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What is soul?
Does this image have soul, for example?
ITT: post art that have soul

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it's raw intention

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tranny style

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soul=thing I like

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Putting something personal in your art is peak soul, especially if its something trivial like what brand of sweets you like. Suitable for children and disturbed teens and adults who enjoy distractions and escapism.

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Based chad anon

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All me btw

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Unironically no, it is a fujoshi style though

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i've been told my work has soul but i think it boils down the most to a relaxed, imprecise anatomical style, good compositional basics (lines of action, golden ratio, etc) and cheery color selection
only if you ask nicely

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pyw nigger faggot

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I am genuinely interested what's your work is, can you post it?

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So, /ic/, soul or not?

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fine but i'm not looking for critiques or criticism, i'm perfectly happy in my little /beg/ zone

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Looks like something I fantasized about back in middle school.
In the moment, it was such a good idea, and real effort and enthusiasm was exerted to bring the cringe to life.
It's like being a character in a B-movie; shit's complete bull and nonsensical, but in the moment, it's real and you act accordingly, and just as ridiculously.

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ftm trannys draw like that

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People called your art "soul" because it's bad. That's just how people compliment bad art.

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It's soul

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be careful anon.
this piece in particular is at the soul limit (and by that i mean it's about to be soulless).
it's still nice but don't lose the soul along the way.

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I've no idea myself. I think it's about exaggerated lines or not caring about what most artists would call 'mistakes' just to get your art done, in the end just wanting to express yourself. I've been told my art has soul by anons and friends but its just stiff doodles imo.

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i have been told my work has soul often and it's gotten to the point where i worry it's a thinly veiled insult, intentional or not. i know most don't mean it that way even, but the implication is that my art is no better than a child's, i fear... then again, i have seen some cool artwork by children. i dont know where i was going with this sorry

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Soul ?

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Soul is the attention to detail, the idea and artistic direction over fundies.

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I love howdies old art, it screams so much soul. One day I strive to have the same amount she does in her art

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Didn’t expect to see ranfren here, wonder what the creator is up to now

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Howdie is probably crying knowing her fanbase is full of schizos who want to rape her

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don't fucking care, i'm just having fun and sharing my work
>and thanks for the (you) kind stranger :3
i think sketchiness plays into it as well, alongside whatever you can think to quantify under the word "cute" because i get that about my art too
this touches on it as well, 90% of my stuff is loose sketching like picrel

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for me soul is: appeal x moderate-skill (or low effort) (or lo-fi medium)

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Pic unrelated?

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(/ ̄▽ ̄)づ(´・ω・`)

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((((((( ´・ω・)))

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2 examples of cursed and soul at the same time.

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(?・▽・)つ---=͟͟͞͞ =͟͟͞͞ ((((( ´・ω・))

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He's looking at ivorycest

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The fujoshi to tranny pipeline is too real...

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howdie is that you
sorry everyone's calling your art tranny fujo shit we all lovingly know you're only one of those things

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Soul vs souless

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This image could be soul without all the gay ass text

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I am become troon, the destroyer of soul

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It lost soul AND appeal

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Neither have soul

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this is my pencil drawing i think it has soul cuz i did it myself

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Soul is indeed an insult.

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childrens artwork is the stuff with the most soul in it ya doofus

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soul is never an insult.
If I thought your art is bad, then I would tell you your art is bad.
It soul is the only positive thing I can say about your art though, then there might be a problem.
Here's an example of soul within a professional creation

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i made this in 16 minutes

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Tkmiz is max soul when he's not busy drawing flandre loli porn

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>flandre loli porn

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Yep, it's soul.

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Oh, yeah. Now I remember.
Damn, shame that tk drew such trash back in the day.

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i fucking love this so much

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