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What are some nsfw artist that you feel are really high level? I notice I don't see many "great" nsfw artist they usually stop progressing after a certain point. Sabu and BIGBIG are really good even though I don't wank to their stuff

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can someone explain what's happening in the scene exactly?

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sabu has something called the sex arcade and basically just one big rape fantasy where he draws fictional characters being stuck in the sex arcade then publicly used

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Kim Jung Gi

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once you start getting too good its no longer sexy. Thats why porn artists stay in that semi cartoon range forever. Its weird but thats just how it is.

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hot but wouldn't 2b be able to literally flatten someone's dick with her robot ass?
likewise isn't poison ivy literally deadly to the touch?

also i mean what's the game here? like why is it an arcade if there's no game, just sex? Do you need to hit certain thrusts per minute or the game stops and you fail?
Wouldn't this be better as a restaurant type ticketing system?

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I shoulda feel aroused by this image but the only thing i am thinking is: damn, thats some nice shapes. Art killed nsfw for me

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thats kinda why I made the thread along with finding some neat nsfw art to study. I don't get why this is either though, I guess its because the art becomes very technical or maybe its just our perception is permanently fucked from learning the fundies like >>6489230 feels

I think you are putting too much thought into it bro. You come in bang a lady and move on however I do think sabu post detailed explanations on how the women are captured and nullified if they are too dangerous to fuck normally.

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Not a fan of the content but BIGBIG is talented

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Grotesque but on an unrelated note, I actually really dig how he brings the whole image to life with natural dialogue. Fuck that’s cool. Does he have anymore like this?

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majority of his work is like that, have a look

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It's great art, but it's just not very erotic.

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Photobash garbage
Yeah, no

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this, no force, no dynamic/interaction between the bodies, no expression, the render and technic is great, as nsfw is completely beg level

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Decent art wise but what's with all the weird shit? What happened to good old fashioned fuckin'?

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That's because cartoons have better flow and gesture

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cope cope cope cope cope cope cope cope cope cope cope cope cope cope cope cope cope cope

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it's all 3d models

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Absolutely Abubu

He is a horror artist who resorted to making porn because porn makes more views and money
His porn is underwhelming but every time he makes another horror, oh boy. Nigga is just hiding his powerlevel

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The 3d is a recent thing. You can see majority of his gallery is hand drawn and even then it still drawn.
Post his porn

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how many years is recent? it's been a very long time i've noticed

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I really like sabu, but prefer his older stuff before he went for this faded watercolor-looking style.

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he is such a fucking maniac, he rules

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The more fetishy you go the greater likelihood the top artists in that realm are going to be actually-good in their skills. Jebriodo draws hypermuscle art but is really high skill. Half the time he works on comic art for the big players who just don't give a fuck about his fetish portfolio online.

Part of porn art is that it allows a disconnect from reality. If you go into the uncanny valley or past it the person is not getting what they're there for.

If people wanted to look at irl humans they would go to pornhub.

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this guy worked for Riot

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ig it would be hard to tone down your style to reach the cartoony aesthetic but there are some artist who are really good at balancing. Lewdcactus/namespace std really good rendering but cartoony over exaggerated bodies
would riot hire a known porn artist?

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Oh, man.
You guys gotta hear about JM

He is a Chinese (you can guess where this is going) who makes very high quality but also very fucked up porn. Pedophilia, guro, body modification, etc.
The bastard made a series called Empire which involve detailed scenario of a world where women are literally consumables that are used for fucked up shit

In 2019, he got arrested by the CCP.
The government claim that he was arrested because of indecency.
But if you read his Empire series, you would find that the real and actual reason was the fact that he started drawing too many parallels with the draconian authority of China.

This include things like brain washing, deitifying their leaders, arresting people for organs, and even organizing protest rallies as honey pots to arrest dissenters.

Poor lad should have migrated to Taiwan before unleashing his protest

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>modern day Leyendeckers and Rockwells are producing soulless grotesque pornography
Bleak times

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How do you expect them to get paid? Even if they weren't they would be forced to draw concept art for some studio instead

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IP stealers are as bad as AIfags

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No one's stealing here

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yeah I see tons of oc characters in these


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It's called Fanart.

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>comparing these guys to Leyendecker and Rockwell
fucking kek

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its called intellectual property theft for profit.

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>He doesn't know

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bro, he was doing 3d since the start and he was never hiding it, according to him he moved away from 3d and uses it less now

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he overly relies on 3d for the actual drawing and the sterility of it really clashes with his rendering
even his old style is full of liquids and is very (content) messy, but the actual drawing is just extremely generic
the new one where he goes balls deep with colors and shapes just makes it even more at odds

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why substar and not patreon?

