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I feel other races cannot see the beauty around them. In this aspect I feel Italians are the superior artists. Other people cannot see the romance and music in a landscape or the sultry smoothness of a woman. Let alone paint it onto a canvas.

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Shut up Brian you’re a faggot

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idk man gabe is italian and those jeans aren't doing him much good

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italians have not been the best at painting since the renaissance. by 1600s they were already getting mogged by other nations. by 1700s italian painters were just portrait monkeys for rich britishers as the britishers go around impregnating terrone for a few soldi. by 1800s nobodies

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Italians got mogged by other nations as time went on, but no nation ever mogged what they did in the Renaissance.

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What about Russians? I Russian art, literature, and music is quite good.

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Is it because they stay indoors and draw all day?
I follow a lot of Russian artiest and their art is usually amazing.

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I think it’s because of the social culture there, much like how in northeast Asian everyone is expected to overachieve.

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Haven't been relevant since baroque. The French are a less lazy and more grounded version of Italians.

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You're thinking of THE FRENCH.

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Dali makes similar point but for Spanish (obviously).

As for Russians he says their art is too "purple" because of all the snow.

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russian art is pretty weak. people here just have a boner for it because they are salty about modernism having more of an effect in the west. that's it. russian adaptation of classicism in architecture even before socialism was lacking in any understanding of the driving ideas of classicism. the more contemporary revival of classicism in russia after socialism is the same taste as you'd expect from once impoverished people who are suddenly thrust into wealth. tacky. and the same goes for their paintings.

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Germans actually. Best classical musicians and artists.

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>classical musicians
I'm sorry, but as much as I like my kraut und weiners, that has to go to the Russians

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I hate racey faggots like you, it's mostly your kind that can't draw well.

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yeah, they rested on their laurels and thought being italian is enough to be a good artist, like OP.

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I specially like italian comics.

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It's because they don't sob and cry about petty shit in Russia wasting their time more with anxiety and depression than drawing. Same with Asian countries. They don't have the snowflake mentality.

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lmfao as if
there's nothing about slavic culture that promotes getting into art

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Pic related exists, so not really

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also while we're on the topic of slavic culture, lol, lmao
being depressed in russia is to be expected, they even have their own word for being down and wistful for no particular reason - тocкa. if you don't see how that reflects in their art then you're retarded

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Being depressed and crying about your depression all the time are both different things.

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>Italian is a race

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Italian isn't a race though.

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They eat a lot of foods with healthy fat (cheese, olive oil) and drink wine instead of beer. Lots of fancy meats too.

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This is my perspective as an Italian who is bad at drawing. There are people here who will groom their children to become artists/musicians/whatever, obviously it happens everywhere but I think it's more prevalent here, and especially among people of a lower wealth class compared to, say, US, where it's more of a rich people thing.

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you americans are so fucking obsessed by whatever 20-something snowflakes the internet feeds you that you become just as annoying as them. people give up and let their mental illnesses control their lives everywhere and said mentality has nothing to do with drawing art because 99% of the population aren't drawing drawing begin with

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I am not American faggot retard.

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lol yeah right dude.
>russian painting
they never stopped. you can have a stack of 500 paintings and you can pick out the one russian academic trained picture easily by the sheer design of the thing. Putinboos are annoying but you are equally retarded

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fuck the french

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Hm interesting thank you I admit I am not very educated on art in Russia compared to others.

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Neither is American, French, German, Spaniard, Russian.
Race is used casually for that matter as in pointing out a set of people.

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>Race is used casually for that matter as in pointing out a set of people.
Wouldn't that be ethnicity? (Genuine question.)

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Yes, that would be.
>inb4 why did OP write it as such
Because OP is always a fag

But you can use both casually. Saying race is just faster.

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Okay, thanks. Race is associated with bad stuff in my first language and definitely can't be used casually. It's interesting to know that.

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Russians? Please list some. As for German Composers:


As for art:


my personal favorites. they were amazing.

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Nta but here:




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You unironically like Aivazovsky? He was basically the nautical Thomas Kinkade dude

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Anime is the new Renaissance.

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Can’t spell RenAIssance without AI

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His only fault was he couldn't evolve his style as he got old, but his early paintings were more varied in composition, themes, and colors. I dont know how u can equate those two together. Kinkade's work has no depth whatsoever.

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It's worth noting that the ancient Greeks were admired and emulated by those Italian Renaissance masters and many artists of later centuries maintained that Greek art was the height of artistic perfection and the standard of good taste. I don't think artistic greatness belongs exclusively to any race or ethnicity, but Italians have certainly made outsized contributions to the arts.
Michelangelo's paintings and sculptures awed me when I was only a child, my first memory of being stopped in my tracks by art. Leonardo's drawings are amazingly beautiful. Art gained greater realism in subsequent eras but at the cost of its poetic qualities.
During the twentieth century, when most of art had gone full retard with modernism, there were some great ethnically Italian artists in the USA, such as Frank Frazetta and John Buscema. Frazetta is arguably the best and most influential figurative artist of the last century. His work, in oils, watercolor, graphite, and pen/brush and ink, is admired not just by the public but by other artists.

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unless you mean in the sense that he really only cared about a very narrow range of subjects, I don’t think I follow

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Everything here is a cookie cutter technique he uses in all his art. Very predictable. Basically photobashing but with his own memory. Bad art, sorry anon.

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i need to quit this site for real.

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not bad, 7/10

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they never stopped making bad art. russian academy is overrated. it's the favorite of disgruntled western students and concept artists who have fake appreciation for tradition and "classical art" but their definition of classical art is so loose that it means next to nothing.

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Why is the Galata Tower on the shore when it's on top of the hill?

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>Frazetta is arguably the best and most influential figurative artist of the last century.
Wtf am i reading

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you whine just like one

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Who, then?

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lol you sound like the guy i argued with a couple months ago who absolutely refused to define what he meant by "classical"

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Are you German?

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