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>It's too late for me to learn to draw. I'm too old...
No, you're just too lazy. Literally, anyone at any age can learn how to draw completely from scratch. Stop being a lazy coping faggot and start drawing.

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How old is he now? I started drawing at 26. I'm gonna make it.

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Retirement age.

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Is it because he also took the coompill?

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Nice. There's still hope for me

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his stuff is great but honestly I would hate myself having to draw coom shit

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if drawing retarded pinup anime girls is 'learning how to draw' then it's already over

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>like one of top artists
>still can't compete with specialist jobs, let alone top specialists
artbros... how can we afford our own Bugattis?

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When someone makes it big, always assume foul play.
Especially with shit like pin-ups of fotm.
Why would so many people pay for it if the content gets leaked and posted instantly anyway?
How come this guy was a literal nobody until he came out and made that much money?
How come he has been averaging 10k for years?

It's the same as sakimi-chan.
And i'm willing to bet if glowies do a sweep they'll find dirty money being washed.

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I can't draw because I'm not talented. Thank god for AI.

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who tf are you quoting

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Abraham lincoln

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>Why would so many people pay for it if the content gets leaked and posted instantly anyway?
You'd be surprised how many normies aren't aware of what's available for free. I paid a pateron for a couple months at a high tier to get the PSDs and process videos, before I realized online courses had them all.
A lot of the big ones also have parasocial shit going on, so it's similar to simps donating entire wages to ethots, they figure being "in" makes them close to the author.

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I take comfort in knowing despite how many times faggots here hate on anime girls, these faggots can’t even draw a box to save themselves from humiliation.

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What do you want me to elaborate on?
As far as content quality goes, it isn't the creme de la creme that an average coomer would pay a subscription for basically something he will get for free.
The only appeal of such works is the characters from the video games being portrayed erotically, not the erotic work itself, because if you would remove the videogame/anime character, the work would be mediocre at best.
And by that matter, why always fotm and never anything remotely original? Who are they even targeting? The average teenager who just discovered porn will have no money to waste for something he can't even legally pay for and get for free.
This poses the question; Aren't fotm coom pictures just a ploy to simulate interest, by targeting a weak demographic (teenagers) that will spam the internet with the pictures?
If you go on the social media profiles of both sakimi and csr, you see a lot of likes and retweets but few comments and actual organic engagement, which could heavily imply bot usage.
And of course, with all the high numbers and simulated activity combined, no one would doubt the earnings, thus enabling criminals to wash money unbothered and in the public eye.
Of course, anyone who would dare even metaphorically question anything will be called jealous and insane:
>"successful people would never cheat!!"
Sakimi could be very well a ccp plant to siphon western money into chinese govt bank accounts.
If you think this is already
>"schizo and insane"
you wouldn't want to know what world governments do daily and what their classified projects look like.
Yeah, that's the other explanation, but i find it too basic, since googling free shit should be the first thing someone does.
You might have a whale every 1k people, but the numbers just don't make sense.
idk if anyone remembers the twitch thing of last year, where a lot of streamers got outed as washing money for criminals.

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That's why it's vital to promote sites like kemono.party by posting links to artist's profile on it below their tweets and alike, so the normies gain some brain cells

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Might be, but what I meant with parasocial from having been in some of their discords, is that a lot of sad coomers have hopes of manipulating the artist, like even basic shit like being allowed to participate in their polls makes them feel almost as if they were telling them what to draw or getting a commission. They'll constantly jump into voice chat whenever the artist is there, start casually chatting, but very quickly pivoting to "hey have you ever thought of drawing x?" Again, it's like with e-thots, the world is full of retards who think giving their wage monthly for a few years is going to get them laid, or in this case either the artist drawing their waifu just the way they want it, or for /beg/s, either some secret formula to draw as well as they do, or retweets/clout to make it big as well.

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explain how criminals use them to wash money

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there’s some truth to this post. back in the days of deviantart, people were already botting their page views, creating fake accounts, and miscategorizing their artwork to take advantage of the algorithm.

a trend i noticed over the years is how bots are now normalized and it wouldn’t surprise me if someone invested in bots to inflate their value so someone with deeper pockets would invest in them. it’s how big tech companies and investors are like these days.

in the case of sakimichan, she was an OG and was always very popular due to how niche the semi realistic style was back in the day. she was also a consistent uploader and active in the community. many people like her over the years gave up on their art but sakimi persisted autistically.

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Started at 29

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And the Earth is flat. And global warming is fake. And getting vaccinated kills you faster than COVID19. And jet fuel can't melt steal beams.
You are way too intelligent for this world. You shouldn't have posted this, they are coming for you. The 5G chip is already in action. Sorry Anon.

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I know norms are stupid but they're not completely oblivious to not knowing they can get stuff for free. People just prefer to pay for the perks you can't get from ripping and or supporting the creator.

Those that are aware of pirating get filtered regardless due to needing to pay just to download files at faster speeds (3rd worlders) and their internet is probably terrible. And then there are the hoarders ( on /ic/) whom do nothing.

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coomers aren’t logical beings.
they pay so they can fap to early updates.

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Yes, but in such high numbers is kind of hard to make sense of.
I mean, that would be a new pathetic low for humanity as a whole if there are droves upon droves of such incredibly retarded people.
What you describe is beyond retardation of the utmost ignoble degree, it's almost physical brain rot, but you do have a valuable point since people have indeed become unfathomable dopamine junkies.
They are obviously in on it.
Google how money laundering works.
Glowies won't knock on your door.
>it wouldn’t surprise me if someone invested in bots to inflate their value so someone with deeper pockets would invest in them. it’s how big tech companies and investors are like these days.
Exactly. It's one of the oldest scam in the book where interest or hype is simulated to get third parties to spend money on whatever is being sold.
Yes, but anon, the choice matters in this case.
If one is a coomer who wants novel stuff, he wouldn't give money for bland, basic pin ups of fotm.
Such pictures wouldn't even get veteran spermomancer's blood to travel to his dick.

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You are a retard.
Everything you say is based purely on speculation and your own notions of what is good and conspiracy bullshit. Nothing you say will change the fact that CuteSexyRobutts is a better artist than you'll ever be and will make more money than you or any of the retards here.
If he was really that mediocre, you wouldn't see countless of CuteSexyRobutts clones on Twitter also shilling their own patreons to suprising amounts of success.
He might not be the best artist per se, but certainly knows how to make appealing art to the average consoomer degenerate. The only reason why're coming up with these reasons is that you cannot fathom the concept that someone has different tastes than you and is more skilled than you is making 6 figures a year. Only miserable losers with no success in their life make excuses and comments like this on why other people are so successful.

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I'm even older but I won't give up nevertheless.

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the yuffie picture is where things started to get better overall

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please explain

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Consider thats just his Patreon. Also, unlike any other jobs, art should give you enough free time to learn another skill to make profits of.

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>If one is a coomer who wants novel stuff, he wouldn't give money for bland, basic pin ups of fotm.
The reality shows the opposite is the case. All you have presented in counter is bland, nonsensical, speculation that makes you sound like someone with sour grapes.

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>based purely on speculation
I did not claim otherwise.
>u-u-u-u-ur just jealous!!!! STOP ASKING QUESTION AND JUST CONSUME!!
No. I want to follow the money. I might be right, or i might be wrong, ultimately i am just following a logic and trying to see it through.
>you wouldn't see csr clones
As far as my own observations go, most of the clones are considered the original, in this case csr, by the average consumer.
And in the case the average consumer knows that they are indeed not csr, why would they spend money on a worse knockoff than the original?
Even then, how do you even know they're not cheating? You must a criminal yourself, since i must be jealous and miserable, right?