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Patreon dicks you over hard if you do anything slightly above tame pinups, and he wanted to do rape and shotas.

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because rape is his entire portfolio, and patroon doesn’t allow anything resembling rape (such as mind control)
did you think the entire western nsfw scene completely abandoning rape as soon as patron banned it was some strange coincidence?

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I don't see the problem with using 3d for drawing, of course there's the issue with muscles and lack of energy but this can be fixed with something like nicolaides potential gesture...

Its the feeling, no desire, no disgust, nothing, shame because the man is skillful.

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>fixing anything, ever
bro, come on
painting camo on tanks is the peak of his contribution to art methodology

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I didn't touch his book, I just know that exercise from animation drills to get any reference a little more life, you get all the proportions from 3D but by guessing what it will do next adds nice imperfections instead of just copying...

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This art is not appealing

Lot of technical knowledge but still...

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it’s very appealing, it’s just not very erotic, those are two different things, saying otherwise is pure cope

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Wish she would do more traditional than digital

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>le tought police

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That's not being a "thought police", that's being a bootlicker.

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sure boy, keep supporting big corpo in making fair use even more restrictive, it only took AI to brainwash dumb artists kek.

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Yao you think this is how 3d should be used it looks fine to me

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based CCP putting degenerate coomers in jail. I unironically wish we were doing that in the west

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everyone saying the art isn't erotic but aren't posting what is a good example of erotic art

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Yes, let's bring back the middle ages and religion.
What a fucking dumbass.

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Why is it their fault that we live in a sex crazed society where NSFW is your best shot at making it as an artist?

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This seems, like, definitionally false. If pornographic art is "better" then it's more arousing. That's just what the words mean.

I feel like some of the problem is that it's really hard to convincingly depict sex, so every good pornographer already has a ton of effort invested in highly specialized technique. That makes it harder for otherwise talented artists to pick it up and reduces the incentive for porn makers to improve on other things.

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Why do you care so much. Have you had sex before? It’s pretty good. Do you eat junk food? That’s like the pornography of sustenance. Do you listen to pop music? The pornography of music. Do you watch YouTube? The pornography of moving pictures. Do you use social media? The pornography of societal interactions.

Of course you are a vegan virgin who listens to classical music and reads Victorian era novels, but you come on 4chan out of charity for society to try to clean up the bowels of the internet with your anti porn justice.

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Did you read the post?
Those degenerate coomers are still alive and well. He got arrested because he made stuff that are too similar to the regime's oppression

Yeah, you unironically wish you cannot criticize the government.

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Lmao. Coomers deserve either the rope or forced rehabilitation until they fix their porn addiction. We now have whole generations who grew up with 24/7 access to hardcore pornography and we can see its detrimental effects everywhere with the normalization of trannies, Onlyfans whores, and furfags, many of whom start their degeneracy while still in their early teens. Coomerism is only slightly below Fascism and Communism in how much it rots a society from the inside out.

The idea this chink was rebelliously mocking the CCP with his art and not just being degen coomer artist #1,709,641 is the biggest fucking cope. Reminds me of this WatchPeopleDie post where some fag complains about child snuff vids getting taken away from the site is bad because watching them taught him to "better appreciate and love his kids" when he really just wants snuff CP to jerk off to. This yellow nigga is the same. "I'm actually depicting the CCP" is a mask for his passionate love for drawing guro. I honestly don't get why gurofags aren't honest about why they love gore. They're almost as bad as furfags and loli/shotacons in that regard.


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uh, huh

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>Reminds me of this WatchPeopleDie post where some fag complains about child snuff vids getting taken away from the site is bad because watching them taught him to "better appreciate and love his kids" when he really just wants snuff CP to jerk off to.
Your complaint is based on a conclusion that you jumped to on your own.

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anybody have any of sabus painted processes from his gumroad?

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this looks horrible. Like pixar porn.

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>would riot hire a known porn artist?
look up nesskain

>> No.6496885

Have you checked Kemono party?

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A super underrated artist is Radiohead. Probably because all he draws is freaky disgusting shit, but goddamn I've rarely seen lines and anatomies so beautiful.
I fucking adore his style, but the shit he draws really makes you nauseous. The duality of man

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I fapped to guro all day back when I was younger, but I've never once felt anything remotely sexual by watching irl violence. Always hated that shit.
I don't know if I'm a rare breed or something but I'm pretty sure the majority of people that gets off to sick mango shit actually don't enjoy actual brutality. That's like saying everyone that smokes weed is actually a crackhead in the making. Sometimes yes, but most of times not

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Don't bother trying to argue with that kind of people. It's all a 0 or a 1 in their head

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Looked him up but I don't see it man.
It's alright but not wow.

