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How do you guys do your master studies? I really wanted to study some artists that i like, but don't know how

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Stare at the image until it soaks in. Then when you feel like you know every facet of the drawing, go draw some uwu anime tiddies

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I find an illustration by an artist I like or one of the great masters, spend a couple minutes studying its proportions and taking measurements, then try drawing it as accurate as possible from those observations + glancing at the image often, correcting as needed.

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u know u could always trace?

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I know that you can trace, but i heard that theres more than just tracing it.

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Hmm that should work,, probably. Thank you kind stranger
Observing the proportions seems like a bit slow, but i will try that too. I never got into proportions anyway so that'll force me to learn it.

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You don't need to go too crazy measuring, but it helps to find some landmarks, like the midpoint, or things that align, like maybe there's some elbow that's vertically aligned with a knee or something. It's nice to remember things like that so your result comes out more accurate.

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Ah i see, alright got it

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just try to copy it, do it enough, observe and copy their work enough and you'll pick things up

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