We're just talking and shooting the shit here. No need to be such a faggot.
>the reality shows the opposite
Opposite of what?
Mind elaborating on that?

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If you arent cheating you arent trying, ese

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No, retard. That's how you get valuable sites taken down like Zlibrary. Creators and feds already know these types of sites exist, but they leave them alone precisely because most normies aren't aware/don't know how to access them. Also, normies won't stop being dumb just from you hand feeding them.

If they can't find the good stuff on their own through lurking forums and image boards, they don't deserve to eat at the "I get everything for free" table.

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They can't do shit about kemono.party as it's hosted in a shithole with no laws that'd allow for taking it down. What are they going to do, blackhole it? Trannies couldn't properly get rid of Kiwifarms despite the massive seethe, noone will care to do that to kemono.party

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Also on a side note they did it themselves too, they went and tagged random artists using their official twitter account just to make them mad

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Seething crabs.

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Whats the point now? Just get good at prompting. Sure you have to deal with a degree of randomness but it saves you 5 years of chasing a now obsolete skill.

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How is it an obsolete skill when he's making $10k?

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Bro, it just started. Give it a year and it will crumble down.

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So, according to you now it's not obsolete and will be obsolete in a year.

Not to mention that AI can't replace an artist, since you need an artist to connect to people in the first place.

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except csr used to be two chinks who got caught spamming the same half assed anime pieces but got away with it cause weebs are retarded

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I barely ever post shit because I never actually finish anything I want to post, and I still get more commission inquiries than I can handle. Somebody who regularly updates with good+ quality works over several years I could easily see raking in a decent amount without any foul play

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CSR has over 1 million followers on twitt.
You can assume maybe 50% are bots at most if you're being cynical, since there's a lot of shitty spam around twitter.
He has around 2k patrons.
2k/500k = 0.4% of his following is willing to pay him at all.
If that 1 million is more like 800k, the percentage is smaller: 0.25%

That translates to 2.5-4 people per 1,000 of his followers willing to pay him. This is pretty much in line with ANY artist.

Only 0.1%-0.5% of your following will be willing to pay you, depending on your niche and other factors.

PS: sakimichan makes WAY more than him because she has 3x his patrons, charges twice a month and her minimum is higher.

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Draw for fun
Prompt to coom

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He should draw braps sometime

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but coom = fun
draw for coom

prompting is for faster work cycles and mundate activities

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Just invest the excess

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Hello there crab-chan

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Prompting is 26 years old.
It hasn't improved at all at anything but the hardware you need to shit out crap composites.

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get good at linux, get a job as a sysadmin/devops engineer, go 100% remote, and then draw on the clock while making six figures for about 8 hours of actual work per week

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I am also a late starter. I started at the age of 29 and even went to art school after. The difficulties are mostly psychological in nature. I was already established in my field, made good money and was regarded as a high achiever in things that required a logic/math oriented mind. Starting out people chuckled at my trash art, they saw it in contrast to my wagie achievements and also even felt safe to shit talk me, because "I could take it right?".
Things got worse when I went to art school to try to become pro at some point. The school itself was great, and I didnt mind meeting younger people better than me, it was actually a blast. The bad part are family, partners, friends who actively discourage you "from throwing your life and talent away". This continues to this day, I am 36 now and a decent artist. Yes I don't earn nearly as much as I did, but I am happy and don't feel depressed anymore. Still get offers from people in STEM "to come work" with them. It's meant well, but I can't help but feel hurt by the fact that the people closest to me think what I am doing is kind of a joke and they are still waiting for me to "snap out of it" and get a real job.
Just be prepared to find new art friends and be humble again. You will go from high regarded normie to nobody overnight. You will most likely not get support from the people you think who would, even worse you will get discouragement throughout. This, paired with the fact that you will have low confidence at first (because you are bad and even young kids are better than you) makes it incredibly hard to make it. Good thing is, it's all in your head, it's a psychological challenge, the neuroplasticity crap is bullshit, I caught up to everyone quickly.

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Don’t fall for the overemployed meme and don’t draw on the clock unless it’s breaks or downtime. You just risk making mistakes and accuracy issues.

And most of all never let influencers on the internet get in your head or some random youtuber with a “you hate your 9 to 5” script selling you mentorship/coaching/courses/newsletters/discord funnels.

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>don’t draw on the clock unless it’s breaks or downtime
I'd agree if it wasn't pretty simple to just
>automate 99% of your job
>pump up your time estimates to how long it would take without the automation you wrote
>act like you're "too busy with critical issues" to attend meetings where they might give you more work

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Sounds more like memes to me. Client meetings are important and if you’re always flaking on them then I can’t see how that works in your favor, rep speaking.

>> No.6478818

>Sounds more like memes to me
yep, because tech is a meme, just a very well paying one. your rep within one company doesn't even matter when you just job hop every few years, and only select people that are cool and don't snitch as your references.

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I absolutely agree here, he shouldn't have a fun easy life. He can't just have it both while I am suffering, can he?

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Yeah brah I believe you. 6 figs and you just let the AI do all the work for yah while you draw the entire shift. Sounds like a dream. Be right back I’m gonna take out $200 per month for a tech degree and then take out a loan for codingdojo.

He’s meeming just like every kukucklefuck influencer.

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>Sounds more like memes to me. Client meetings are important and if you’re always flaking on them then I can’t see how that works in your favor, rep speaking.
It works in his favor because the tech industry is almost entirely a meme, and the point of getting a remote job in tech that is more geared towards maintenance of stuff than development is that you can have an easy, hardly-do-anything job that pays well so you can focus on what you actually want to do. The job is a meme, in 4chan parlance.

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Doesnt even draw full porn and yet makes it big, yet others who dont draw hentai barely make 100-200$, why?

>> No.6478859

He only posts his work and doesn't bitch on twitter or retweet anything.

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Sex sells, no matter how much people seethe over it or try to rationalize it that's just the way things are and he took advantage of that with his art appealing to a large enough majority of people that he can make that money.
>Normalfags are retards and don't know where to find free shit, and even if they did a lot of them would still pay because there's a general understanding that if NOBODY payed then why would they keep churning out art at the same pace when they could be doing something else?
>Draw good coom art, get pushed up by algorithm, get attention, simple as. Sometimes it's shilling, sometimes it's RNG, but you can absolutely tip the scales in your favor by drawing the right thing at the right time.
>"Name brand" in a sense, people see the artstyle and go "oh that's CSR" and people want to see more of his specific art, also once someone subs to something they'd need to go out of their way to cancel they usually just leave it be like a Netflix sub or something as long as it's not actively inconveniencing them and they still benefit from it, 5 bucks a month is literally nothing for people that have money to burn on things like art.

TL;DR, it's not a conspiracy, people have lizard brains and like softcore porn, don't be a crab

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What is with you NEETS wanting to draw in their late 20s but never put in the effort? Lmao, you guys can’t even get a job remotely kek.

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>guy realizes he hates his job/his nothing life
>"I know, I'll draw! That'll get me something!"
>learning to properly draw is actually difficult and requires sincere effort and learning
>either stagnate or give up and complain about actual artists being gifted while either doing nothing about it or swallowing the AI pill out of spite towards their own inability
many such cases

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It's too late to learn to draw because AI has made artists irrelevant

>> No.6478885

The irony is I have one of those “work anywhere from your laptop no phone” job that people on social media claim is fantasy.

