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Im rusty to digital art i havent done it regularly in a few years. i downloaded gimp and it fucking suuuuucks it keeps glitching settings reset over and over stuff doesnt seem intuitive or well designed. am i stupid or is that just what its like?

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I'm assuming you're using Windows. Not an insult, FOSS stuff just tends to be quirky on Windows. You're not delusional.
I use GIMP myself, but it's on Linux so it works flawlessly. Same with MyPaint.

Krita tends to work the best on Windows, so give that a shot.

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it's just what it's like, gimp has never been good.

even paint.net is better

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damn ...

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i am using windows lol

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open source software tend to be like that. use Krita intead. I heard a lot of good things about it. it's free.

OR you can go pirate and learn genp. there's a sub on leddit that teaches you how to do it. You can take risk with torrents but keep in mind the majority of warez hacker are russian. there's been a lot of cases where trusted crackers/hackers planted shit in their release.

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brainlet gimp is for image processing krita is for digital painting

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This. GIMP features a lot of "it won't do a thing unless you tell it to" but it's so powerful in that realm that Krita is designed to work in tandem with it, rather than the K-devs burning resources working on features GIMP already does. There's no scan feature in Krita - you're expected to use GIMP for that.

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It's open source, just do some coding and make it remember your settings. You do know free shit means you're paying with either your time or your private info nowadays, right?

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