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that's the point he was making. we live in a world where your subject matter has to be as profane, debased, and stimulating as possible or else you're starving. the average human is total garbage

>> No.6497232

>Photobash garbage
Ive watched him stream several times, he doesnt photobash. Hes just retardedly good

>> No.6497290

yea they're all super outdated. far before he took this painted style :(

>> No.6497306

Based, you made a lot of coomers seethe, good job lad

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B-b-b-b-based as fuck! I wish leaders could just throw anyone they found icky in jail honestly, instead of having to deal with stupid laws. The world would be so much better. I FUCKING love the government.

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fucking alke, man. Wonder if he's going back to soulful sfw loli illustrations now that loli is banned off pixiv fanbox.

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Did they really banned loli in pixiv? That shit is a huge part of their content

>> No.6497495

I just checked my favorite loli artist. He is still alive and well so I guess that was all just a bluff
Loli is like a third of their entire server

>> No.6497497

no, retards. I said pixiv fanbox. He cant do nsfw versions anymore.

>> No.6497499

Yeah? My favorite lolicon artist he just uploaded a nsfw of Oniichan is done for.

Thus, it was all a bluff

Your artist is not making nsfw because he just don't want to

>> No.6497505

you are clearly ESL so i wont bother anymore

>> No.6497509

This is my favorite loli artist
What part of his fanbox is not nsfw loli

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LMAO how do people know he was arrested?
Yuzhou is his successor anyway he's less degenerate and doesn't have to worry about jail time for drawing lewd.

>> No.6497600

> less degenerate
Might as well drink onions and onions products because it is totally like milk

>> No.6497684

They exclusively banned photorealistic AI loli from fanbox. Cartoon and anime lolis are still around.

>> No.6497714

Imagine living in china or anywhere really and not using something to hide his ip when critiquing his government and using a random account

>> No.6498943

I went through some of his stuff. How the fuck do you even think about this shit?

>> No.6498947

From old hentai don't ask me how I know

>> No.6499106

He was warning against transhumanism probably.

>> No.6499158

Post links, i need it for research purposes

>> No.6499167

Did they ban any drawing of children ever? Why the fuck would you do that?

>> No.6499273

Just go to sad panda artist:jm
Everything was already translated

>> No.6499635

VPNs are illegal in China
You cannot even make a social account without presenting actual ID.
Shit's fucked

>> No.6499807

A lot of genuinely talented artists stop at just making the art extremely sexy, but people making actual porn will often stagnate, probably because it's easier to get a following that way, but you can't use porn in a portfolio, obviously.

Also, women for some reason draw really high level porn. Like, amazing anatomy and poses. Maybe the difference is that women aren't entirely cumbrained and focus on more factors than just release.

>> No.6499825

You and I know that most, if not all artists really aren't cumbrained.
Can't study anatomy if you are horny at nudes

>high level
The yaoi proportions say otherwise

>> No.6499898

Have you heard of our lord tor with bridges?

>> No.6500237

>people making actual porn will often stagnate
this is the worst part about porn artist, it makes me sad but some dude improve greatly over time

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File: 590 KB, 1060x1500, __eva_original_drawn_by_nat_the_lich__d25d45578bfef3d49253e6d516cd16da.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

its a small as fuck percent
i can only think of NatTheLich

>> No.6502472

i think its because women understand better women anatomy, atleast starting
i remember on class how a friend of mine struggled drawing men bodies but her female bodies where hot
and i could make comic muscle dudes but my girls looked deformed
whe helped each other and got better

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>>modern day Leyendeckers and Rockwells are producing soulless grotesque pornography
>Bleak times
I think about this a lot.But the answer is always what >>6490471 said...
Artists have always followed the money in order to get paid enough that they would be able to keep making art.
In our time period, Satan is at the wheel, so it's natural that artists resort to drawing coom in order to keep drawing.
For the longest time, artists could only paint biblical scene, because the Church was the only institution commissioning artists.

>> No.6504618

>Why is it their fault that we live in a sex crazed society where NSFW is your best shot at making it as an artist?
not him but the art made during a period is always telling of the period. In other words, Art only reacts to the world.

People are spiritually empty and want to coom and consoom. We as artists just need to make a buck. Simple.

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File: 1.98 MB, 1440x840, imagem_2023-02-04_004505554.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I think lil boots is great and moggs a lot of the overrated coomers like calm and sabu. But I guess that my taste.