>> No.6478891

I dont want to use the dozens of tricks and tools he uses. I dont want to trace. I dont want to rip off sakamichan. I don't want to photobash. I don't want to liquify. All I want to do is create alluring and intriguing lineart out of thin air with nothing but a black brush.

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Which classical painting tutorials?

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i babysit high pressure steam boilers on the night shift. shit rarely hits the fan so i just draw all night long.

>> No.6479032

>You will most likely not get support from the people you think who would, even worse you will get discouragement throughout

This hits home

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who said anything about being an "influencer"?
literally anyone that learns bash/python/ansible can pull the shit I'm talking about, usually the only people who really work hard in tech are the people who don't actually know what they're doing

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I thought it was suppose to be 2 more weeks, stop shifting the goalpost.

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I'm 31 and I only started drawing 1 year ago. Truth be told I haven't really achieved anything, I only have a boring shitty job with a somewhat decent salary but it's not that much(not to mention I'm really tired of it and my coworkers annoy me). I don't have a family, I don't really have any friends anymore so drawing is the only activity that I have left. Not sure if I can become a good artist but I will keep trying because it's the only thing that keeps me going, otherwise I will just drink myself to death.

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Wtf. What YouTube do I watch to get this good?

>> No.6479246


just drawing already puts you above the dettractors. They will say "why are you drawing like a child when you could be achieving more important things?" when THEY dont even have those things achieved and they've been working their entire lives. It makes people SEETHE when you do what you love and make even a little bit of money.

>> No.6479291

Or they might just believe that learning to draw as an adult takes too much time to hold a job/meet friends/pay your rent.
If you ask 100 non-artists how long it would take them to learn how to draw, more than half would earnestly answer "about ten, maybe fifteen".

>> No.6479294


Ten to fifteen years, that is.
And that's not out of malice - it's because they have no evidence to the contrary.

>> No.6479307

In that case, I'd like to know why even the most wanked guides refuse to teach what comes between the lines and the owl.
You can't get better until you learn what you're supposed/not supposed to do.

You can't improve your strong points nor work on your weaknesses until you know which are which.

It's like saying you're a pussy for needing screwdrivers with different heads, because a REAL MAN screws them in with his hands (and fucks up his hands for life).

>> No.6479308

>t. a clear case of an envious retard being an envious retard kek.

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Yes, i don't doubt the math, but this isn't a discussion about the actual specific money, but rather what is really behind it all.
>sex sells, stop seething it's not a conspiracy and stop asking questions or you're a crab
Calling me a seething crab won't make me one.
If i was a crab, i wouldn't even openly talk about this stuff here out of all places.
If i really wanted to make someone fail, i'd seed memes and start rumors in places where most gullible normies are, even going as far as falsifying information without giving anyone the possibility to argue against me or discussing anything.
I'd just call anyone names and buzzwords to imply their intentions, emotional state and to try and discredit them.

Let's say that whatever i said, turns out to be completely true and even worse than what i even tried talking about, what then?
Will i be right or will people pretend this discussion never existed?

I already answered to those other points you made, and you're not wrong or far from reality for that matter >>6478279
>"in such high numbers is kind of hard to make sense of."

Big companies cheat.
Celebrities cheat.
People kickstart their careers through dishonest means.
This should never be considered normal, because you create a place where dishonesty is rewarded and enabled by not talking about it.
Take it with art; if cheating is ok, what stops anyone to steal, trace, plagiarize if they can justify it up with high numbers?

It becomes even more suspect when even a casual discussion about the possibility of cheating is interjected and semi-censored to a point where it becomes impossible to say anything negative about anyone or anything.
This begs the question of what kind of people would have interest in something being discredited and not talked about.

I could very well just call anyone who doesn't agree with me, a cheating, tracing criminal who is mad about his crimes being openly talked about, but it would be extremely dishonest to do that.

>> No.6479313

The real earner, though, is making people think they can amount to the same if they only get the tools they need.
And when they've sunk 500+ dollars into drawing supplies, textbooks, courses and God knows what while still not getting better, they blame it on external factors while trying to solve the problem with more supplies.

>> No.6479317

Not gonna lie, I'm kind of jealous of youngsters because they have tons of free time.

>> No.6479322

That's one of the things that bugs me the most - that if I'd only kept on drawing as a kid I could have learnt enough to start practice on my own.
As it is, I'm working on it, but it really hurts when the most-recommended drawing guides on here buck me off five exercises in by going straight from tracing to constructing new parts from imagination, not least because both spend multiple paragraphs on telling you how amazed you'll be at your own progress after trying it just once and how stupid you'll feel for not realizing how fun and easy drawing was.

And meanwhile, you're sitting on the third hour and getting snowblind because you have not seen the faintest shade of improvement and in fact you've been getting worse without knowing why.

>> No.6479327

>The real earner, though, is making people think they can amount to the same if they only get the tools they need.
Yes, this is also a very dishonest tactic that should not be tolerated as business savvy.
Sure, trying to sell someone the magic formula to develop a skill does indeed sell, but just because people are stupid enough to believe it and buy it, it doesn't justify it.
This might be argued with something like;
>"Yeah, but i never said they would be able to execute the skill perfectly. It's their fault."
When in fact they are marketing it as a magic formula.

If anything, the product's only real value is that it exploits gullible people and can be assumed to be made for that purpose alone.

>> No.6479335

> I'd only kept on drawing as a kid
Same, bro, same. I used to doodle a lot as a kid, but at some point I stopped because I thought that I had no talent so there's no reason to even try(especially when your friends get complemented a lot with wow boy you're so talented and my drawings could only make someone laugh and say uhh anon you should stop). It's demoralising especially for a kid. At least now I don't give a flying fuck about talent and don't care what people might think about me. Too bad we can't turn back time, but I still can change the future. It's still tiresome because my job takes a lot of my time.

>> No.6479372

I think what really makes it hard for me is that I feel I've disappointed enough people in my life already, and that if I'm going to pick up something new I need to make sure I won't just fail/give up/run in circles yet again.

I got a tablet from my family for my birthday, and I can't stand the thought of throwing out their hopes and expectations for me for the umpteenth time.
I'm already feeling guilty enough for being in their lives - I want to show I'm willing to get better, and I'm terrified of being asked "where did the tablet go" in a month and having to lie through my teeth to not spite everything I was given.

>> No.6479374

He makes 100k+ a year by doing something fun and fulfilling though, you stemmonkey.

>> No.6479383

Most people who think living off their hobby will be as fun as doing it in their free time end up very disappointed.

>> No.6479384

sakimichan is absolutely loaded, like she literally pulls multiple millions annually when you add all her income together
and the funniest part is that she was a dime a dozen failing asian concept artist at a time when everyone got memed into it, she was doing chinese mobile game shit in a shared apartment when she started mogging 99% of canada

>> No.6479385

I would rather live off my hobby than some deadend and mundane wagie job.

>> No.6479392

I don't understand the STEM angle. Aren't you supposed to always constantly be learning or get left behind? It's not like art where you can maxx out your defense and leave all your other stats at 5 but still gain a following and commissions. And I'm pretty sure more money = more responsibility applies here, so there isn't a whole lot of free time for arting.

>> No.6479396

STEM monkies get paid well but they are constantly being over worked and consumed by the businesss they work for. It's not worth it when you consider it ruins your life in the end. Only Indians and other unfortunate people that were unlucky enough to born in a turd world shithole prefer those fields since they have no choice.

