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Anyone got experience with softcore art? Gets attention? Artists making bank on it? I enjoy drawing nude pinups over fetish shit.

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I've been getting my grasp at softcore and pinups, it's proven to be a struggle since they often require some bit of storytelling and elaboration, but it pays off really nice as personal fulfillment.
As for the social media game, I've heard there's a noticeable niche for softcore and the like, and I can see how... it's mainly people taking advantage of this magical element of not being able to see X artist go full coom (magic that breaks once they actually go coom). I've tried to post some of my softcorn stuff and it pays relatively well, not the greatest thing in the world, but still. If you do enjoy it, give it a go, it's a really nice niche.
>I enjoy drawing nude pinups over fetish shit.
For once OP is actually based. Post your stuff, Im curious to see it.

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Idk how you’d make money selling art that looks like that at this point. You see how well it worked out for that Jab Comix guy

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>Idk how you’d make money selling art that looks like that at this point.

By being the guy that originated the style.

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I just more mean who is actually jerking off to that stuff, not necessarily who is paying for it. Like yeah I could jerk off to a Sears lingerie catalog too but I’m not 68. The nostalgia isn’t really there for me

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what do you mean? tons of money and completely independent on his own private platform? he has it better off than 99.9% of artists

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His stuff just gets pirated like crazy good for him if he’s got enough people paying him though. He rarely seems to do a comic unless he gives a shit about it anymore, he’s got so many other employees. He’s still the best artist there though

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Did Jab used to work for Disney? I remember that being the rumor many years back.

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His styles pretty convincing. He made a lot of money early on on the idea that millennials want to fuck classic Disney characters. He put in the work though

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>I've been in the Adult Comic Book industry for the past 15 years. Prior to that, I worked at Disney Feature Animation as an artist. I am the founder of JABCOMIX.COM
Well, apparently he himself claims as much.
I wonder who he is and what films he worked on.

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Softcore does much better than hardcore, contrary to the belief (and cope) of the insistent coomers that frequent this place. You can take your softcore stuff to a wider public, and you'll have more options for revenue beyond just trying to farm followers for a Patreon or hook commissions.

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Her head feels kinda big

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you just know that Timm has some absolutely foul shit in his unpublished work

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>who is actually jerking off to that stuff
I'm not that Anon, but who talked about jerking off?

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you just watch porn like you would watch non porn?
like patrick bateman, having porn in the background while doing chores?

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I read Bataille without jerking off, not sure what the difference is here

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Softcore and erotic art aren't made exclusively (or at sometimes all) for masturbation.
You can enjoy a piece or work without touching yourself. Especially when it is just nude pinups like OP said.

And even pure pornography can be used only to see how creative people are when it comes to sex.

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Oh like Tezuka, where the most degenerate stuff he made were just rat bum.

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I’ve been wondering if it’s coming from people who’ve caught on to the traps of the explicit material, but still aren’t going to be in lock step with certain Puritan beliefs. It’s on the edge of going the way of tobacco and moderation.
tldr; people just want it to be 2011 again as far as fanservice is concerned.

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It's not a mistake, Bruce Timm draws that way deliberately.

If anime/manga artists are allowed to deliberately change proportions of the head and other features without being criticized for it, Bruce Timm should be allowed the same freedom.

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>Who is actually jerking off to that stuff
>Like yeah I could jerk off to a Sears lingerie catalog too but I’m not 68
What on earth makes you think age has anything to do with arousal tastes? Im 22 and sexy poses + sexy clothing + sweet elaboration are enough to arouse me, in some instances even more than anything blatantly explicit.
Im sorry, did you just out yourself as being unable to jerk off if it's not some explicitely hardcore stuff? How is this not a bad sign of your brain being hurt by porn?

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When you put it like that, it sounds like the kind of scenario I personally went through. People get bored of the current level of spice like usual, but instead of falling for the slippery slope into more degenerate stuff, they become more critical about the whole piece and strive for the greater picture and not just the explicit, causing a -sort of- regression as a result, where appreciating the little details is more than enough.
Basically, people dont want to see bigger tits, they want to see tits being exposed in more clever ways.

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This is fantastic work.
What is this crapola? Eww

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I think theres always room for cartoon pinups and porn, its a niche market but it exists

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Softcore if you want a little money

Hardcore if you want more money

Hardcore branches into sub categories of increasingly harder niche.

General hardcore pays the most while branching to futa pays second best, going further down to furrys is a hit or miss depending on the character.

If it's strictly money, remember these are coomers. Absolute lowest beta males you can find with money, lots of it.

In a world of full on porn everywhere, you need to appeal to these vermin. So hardcore works better cause they are desensitized. Build off that. Find a balance of niche and money. Too far in and you will scare off the level 1 coomers for a smaller level 3

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I've bought Dean Yeagle books.
He style isn't really original, but it's a nice mishmash of styles I like.

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I love Doug's art work . Fuck DH for not reprinting his collected editions.