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>tfw ive been drawing for nearly a year and I havent even improved signigicantly.

Dont treat art like a gym or something to grind. I did it and reaped bad results. You have to love art, its not a skill you learn by following particular rules or systems. It involves creativity, specific problems and specific solutions. After all this time im only good at is doing fundies. Ive wasted a large amount of time and now my family thinks im a loser with no talent and should get a job and give up on my dream. Humiliating.

I could just view this as a learning moment and be better but after so much time I feel like I should just give up. Use me as a warning. Never be like me. Dont grind, please just dont.

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I disagree, I grinded and improved quickly

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>drawing for nearly a year
That's not a long time.

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post your work negroid

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it's long enough to see some decent improvement, unless you are retarded

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It depends on the person. OP even said he got better at fundamentals, which is obviously progress in and of itself. Some people take longer than others to see clear carryover, and/or they have yet to break down that mental barrier between "this is how I study, this is how I create."

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That's it! You get it!
But there's no reason to give up, anon. This realization is a blessing. Reignite your passion and draw. You'll find more fulfillment in the act when you're drawing and not just grinding away in endless drills.

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yeah most people here fail at applying the fundamentals they studied to their own personal work, that's a skill in its own right.

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Aint that true. I suspect thats why most schools worth their salt literally make you work on projects to apply all fundamentals, instead of studying for shit like you are prepping for an exam.

Projects with specific goals are always going to be the best way to make sure you learned the material, and give you a reason and meaning to study.

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I found to improve in a short time you need to lean into things that come naturally, like in animation you need to exaggerate things that come up in your style to stand out. Hope this helps OP.

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Even if you don't have a long-term project, it's at least a good idea to try to draw some idea that you want to draw during every drawing session. That way you can try to quickly apply what you've studied and help shed the mental distinction between studying and creating original pieces.

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When I try to practice and get better, my art looks like garbage, worse than when I draw for fun. So the idea of practicing doesn't work on me. I'm like the curious case of benjamin button, but instead of getting younger as time goes on, I get worse as I practice. The more hours I put into something, the worse I am.

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No, really. One year in art is a short time. Most average people had improvement jumps every 1-2 years and only if they try to branch out and try new things. Sometimes you could go 1-2 years without you yourself noticing much improvements and suddenly there's a spike in your quality.

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Don't give up, brother
Everyone moves at their own pace

pyw and recieve some crit

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>nearly a year
You are microwaving a frozen burrito that takes 10 minutes and you've only put it in for 20 seconds

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post your progress

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I dont know how to draw. I've drawn some nice things that people liked but I couldn't tell you how I did it. It was like I was in a trance and just got lucky with each line. Like fishing and you just happen to catch a huge fish. I have no technique, I just move my hand and ctrl Z until it looks alright.

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It depends on what someone means when they say the practice for x amount of years. Almost everyone I know who draws says they only started drawing seriously for 1-3 years or so but I knew they drew since childhood, even if casually it makes a big difference because they grew up doodling.

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I've been drawing for a year and I often feel like I've made zero progress, but I look back at the start and realise I have managed to learn a lot. Sure my art still looks shit, but I notice big leaps in understanding perspective, thinking in 3d, form, gesture, etc etc, as well as slowly discovering the styles and types of art I like the most and would want to pursue

I have days where I feel like I don't know anything, where I try to draw and nothing works. The following day I feel like I've discovered something, a broader understanding and that suddenly something just fits

/beg/ bros just have to realise that a year, even 5 years, is fucking nothing given the amount of shit we have to learn; sometimes you'll be focusing specifically on one thing for weeks only to try to implement it to discover another vital fundamental you have no experience with

Basically, faggots, stop complaining and just draw

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Congratulations OP. On behalf of this board, I hereby declare you a permitted residence of /ic/. You will now be able to purchase a resident within our crab gallery. You certificate of authenticity will be arriving soon. Until then, have a Loomis day.

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