>> No.6479397

I am also a stemfag, aged 27 and I only recently started drawing, after years of dreaming of being able to draw and being too afraid to pick up pencil and just draw. Except I don't want to leave my field, the money are too good, I am senior software dev in a big IT company. I dream of creating vidya and got skills to code it and did a couple of test projects and soon I'll be able to do art as well.

>> No.6479400

Your choice.
At least a "mundane" "wagie" "dead-end" job doesn't require you to destroy everything you ever enjoyed.
I'd rather be able to get home and use my paycheck on my hobbies in peace.

>> No.6479401

Well, i am already well off with multiple real estates and some other businesses that generate passive income anyway. That is why i can afford to be idealistic thanks to my parents.

>> No.6479409

No capitalist is an idealist and no one loves you.

>> No.6479410

why not get a job you care about and draw on the side? it isn't like the only option is the shittiest job possible or art.

i work in early childhood development, the job is super fulfilling and engaging and it's okay that the pay is shitty as long as i can make a little extra doing something like art on the side.

follow ur heart anon

>> No.6479415


>> No.6479424

Yeah because getting good is all about talent. It's got nothing to do with dedication, persistence and workethics..
Thank god for these technerds who swooped in and farmed the whole internet for images so lazy nerds can make a profit while undermining millions of artists in the process.
You disagree? You think I'm a luddite? A gatekeeper? Fuck you and fuck your disingenuos arguments. Parasites.

>> No.6479442

>It becomes even more suspect when even a casual discussion about the possibility of cheating is interjected and semi-censored to a point where it becomes impossible to say anything negative about anyone or anything.
You've been posting this speculative drivel for how many hours already? Stop playing the victim and actually say something specific instead of this dumb hand-waving about "well some companies cheat, and celebrities cheat, so maybe like these artists cheat too".

>> No.6479444

If someone like me can get better anyone can.

>> No.6479459
File: 254 KB, 354x367, 1547074574519.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>say something that can be remotely specific
>say something that isn't specific and accusatory
What does it even matter to you what people talk about? What are you even trying to say?
If you don't enjoy the discussion, no one is pointing a gun to your head to take part in it, unless your intention is to just disrupt and derail the conversation.

>> No.6479509

I will tell from my expirience. I've been drawing since childhood. Didn't go in artscool or art classes. I drew cartoons, anime, some of my fantasies. My classmates thought that I was good at drawing, my parents also praised me. I thought I was good, when in reality I just drew like a child who loves to draw. In each class there are at least 1-2 such children. You know these guys, or maybe you were them.
With age, I began to draw less and less, by the age of 18-19 I drew maybe a couple of times a year.
But one time I needed to draw pictures for my text rpg, and god, I realized how shitty of this i was.
This caused me great pain, never in my life i hated and despised myself more.
So I took courses in academic drawing and painting. I was 27 at the time.
Now I'm 31 and I still continue my education. By no means do I claim that I am a good artist now, I am not even close, but I see my growth with each work.

So, in my opinion, drawing as a child gives only two good things:
1. Fine motor skills develop.
2. You go through the drawing phase for fun as a teenager.

The first catches up very quickly, in just a couple of lessons you will already be good friends with a pencil/stylus.

The second point is what breaks many adult beginners.

The realization that before you start drawing your fantasies, you have to go through the hard and boring part. And it may take years. Those who have been drawing since childhood already had their fun. They have drawn cute anime girls, robots, disney princesses and monsters.They understand that it will not get better. And they will have to suffer. And accept it more humbly.

All this, of course, does not apply to those who studied in art schools as children, and then continued their studies in art at a college or university. These guys are gods and we will never catch up with them.

>> No.6479541

I'm having trouble imagining how I'm expected to enjoy drawing boxes for two hours every day for seven years before I get to expect the slightest improvement.

>> No.6479574

>i’m improving
>in my experience
>no you see this is how it works
>well, I
>no work
you’re shit and you need to stop posting

>> No.6479717

Who are you quoting and what are you trying to say, you turbo autismo.

>> No.6479736

Another thread of no work. Another thread of talking instead of doing.

>> No.6479747

>I'm having trouble imagining how I'm expected to enjoy drawing boxes for two hours every day for seven years before I get to expect the slightest improvement.
Literally nobody does that and nobody expects you to do that.

>> No.6479767
File: 288 KB, 1000x563, traditional drawing.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I don't want to be stuck drawing pinups, is it true that once you only start drawing when an adult your brain loses its innocence and you can't draw anything other than coom. Am I doomed to always draw coom

>> No.6479775
File: 127 KB, 940x611, file.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

check out this octopus. pretty fuckin' cool, right?
no reason you can't draw the cool octopus

>> No.6480055
File: 121 KB, 1401x997, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>the moment AI took off
>the money curve went downhill, only
It's truly over artbros.

>> No.6480083

those juicy geometric curves, you have my attention anon

>> No.6480085

>this isn't a discussion about the actual specific money, but rather what is really behind it all.
The thing is when you examine the numbers, they line up quite well. That percentage scales down to most artists, albiet ones with broader-appeal like CSR end up on the high end.

>Take it with art; if cheating is ok, what stops anyone to steal, trace, plagiarize if they can justify it up with high numbers?
Anon the only "cheating" in art is fraud. You're decades late to this conversation. Tracing happens all the time. Richard prince had an exhibit almost 10 years ago made up of blown-up instagram screencaps he commented on and is the biggest envellope-pusher. Greg Land traces all the time. A lot of successful mangaka do too, as well as photobash for backgrounds. Entire good videogames are made out of purchased assets with 0 modification.

Art as a whole is about being an illusionist. For some reason perma/beg/s hate acknowledging this, I assume because their goals and motivations are based on naiive ideas. The more you learn about art and creativity in general the less "magical" it seems and the less impressive it is.

STEM is a shitload of work, but if you get enough skills and knowledge to be promoted into a position where you are responsible for designing, taking care of and/or maintaining some important thing you basically do fuckall most of the time. Or if you branch out into dealing with VC/angel investors to scam the FAANGs out of their money with your startups.
Most people are too lazy and don't try to get past grunt work though, because they got into whatever STEM field they're in to just make money and not because they have an enjoyment of the material.

A lot of people don't realize this is an option. In fact a lot of artists mistakenly think
>I'm an introvert, I should be an artist!
When that makes doing so really hard as "professional artist" requires a SHITTON of human interaction unlike plumbing, telecom tech, etc.

>> No.6480090
File: 335 KB, 1280x960, F612757B-0876-448B-8F0C-7E17843A14B1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This octopus brings back a lot of memories

>> No.6480092
File: 739 KB, 700x801, Words-are-your-energy-Use-wisely.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You don't have to suffer for art. Suffering happens because of perfectionism, usually. All you need are minimal expectations and to roll with the problems.

I feel like a lot of artists could do with taking a woodworking, welding or machining course. Bob Ross's "No mistakes, only happy accidents" is well known among artisans and craftsmen as phrases like "if you fuck up, just make it look intentional."
The idea of "Acceptable Tolerances" is also something many artists could learn from.

Additionally, if you say "art will be suffering" or "I will never catch up" or other stupid bullshit, well your brain goes "ok" and you won't. It's self-sabotage.

>> No.6480096


>> No.6480112

Acceptance will only lead to stagnation. Perfection is the only way to catch up.

