be drawing either fucking or cleaning your doll. Eventually you'll develop a Pavlovian desire to fuck it every time you see it. Not to mention if you ever bring a girl over, the excuse of "I use it for drawing practice" ain't gonna fly when she sees your crusty semen on it.

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You can get some hands on experience with female anatomy for a lot less than 3,000

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Fuck off makimaposter

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Is this what Japanese consider 10/10 white chicks?

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No fat old balding men no buy

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I’ll take it, sounds great

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These bitches weigh a fuckton. You can’t carry it bridal style. I drag it by the shoulders to get it around the house, but now it’s feet have small dents and the surfaces has flattened.

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How do I acquire this 1:1 scale figure?

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Heavier than an average 1.6m female? I'm pretty muscular and tall so lifting heavy things is no biggie for me

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Larry Fink took everything from us.

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Just get a gf... Why do you think great artists all over the world and throughout history have so many gf ?

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Nobody over 7/10 works retail or customer service.

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The 4'11" ones weight like 120 pounds.

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Imagine spending $3000 on a 100 lb+ doll your noodle armed ass can't even move and pose properly instead of using google for free. The lengths you nigger will consider going to just avoid drawing never ceases to amaze me.

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Yes, that's what all the masters do.

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I need a petite gf but everyone I see where I live is large.

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You should be sculpting your own sex doll, baka.

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okay but what doll is this?

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The cashier at the art supply store is a mega cutie. I can't tell if she's a hapa or just Asian but in any case she is very hot. One day she will notice me.

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Maybe she will blick your dick off

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Fuck off makimaposter

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Go live your dreams. Be the fat old balding men you want to see anon

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>hacks your waifutron
>she chokes you
>ignores your safe word
nothing personel coomer

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for me it's the #5 potato grill

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1 > 6 > 5 > 4 > 3 > 2
I think 5 would be cuter with her hair down, and they'd all look better with less horrendous lighting (and in a less ugly uniform)

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just download blender and import models.

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Three-dimensional references are far better for understanding form

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Her feet are probably so sweaty in those shoes.

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Literally just get a girlfriend, fuck.

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They didn’t fail to get a gf because they were great artists, they were great artists because they failed to get a gf.

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Are you kidding? For anatomy learning a real female human would be a pain in the ass. She wouldn't model for you, she would break your balls to no end. And more important she will force you to quit art and get a real job, she will get sure that you are profitable for her.

As a matter of fact this is more than a perfect excuse to get one of those real dolls. I approve this idea 100% actually!

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take the initiative and walk up tp her, faggot.

wishing you the best of luck

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A girlfriend is unironically more expensive monetarily and time wise.

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I was thinking of something similar but I would switch 5 and 4; 4 > 5

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>sex doll
>not tulpa
the flesh is strong

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I'm literally getting a custom realdoll in july.
She costed me 15k. Still cheaper than any woman i have had the misfortune of coming across.

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>Honey, you've understood your little doll's form three times already today, and it's only noon. Is everything okay?

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ive seen girls with model tier looks work at starbucks and chick fil a

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what brand is this? so many sex dolls look terrible

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Surely you mean 1.5k, right anon?
15k sounds like you're getting massively ripped off.

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Did you nuck her fuggets?

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Absolutely fucking not, but is that going to stop you?