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bought a Cintiq 22HD. How to handle coming from a 13"

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try it out on ur waifu

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what a waste of money

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It’s not about the stretch, it’s about the depth. You are going to have to clear your entire bowels before putting in the 22. Where your 13 may have had beads for your anus to grip onto, the 22 is going to be completely smooth like a slippery sausage so it can wrap around your colon. You’ll need to keep finding it into your hungry asshole until your belly bulges. Give yourself an enema and fast the day before, and use lots of lube. Good luck anon, and take lots of pictures.

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Depends on your circumstances. While 13" can be restrictively small as a display, 22" can be very cumbersome to set up comfortably. You may need to invest in some way to prop up your tablet, such as an arm or platform, as well as your keyboard with a drawer or one of those cintweak tabs. The display quality difference can take a while to get used to as well as you may be working with notably richer colour and higher resolution.

woulda gone for somewhere around the 16" ballpark desu

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by practicing on it

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I stopped using my cintiq last week and returned to a screenless. My neck thanks me.

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>He uses screen tablets flat on the table

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I got it for $400 pretty cheap and works fine idk

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if that's true... well lucky you anon. hope that thing last a long time.

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You can keep toolbars on your screen now, you will prolly draw on 16 inch but keep the rest of the window toolbars very visible.

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