>> No.6480125

Yes I've been tracking some artists and noticed the same trend. Still I'm gona give it my best.
It's sad tho. Yet very predictable. Hence why personally I've been upset about this for months now.. These nerds truly don't care or understand the implications of this shit. It will result in a stagnation of human artistic expression. Imagine all the artists who will opt out of being used by megacorporations by simply uploading their work.

I'm holding out on the lawsuit before I probably put my final nail in the coffin and let the consoomers nerds have their hollow victory.

>> No.6480128

Nothing is perfect, perfectionism is a mental trap that makes your mental state degrade. "Aim for the stars and land on the moon" is important to keep in mind.
There's also no "catching up." The people you see as competition can die, they can cease drawing, they can completely change their style for the worse out of personal or social reasons. And none of that is within your control.
Other people making art isn't a threat to you, they aren't winning in some kind of race.

Some people use pain to motivate their art, some people use anger. But when you lose motivation and sanity from self-flagellation, when your "suffering" is a detriment to your art, then it's time to rethink it.

>> No.6480131


>> No.6480133

get a load of this guy

>> No.6480140

I'm just a 3D fag of a tourist and the AI shit wont effect us much. Matter of fact we actually welcome it but I feel your pain artbro. The process of making AI art is incredible boring and it floods the internet with generic pin ups trained on your artworks without consent. I really hope that lawsuit will have an effect. If not delete Silicon Valley.

>> No.6480145

>human artistic expression
exept it irrelevant to human artistic expression. it affect only money making and this process is perpendicular to artistic expression.

>> No.6480147

No shit but we live in a capitalistic society. If he doesnt get money from art then he has to flip burgers which mean way less time, energy and "artistic expression".

>> No.6480167

Keep in mind there's a big economic downturn happening at the moment. It probably has more to do with that than AI.

>> No.6480301

>aim for stars and land on the moon
kek my highschool year book was full of that quote. Chasing perfectionism is what led to my improvement. Still water harbors no life and I intend to expunge all my life for art.

>> No.6480318

>August 2021
>the moment AI took off
You're looking at about a year before the modern anime porn picture shitters had any sort of relevancy.

>> No.6480341

The covid 19 gibs ran their course and the economy was/is nosediving, of course extras like patreon subs take a downward slope.

>> No.6480368
File: 268 KB, 750x1659, пример.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Okay, fair enough.

>> No.6480392

It's gonna get worse. 2023 is project to the one of the poorest economical year of modernity due to ongoing political tensions. There will probably be another war coming up as well but dont quote me on that.

>> No.6480404

His "art" sucks donkey dick. Trash for tasteless, horny retards.

>> No.6480413
File: 306 KB, 1535x1211, Fmyy1WiWYAApJzf.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i'll take a bunch of painterly coom over whatever art you probably claim is better

>> No.6480425

I heard Kim Jung Gi observed the references for 100 hours before he draw for 1 hours so good luck with that.

>> No.6480430

He watch some girl shit on the toilet for 100hrs?

>> No.6480436

Is this jealousy?
I'm not even into nsfw but I can spot sakamichan and csr stuff a mile away because it looks great compared to the sea of generic nsfw stuff out there that's indistinguishable from ai and they both have a distinct style

>> No.6480437

i used to be able to spot sakimi a mile away but it wasn't because it was good. now there's a ton of clones of her so it's hard to tell, in a way they've become indistinguishable when they're aping a certain style like hers

>> No.6480438

>not watching girls take massive, messy shits for hours on end

>> No.6480441

Probably in a day since he drew that in around 20 mins

>> No.6480501

Fuck the crabs, wagmi

>> No.6480544

I recommend people here to hop on /i/ every now and then and doodle some shit for the same reason.

>> No.6480547

why subject yourself to self-crabbing?

>> No.6480548
File: 30 KB, 600x450, b0c.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

what do you mean? doodling is fun

>> No.6480840
File: 405 KB, 1473x816, Leonard.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Young stemfag here, 23. As much as I love drawing in my downtime. I would never make a career out of it because not only is the money not that great (Most artists barring the top 1% make less than minimum wage). It feels inherently soulless. I would rather draw and share my niche drawings every now and then, than sell out, suffer major burnout trying to keep up with others, and drawing waifu/memes of the month. For a field that encourages creativity, it's biggest investments are in appealing to the lowest common denominator. If you're working for yourself and doing what you want you're a lucky SOB. But not everyone gets to do that. I'm just of the mindset that a hobby should never be a job unless you have full control on what you do in it.

>> No.6480862

>I would rather draw and share my niche drawings every now and then, than sell out, suffer major burnout trying to keep up with others, and drawing waifu/memes of the month. For a field that encourages creativity, it's biggest investments are in appealing to the lowest common denominator
Watch out, you're gonna attract the ire of mentally ill pornfags by doing your own thing.

>> No.6480872

You’re a stemfag, so what’s the difference anyway?

>> No.6480920

Amazing work, keep at it anon

>> No.6480954

Why do so many stemfags want to do art? Is their field of study really soulless

>> No.6480969

Fine art market is all money laundering so I don't see why the online digital art market would be any different

>> No.6480991

Stemfag here, feels great to do my own art I can focus in whatever I want without money concerns. I may progress slower but at least I don't have to steal IP to make my living unlike artfags and AIfags.

>> No.6481001
File: 13 KB, 172x211, Poor Tom.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'd only recieve that from dregs on /trash/
Difference is selling out for math is lower risk and higher reward than art will ever be. I'm good at math but I have little to no passion for it, and because of that I monetize it to make bank while doing the least amount of work. Art, while enjoyable, is probably the least profitable industry. A career that is mentally draining, competitive, and dextrously intensive with very little reward. Being a mangaka sounds like a nightmare, because not only do you have to draw a lot, you have to make a good story on top of that or risk getting axed. I enjoy the art process and would never turn it into something to lose sleep over. I'd also rather be known as a guy who makes a lot of money working as little as possible making doodles on the side than someone who became an artwhore to make ends meet.
Most work, barring teaching and some social work, is soulless including art. Art is a cheap and accessible hobby. Especially in an office where you have a ton of downtime. All you really need is a paper and pencil, and boom you're drawing.

>> No.6481007

This has probably more to do with inflation and cost of living becoming to high for most people, anon

>> No.6481029
File: 401 KB, 828x1229, A3BCE8C8-5FF5-4141-A256-E7DB33D54F28.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

So pic related

>> No.6481031

I have stemfag friends but none of them were ever interested in drawing. One of them likes to make midi and took up pen spinning. The other plays the violin and piano religiously.

>> No.6481052

It all depends on the scale of the job and funding, you wouldnt a let 3 month intern anywhere near production, unless you want to work a saturday night fixing stuff, you give them mundane low risk stuff to do.

If animation had as high demand and sense of urgency that IT does you would see the same in there.

>> No.6481064
File: 321 KB, 576x566, Porky.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>No capitalist is an idealist

That's because Capitalists don't wast their time being worthless "ideas guys"; they just create. Socialists and Communists sit around all day daydreaming up a utopia they'll never build and then whine later about their shitty living conditions.

>> No.6481138

You mind enlightening me then? Because I don't think I said anything that I would like to correct.

Exactly. And to add to that a lot of artists don't want to have their work ripped by these megacorporations. It took us years to develop our unique expression.
If me uploading my work would result in earning a sum that wouldn't even cover my basic expenses, my work wouldn't even have the same reach and would be replicated by a bunch of prooooompters then where's the FUCKING incentive for me?

