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How can artists take advantage of the enormous ADHD-ridden audience on tiktok?

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Look up
"Let me do it for you"
It's an example of a trend you got to follow to get noticed on tiktok

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Have ADHS. It's relateble.

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I'm making comics. Why should I target an audience who lacks the attention span to read them?

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why would you willingly use a chinese app

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Anon, are you retarded? The demographics for comics and manga are young men between 16-25.

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Basically self advertisement. Post yourself drawing or flipping through a sketchbook, you dont even have to show your face. Its a way to get exposure for other sites, keep in mind its full of kids who wont pay.

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Do it so you can get a cringey following

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he says as he's wearing chinese made clothes, in a chinese made chair, typing on a chinese made keyboard while watching chinese cartoons. Meanwhile, chinese spies steals from his debit card and watches him through the camera.

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Why would they steal his debt card? He probably already willingly gave it to them.

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I hate anything new, especially the shitty hip-hop on most tiktoks. Can I play some old jazz from the 1920s over my drawing?

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You're right. Chinese take my money from gacha rolls. Damn, I was supporting the CCP all along.

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Universities are already banning this Chinese spyware & the US gub is likely to in the next few years. Is it worth building an audience on?

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I think its better to try and use youtube shorts or instagram reels. Its all the same shit.

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Yeah. More views if you make the drawing "creepy", since they love the combination of 20's-30's song with dark imagery.

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I know this sounds stupid, but I've always wanted to have a terrible fanbase.
I would abuse my power more than the Homestuck guy.

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Terrible fanbases are among the best.
Look at Pokemon. Groomed an entire generation of kids into largely terrible adults who rant about the franchise but can't stop spending money on it.
If you can do that with some tiktok teenagers, you'll be set for a while, if not for life.

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