>> No.6504741

I don't object to erotic art in principle. In practice, though, most porn is disgusting, degenerate shit. An artist has the skills to bring any fantasy to life, and this is what he wants to see, a rotting mummy cooming on Lara Croft? Is this supposed to be arousing? Same for the other shit in this thread, and filling porn sites.

>> No.6505097

Rape is hot and no longer allowed in kiked 3dpd porn.

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File: 2.19 MB, 1308x954, imagem_2023-02-04_124240340.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Sure most porn art is disgusting, but there are genuinely good illustrations being made. If you don't think a hot explorer in Egypt get's trapped and attacked by mummies is interesting ,funny or amusing in the slightest i don't know what to tell you,maybe you are just dull and should go look at what Dave Rapoza is doing with almost $8K a month from patreon...
picrel is literally popcorn for redditors
>omg le 80's inspired nostalgic splashart, so much detail!!! zomg
where's the story telling? where's the depth?
I actually don't have anything against Rapoza, just serves as an example of someone who simply isn't on a high moral ground compared to your average coomer just because he does SFW. It's popcorn.

>> No.6505485

and lara croft porn is popcorn with cum

>> No.6505492

Stay mad degenerate. Watch less porn and you will make it one day

>> No.6505493

>Dat robot arm
After working with actual industrial 6-axis manipulator that robot arm looks like a complete joke and wouldnt ever work kek

>> No.6505806

this type of nerd redittor comments are so amusing,simply because 1. no one gives a shit about how accurate the robot arm is as long as it looks cool(because it's art entertainment) and 2. while you wage slaving working with industrial robots Sabu was getting paid to draw superherous getting fucked and perfecting his craft. You are here crabbing.

>> No.6505814

it's not a nerd reddit comment, it's a good one. artists should be observing the world around them and learning about everything they can. observation isn't crabbing

>> No.6505816

You nailed it, Sabu. Dude really stepped up in the last couple years.
He's smart enough to use 3D tools too instead of getting stuck up about it.

>> No.6505836

Paolo Eleuteri Serpieri
An old pervert with good taste in women.

>> No.6505850

nah, boomer bimbo women with fake tits are cringe

>> No.6505902

Isnt it WEIRD though how this chinese artist only draws WHITE WOMEN in these predicaments? Isnt that just a lil bit STRANGE?

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File: 44 KB, 375x500, 8E9E3CB2-B704-454F-88BD-EFC0DA0B64B8.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Not that annon, but that’s a fair conclusion to jump to

>> No.6507105

not him, it’s peak reddit
>look at me, I’m so knowledgeable about trivia that is both evident to everyone and utterly irrelevant in the context, but I saw this and will now latch on to it to get validation via epic updoots
literally the same as entry level nerd faggotry like “ackshooallie that is a mag, not a clip” or “ummmmmm sweatie flails weren’t actually commonly used in warfare except as polearms, and btw polearms are the best weapons because hurrrrrr”

>> No.6507109

I've watched him stream, he does. With a lot of paint overs.

>> No.6507250

absolutely obsessed with reddit
everything is reddit
literally couldn't stop dreaming of reddit

>> No.6507258

just go back, zoomer

>> No.6507283

And the redditor reveals itself!

>> No.6507286

absolutely obsessed with reddit
everything is reddit
literally couldn't stop dreaming of reddit

>> No.6507465

>tfw relativly obscure fetish so i have to masturbate to mediocre and outright bad deviantart porn

>> No.6507477

well go ahead, you can't just say that then not deliver

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File: 55 KB, 568x772, 1668277608553745.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>and this is what he wants to see, a rotting mummy cooming on Lara Croft? Is this supposed to be arousing?
As a woman with a monster fetish, god I wish that were me.

>> No.6507537

Hey i have this at work

>> No.6507809

It's important depending on what you're drawing. If you're drawing a comic or making a game sometimes your designs do need to be somewhat realistic for them to be functional.

>> No.6507884

Looks like drawn over AI.

>> No.6507886

this was passable professional art only a few years ago, take me back

>> No.6507887

My commissions are open, which monster you want?

>> No.6507913

interesting point. coomer art is inherently narrative in a way. your picrel isn't. that sort of art, I wonder why it even exists except as maybe a book cover or box art of some kind. what are his patreon subscribers paying for? are they using the art or does he do instructional material, too? unless they're printing it out to frame or something I don't know why I'd subscribe for something like that.

>> No.6507915

Hot skeleton

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File: 8 KB, 300x222, 1659140398635100.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I agree, redditors are completely insufferable. I hate the way they preface every post with "As a . .. "

>> No.6508180

>I wonder why it even exists
It's key art. Literally advertisement.

>> No.6508241

I gotchu, post a pic of someone that looks like you so I can do it

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