You prompters thinking you're special for writing text. Thinking you're somehow at the forefront of some sort of revolution. Cattle.

>> No.6481141

Thanks bro. Actually I have been using blender for over a decade. Have done a lot of 3D work. I'm thinking I might have to switch it up athough painting and drawing is definitely my passion.
Here's hoping they don't manage to completely fuck that up too with this automation garbage.

>> No.6481180

Also this is how the artistic expression stagnates as there are obviously a lot of artists thinking like me. Who doesn't want to be part of this experiment. Further depriving the world of a lot of talent..
It's a pretty simple consept to grasp.

>> No.6481199

I really will not shit on or try make fun of you but post your work.
Your statement is correct, and i do personally agree with it, nonetheless, show me something of yours that isn't modern abstract crap.

>> No.6481245

>capitalist create
lmao only industrialist create, capitalist take. Look at Theranos and WeWork. Tf did they make besides making themselves rich.

>> No.6481274

I'm a literal nobody with 2k followers on twitter and I have 40 people on Gumroad paying me 5$ a month. That's 200$.
Coomers are really dumb.

You are right. Art is a curse.
Normies can't relate.

>> No.6481285

>It's only Capitalism if I don't like it.

>> No.6481289

damn 10k a month is crazy. is it all from porn or do they run a youtube channel or anything else?

>> No.6481318

I do dev work 3 times a week and spend the rest of week resting, playing, socializing and copying art I like. Not gonna lie I feel blessed. I also have no idea how long this can last, but I plan to enjoy it while it lasts!

>> No.6481321

I am in similar shoes. I am 33, I always wanted to be an artist, at least since high school, but I am damaged goods so I never really could get into it. I sincerely wish you the best.

>> No.6481324
File: 564 KB, 521x454, 1669999841889207.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>capitalism bad
>pls give me money to draw the anime porn

>> No.6481334

I simply can't express how I hate myself for wasting the last decade and not drawing. Sure, art jobs will be gone in a few years but at least I could have lived the dream a little. I would have been cool to be a minor eceleb and have a little following.

>> No.6481347
File: 14 KB, 320x297, 1633884276364.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>I hate myself for wasting the last decade and not drawing
>at least I could have lived the dream a little.
>I would have been cool to be a minor eceleb and have a little following.
The absolute state.

>> No.6481358

Shit happens.

>> No.6481384

Atleast give that poor fucker a (you), monster.

>> No.6481914

dont worry u'll feel all that capitalisms this coming year

>> No.6481931

>the moment AI took off
Can you niggers not read a graph?

>> No.6481938

>$5 a month
I have no idea what your art is like, but for most first world adults, $5 is practically nothing.

>> No.6482035

Fine. I will start today.

>> No.6482049
File: 398 KB, 1280x720, url(6).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Thank you anon. But you know I have always been bad at everything. My early drawings were also horrifying but things have gotten better.
And I actually don't have anything else to do anymore, I just work work draw work work. I stopped playing games and watching movies, I don't even hang out with anyone.

>> No.6482064
File: 483 KB, 597x653, 1672643340963466.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Basically, imagine if Leondardo Da Vinci watched cartoons instead of learning anything.
Did- Did he just imply he is a modern leonardo da vinci?
why have there been almost 200 posts in this thread with plenty of people shitting on him and no one mentions this part of his post

>> No.6482069

You coping envious fags are seriously so fucking pityful it hurts kek.
He clearly made a fucking joke. Are you seriously this much of a scumbag?

>> No.6482079

This was my first post in the thread, I'm not seething I like his coomer art well enough. I'm just pointing something out.
I know he's joking but within the subtext of the joke is that he sees himself on that level. The "joke" part of the sentence is fake modesty. His first paragraph's end joke works because it's just modesty, there's nothing added

>> No.6482093

The incentive isn't for you, it's for others.
If you stop enslaving yourself to the memeplex that urges you to be overly-controlling about IDEAS - freely-copyable for almost no cost, you can be happy instead of a pain in the ass to actual artists.
It doesn't stagnate, rather it forces us to face a different reality, which in turn changes how we do things and what we make.
Using AI vs not using AI is a deliberate choice now, whereas art in the previous paradigm had none. The simple act of someone declining to use (or choosing to use) AI directly in their art says something - however WHAT it says is dependent on the context around that person. In my case, for example, I just detest the process of painting. So AI has almost no use for me beyond references, ideas, and similar indirect usage.

It's like how images of real things can be photographed or made by hand. The choice to use a machine to take a picture is what many people do, but landscape artists (painters, illustrators and more) still do what they do. Digital vs trad also is a similar situation.

My gut tells me that a lot of artists feel like old school draftsmen when CAD took over, but I really don't think this is the case - they're just suffering brainrot from immersing themselves in demoralizing, misanthropic, propagandistic takes about humanity on the regular. So when this came around it was like lighting that angst-fuel on fire.

>> No.6482099

i've seen quite a few stemfags basically wage grind until their 30s and then drop techshit for a craftsman job. it's becoming more common i think. people who purely live to bank their bank balance go up will never relate but those same people were never gonna create shit anyway.

>> No.6482122

Haha. You're telling me I'm a pain in the ass huh? Right back at ya. If you can't understand a consept so simple then I'm not gona sit here and spoonfeed you.
There's a reason millions of artists are against this. You're speaking like I'm the odd one out here.

Is it really so hard to understand that maybe when artists collectively are being treated like this a lot of us are gona take our shit and leave? This would apply even more to those who actually put in the work.
Imagine working on something original like a creature design, architectural buildings, or whatnot to upload it online only to have it being poorly replicated by a bunch of prompters. That thought alone scares a lot of artists. We grow a certain affinity to our work as some of us really put a lot of effort into creating something truly unique.
These are among the artists who'll be much more reluctant to share their work going forward.
There you go. I guess I spoonfed you after all. If you still think my argument is that of a whiny, entitled artist then I'm not surprised. Although I do disagree.

This is why I'm hessitant to post my work. Also witnessing how many spiteful technerds lurking here I know they have no issue ripping anyone off. As they can't wrap their head around us snobby artists refusing our work to be farmed like crops by googo, microsoft, apple etc. for profit.
I haven't uploaded anything since this whole debaucle started.
Yes that might make me a bit schizzo to some but it's the principiality behind it for me.
I'll consider it. Although I've already made myself out to be the enemy to the prompters in this thread already.

>> No.6482127

Artists aren't a collective. I draw and want you to fuck off. Anyone can copy anyone and it's fine, because that's how art works at a base level. Fellating yourself over the fact you spent a lot of time on something is bullshit and you need to drop the naiive magical thinking about how art works. The longest pieces of literature in human history are terrible fanfics. They are both horrible quality AND immensely derivative. They are simultaneously impressive and valuable based on the length, and yet worthless because of them being awful.
>That thought alone scares a lot of artists.
They're retarded manchildren and womanchildren. You are literally posting your idiocy on a javanese shadowpuppet forum. A site that's a hotbed of piracy, edits of art and video without the original creators' permission, and other similar things that terrify twitter zoomers.

>> No.6482128

It's a matter of usery.
I don't accept the terms of this and hence why I said that I'm gona see what happens with this lawsuit before I decide what to do going forward.
How is that "being a pain in the ass to other artists"?
Most artists agree with me. Your arguments have been a pain in the ass for us for a long time now. As you're seemingly incapable of understanding us and where we're coming from.
We'll see what happens after the lawsuit.
I'm tired of talking ethics with prompters.

