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If one wants to get decent (hireable level) in 2 years, what kind of routine does he have to adopt? Figure drawing every day, what else?

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>(hireable level

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Isn't FZD open again since it's January

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Finch guide.

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This is gonna be another thread with no actual answers...

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If one wants to get decent (Leyendecker level) in 2 weeks, what kind of routine does he have to adopt? shit posting every day, what else?

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just draw

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read my post, which is right above yours

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A.I. can make you god tier in like 2 seconds

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I'll give you 2 hours to make something as good as OP pic

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Does anyone have resources on how Ruan make those textures?

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I don't think it's a good answer. The OP hasn't said much, so i'm gonna assume he is a complete beginner, and at his question of what kind of routine he needs to do in order to learn all what he needs, you just say to follow the Finch's guide. At least you tried, many would just say ngmi, AI or just draw

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figure drawing
form in perspective studies
color studies
value studies
material studies

you can add other stuff later when you're good at above

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why doesn't this image get sent more often?

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because it works and I don't want more competition

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Replace step 2 with Bridgman and Morpho. Heck, I’ll make that edit soon

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Is Anatomy really that important?

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cause it sucks, some random beg pulled it out of their ass

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Draw and paint something while trying to match the quality of work that inspires you for 6-10 hrs a day and you'll get p far. Much further than the fundie grind trap everyone seems to fall into, better to go back and revisit fundies when you already have been learning by doing for a few years and not as much info conveyed in books or lectures will fly over your head then too if you have adequate mileage already. GL

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I feel like going from step 1 to step 2 in that one is some draw the rest of the fucking owl shit. I'd probably recommend doing some basic figure drawing book before that to get some basics down THEN start learning and applying anatomy over it.

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Ya no joke, beginners should honestly ignore any in depth anatomy studying and just get the basic most bare minimum building block type anatomy down before even thinking of learning actual anatomy.
You can get by with very little anatomy knowledge no problem.

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based department??

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The time has been up for a few extra hours and still nothing.
Disappointing :(

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theres no hireability art is dead e veni fyou get hired you get treated like dirt and paid peanuts

try making trad art maybe

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This is like asking how to be horrible as an actor in 2 years. There is no simple roadmap to that sort of goal.
What route you should take and how long it will take you depends on your preexisting skills, knowledge, and experiences, along with your temperament and learning style. This isn't a question that can be answered one way.

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Hireable not horrible, not sure why autocorrect struggled with that so much.

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David Finch roadmap

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I’d place observation and breaking out of symbol drawing as the first priority i.e. betty edwards, negative space etc. type stuff. You need to be able to copy 2d shapes decentlly before you study form imo.

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I am going to join a school this year, if it works out then I'll let you know

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But most of the anime and manga masters are alive.

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>living masters are drawing anime

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Kill them then?

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