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Tried doing a lewd version of a previous drawing I did.
Not really the content I usually make but trying to step out of the box and try new things
Any crit would be greatly appreciated

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This was previous version

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I mean your anatomy is shit, but I suspect you are drawing something so weird looking partially so you can sidestep that issue and say it's supposed to be like that.

Your coloring and rendering are sloppy, not enough contrast on shadows and the lighting is not following the shape. First pic example, the left leg is in full frontal light yet the right leg is partially shaded. The knees are both facing forward, so the light should be hitting both from the same or close enough angle.

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I see what you mean, will go back and adjust as best I can.
Can’t do much else besides practice more and more.

Thanks for the post

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Like most will tell you, it's best to get a grasp on the fundamentals before you try to break out and do wacky shit.

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Agree, I’m no trying to forge them at all but sometimes it’s fun to break up the monotony of it and work on something your more interested and captivated by

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I like how she disemboweled herself

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Haha gross
Not following?

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lurk more before posting

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Is this an AI thing?
Like your implying it’s AI?

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I'm not the one who said prompt. but yes, the other anon was meaning that

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Nta but the character is this.

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oh no you're back

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