>> No.6482132

Haha. Oh my fucking god. You speak like a technerd. You're entitled to your misguided opinion but drop the pretense that most artists are in agreement with you. It's simply not the case. Jesus fucking christ.

>> No.6482139
File: 225 KB, 862x942, Go be a criminal or something..png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>i will not post my work because techtrannies are gon steel eet and bully me and i've already made myself the enemy
Ok and? Trannies are mentally ill. Fuck em.
I do agree with anon here>>6482127

All you have to do is draw something right now or you might just be a false flagging techtranny yourself

>> No.6482141

"Most artists" don't agree with either of us and what "most artists" want doesn't matter. Artists aren't a class. Anyone can be an artist and anyone can stop being an artist, at any time. As long as you make art regularly you are an artist. And since what is called "art" can be literally anything, the actual term of "artist" is extremely broad.
So what only matters is whether that segment of "creators of art" who desire to limit others' ability to reuse the works they produce should be given that special treatment. Since they are no better than any other human, and since that behavior is not prosocial but antisocial, the obvious answer is "no, HELL no"

>You speak like a technerd
FOSS weirdos make better friends than backstabby internet artists

>> No.6482169

Why are you talking to it? I mean you could be even talking to an unironic chatbot that only exist to hype up some rudimentary image generation tech so the companies holding the ip can go public and make the big bucks.

>> No.6482178

>This is why I'm hessitant to post my work.
Just be dishonest like our resident troll here -> >>6482139
Post a scribble that can't be representative of any actual skill and pretend you proved a point.

>> No.6482179

You're right. This is low pixelated bait at this point.
I'm simply explaining why this will have a negative impact on the medium of visual arts. Which is obvious.
and yes. We should obviously have a say in how our work is being used. Hence why there's a lawsuit pending right now.
Your whole stance is antisosial. Anti human.
You're quick to accuse others of the traits that are so fucking apparent in yourself. Yet you lack the cognitive ability to realise this.
You defending these megacorporations usery of visual artists makes it apparent that you're just another socially inept nerd. A manipulative technerd. A parasite.
I've wasted enough time and energy on you. Get well. Go touch grass.

>> No.6482197
File: 345 KB, 640x810, content.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I draw and am the beacon of honesty and objective truth and a "scribble" is all it needs.

Only trannies call me a dishonest troll because they can't argue in good faith, they have to discredit and damage control and they treat art as a competition and a measure of self-worth.

And i do always prove my points because i am always right.
Trannies still don't understand that i do not give a shit about trying to impress anybody.

I have got an actual huge art dick, and it doesn't sit well with attention starved, narcissistic and sociopathic zoomertrannies.

All the "skill", likes and followers are meaningless.

>> No.6482210

Because you dont. Drawabox might work for some people, but in my opinion, it's way better if you try to draw what you want from start to finish. Make it a long-term project.

>> No.6482219

when people here ask you to PYW, they want to see if your words have any credibility.
Yes, this credibility can be proven by showing actual skills.
>All the "skill" is meaningless.
That's what somebody without skill would say. The fact that you put the word in quotation marks speaks by itself to.

Alright, you don't care that you don't have any skills, you don't want to prove any points and you just shitpost and troll. Gotcha.
I guess I finally understand your ways. Pretty based, minus the lack of skills of course. Shame for that.

>> No.6482235
File: 279 KB, 810x945, average trannoid.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

When people argue with me all they do is trying to call me a liar, spam the same tired passive aggressive buzzwords, play social games and never make any actual arguments worth taking seriously; Such as you're doing right now which can be roughly translated it
Pic related is how you come across. Worse than a soijack, a troonjack.

Such incessant attempts of trying to provoke me by attacking my "skills" also prove me right in everything i say. Which of course, you either don't get because you're head is so far up your ass your stomach is starting to digest it, or you just ignore it or spam buzzwords because even acknowledging would give me the point and you couldn't keep disagreeing with me because if you did, you would only prove how actually dishonest and how much of a tranny you are.
Not only that, it shows that you do absolutely know nothing about art and show that the only reason for pursuing art, is the external validation.

Anything i drew as Anon, artistically slaps the shit out of most retards who have all the technical skill, followers and money.
You can only say that i'm
>jealous, envious, crab, schizo
Because you couldn't handle someone who is apparently socially non-existent and lower in technical ability, actually be objectively superior.

I already know what you're going to write next;
>cope seethe schizo
>n-n-n--nno ur wrong because ur jealous crab
since you have absolutely nothing but trying to damage control.
And if you attempt to say anything along the lines of this being all
You pretty much prove that you're are illiterate and have the iq of a racoon.

Anon, only narcissists, trannies and sociopaths hate me. Real intelligent humans don't.
Calling me a troll is as much as a overused buzzword just to discredit any opinion that might be "dangerous" to your ego.

I am superior and that's just reality.

>> No.6482237

While I did suffer at first I also didn't expect anything from myself so the first portrait that wasn't absolutely horrible made me happy. Afterwards I showed it to one of my coworkers and he was amazed and said that it was a photo, lol.

>> No.6482240

still miss him bros...
>tfw you're just a kid and you watched eddie smack batista with the chair before playing dead and tossing the chair to the opponent

>> No.6482252

>Such as you're doing right now
I wasn't being ironic. I actually think it's based that you don't give a fuck about proving anything to anyone.

As for the rest.
>wall of text
I'm good.

>> No.6482282
File: 94 KB, 433x741, anonhan.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I really do not give a shit what you think.
>lol lmao wall of text im good lol
That you need to go out of your way to post this snark that has absolutely no inherent or contextual value, shows that you're just a stupid faggot.

I am the one who can give (you) value by presenting your post as an example of peak low iq tranny behavior. Which proves the point i already made.

You could have simply not replied, but you had to waste your time to post absolutely nothing of value because you're used to social media and retards like yourself circlejerking and dropping likes on inane shit like yours.

I give them the fucking blueprint of what not to do and they still do it, then they call me a troll because they're uppity.
It's fucking beautiful how i'm always right.

>> No.6482304

>more shitposting
You do you anon.

>> No.6482315
File: 164 KB, 755x672, 1674162471219066.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Take your meds schizo.

>> No.6482324

>actually posts work
>arguing with an actual mental person
Lmao no wonder nobody posts their actual work here.

>> No.6482347

>draws a quick scribble
>chicken scratches
at least you draw

>> No.6482354
File: 166 KB, 874x606, the avatar of win.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>they really can't stop themselves from proving me right

>> No.6482426

>Anything i drew as Anon, artistically slaps the shit out of most retards who have all the technical skill, followers and money.
Imagine seriously thinking this haha.

>> No.6482505

You just don't understand the substance of anything others post.

>> No.6482518
File: 42 KB, 532x620, wut.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You just want me to reply, which i do happily oblige, but i am going to have my fun and write a lot since i would rather electrocute myself than posting mind-numbing one word buzzwords and twitter snark ad nauseum.

Effectively, you are the trolls in every exchange since all you do is provoke and provoke more, actually post nothing but shit, and never say anything of actual, real value.
You come to an anonymous image board where you could be as autistic and truthful as you like, and what do you do? You treat this like social media, constantly seeking social approval, likes and clout and getting into senseless back and forth to try to assert dominance.

I mean, if i were like that i'd fucking kill myself.
Especially if you fags constantly keep failing at it.

>> No.6482549

The fucking delusion is amazing.

>> No.6482557

Yeah, substance.
There were things being said, with meaning behind them, and you just show up to declare that you don't care.

>> No.6482593
File: 108 KB, 521x272, p7.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Because i do not.
Like you do not read or are unable to comprehend the written word, i do not care what goes on inside your head.
I do not care if im based, cringe, schizo, since coming from a bunch of discord trannies spamming the board with nothing but effeminate attempts at upping their social value by trying to degrade anyone else without even putting actual effort which basically only shows that they're begging for attention, means absolutely nothing to me.

What substance was there to begin with?
You say things, don't spend 5 minutes to write out an elaborate post, but would rather spend the whole night spamming nothing but actual low quality shitposts.

What kind of answers have i got?
You call that fucking substance?

I made an example of what is essentially the type of low quality garbage that has been killing this entire site and i have have the decency to elaborate on it because if you're gonna be a fag, i might as well just do what the fuck i want.

Anyway, the Anon i wanted to see the work of still never posted his work and instead the thread took me as the focus; Which again proves what i said.
>"Just another discord tranny false flagging"
All i wanted was for that Anon to prove he draws, but he couldn't even prove that.

>> No.6482601

Megacorps stand to make a shitload of money off IP, normal people don't. And this kind of shit isn't anti-human, there's no T-800 army on the horizon to kill you. The best outcome is that this lowers the bar for indies to create bigger and better things with less time and money needed, forcing competition with bigger firms whose only saving grace is budget and and familiarity.

And if people don't want to use it for those things because it looks like shit, and they want to have stuff hand-done, that'll have a good market too.

>we should have a say in how our work is used
No, I am no different from any other human being and should not have more rights than them to the same idea. All art is derivative, you would know this if you spent more time learning about art instead of worrying if people are copying you.
>PYW is an ask for proof of credibility
It's a way to try to dismiss someone's arguments because most people on this board draw like crap, even for ones that are moderately-skilled it's a way to nitpick at their weak points to dismiss their argument. You are quite literally trying to shift it into a situation where you can ad hominem the other person by degrading their work and set a tone of argument from authority.
It sort of backfires when someone IS good and DOES post their work, but if they're that good there's a chance someone is gonna reverse image search the good pics to find out who they are.

"PYW" is the cry of a mental child. Engage with the post itself.

Learn to communicate better. Be direct.
I know a lot of artists exist in orbiter social circles where BPD women and trannies destroy the idea that "being actually correct" is a good thing, replacing it with garbage like "read the room and just emotionally berate people until they concede, then call that empathy," but you are on an anonymous xinjiang bloodpainting BBS and the scary social power isn't here to browbeat you.

>> No.6482605
File: 1.34 MB, 1234x1294, autistism-immune.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>spamming the board with nothing but effeminate attempts at upping their social value by trying to degrade anyone else without even putting actual effort which basically only shows that they're begging for attention
Based autismo cutting through the garbage, best drawfag on this board.
>draws a fuckton
>deletes emotional arguments to lay idiots' lack of actual substance bare
>is comprehensive in his posts

>> No.6482636

>Because i do not.
Shut up then.

>you are on an anonymous xinjiang bloodpainting BBS
Can't you see that this is false?
Everyone here who demonstrably draws is identifiable by work. Your present drama whore even uses an avatar to identify himself. The rest get some strawman projected onto them.
But then again everything else in your post is the opposite of true as well.

>> No.6482641

Just another whore with no creative talent, Just grifting through Life being a mercenary

>> No.6482649

I don't think mine counts as much but I took a 10-year break from drawing and started drawing seriously again at age 30. I gained like 50k followers in less than a year.

>> No.6482651
File: 552 KB, 696x798, FbYNyH1UIAAnawv.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.6482654
File: 76 KB, 1254x261, 1498674979616.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

hahahahaa you reminded me of picrel, no wonder this board is so garbage. Everyone on this board by definition is claiming to be an artist, which is part of what makes it so awful and crabby. But if you don't PYW, you just cause a shitfit because there's no personal benefit to doing so - only exposing yourself.

>> No.6482657

Big if true, pyw

>> No.6482658
File: 94 KB, 614x541, dirt.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>b-b-b--but he draws!!!
>he seeks dra-- says opinions that make me butthurt and doesn't stop saying things i don't like!!!
This is the actually tranny calling anyone else a troll when his shit is exactly that

>> No.6482669
File: 84 KB, 583x769, Screenshot 2023-01-20 110612.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I draw animu muscle mommys. The muscle fetish community has been so kind to me so I lucked out with retweets. I also sometimes make relatable silly comics so that helped too. I used to only do colored pencil sketches so learning to color digitally was super hard to learn. I'm still slowly learning at age 31. Have a line art of my recent art.

>> No.6482695
File: 31 KB, 280x280, 1613006569149.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.6482804
File: 373 KB, 900x819, the saga of anon.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.6482833
File: 34 KB, 280x255, 1619291783122.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

> it's another attention whore spamming shitty drawings and tldr post to mask the fact that he's still beg episode
every time with this retard kek

>> No.6483096

>It's a way to try to dismiss someone's arguments
I'm sure some people do that. Probably the majority.
I'm also sure that some people use it to see if somebody is just shitposting or they know what they are talking about.

>HAHAHAHA no you are wrong.

>> No.6483099

>best drawfag on this board
Maybe best shitposter. Definitely not the best at actual drawing, which is the only important thing.

>> No.6483102

fucking this kek

>> No.6483507
File: 189 KB, 1050x990, look at what you made me do.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>trannies punch down any time they get their chance
>they never even take one minute to draw anything and post it to show they draw
>they will spend hours posting ironic unironic but ironic absolute garbage and bait all across the board
>they still come here just for the drama and degrade anyone else just so they can cope with their miserable existence and then they proceed to complain about crabs and why they aren't rich and famous on social media
If you can't show that you're artistically better than a stickman in various contexts, you're worse than a beg, you're a discord tranny.

i am the superior artist and i lol and lmao into infinity @ ur lyfe

>> No.6483513

What the flying fuck happened here over the span of one day?

>> No.6483523

>not too old
>not too busy
>but too retarded to just draw from reference instead of trying to freehand everything with no experience
I'm GMI but it's gonna take me a while

>> No.6484115

Wait are you the artist that uses themselves for refs

>> No.6484481

Don't care for his art but godamn his attitude in this is based

>> No.6484489

Yeah, that's way too late as you can see from how ugly his art is.

I'm over 29. It's unironically too late. Stop posting your cope about how anyone can learn to draw, you talented fuck.

>> No.6484497

>Nobody does that
Says who? I got worse rather than better.

>> No.6484501

I will never take advice from a retard that killed himself because he didn't take care of his own body.

>> No.6484505

What do I want to draw? I don't even know.

>> No.6484918

Nobody cares about you being a pussy.

>> No.6485075

begone crab, i'm getting out of this bucket

>> No.6485284

Some schizophrenic third worlder shit all over the thread.

>> No.6485290

Money laundry Palin and simple

>> No.6485414

Your coping is showing kek.

>> No.6485447

Yeah, from the bucket onto the frying pan

>> No.6485734

What excuses do you see posted there?
And you clearly cared since you replied. Truth hurt?
How many times have you told yourself that?

>> No.6485850

The best part in starting older is that skills compounds as well as transfer.

Chances are as an old fuck you had to do some really boring soul crushing work. When you work on fundamentals that experience along with your ability to see long term will build up for you.

>Pattern Recognition
>Knowing what you like
>Having the knowledge that we live in the age of abundance so you could easily spread yourself thin.
>utilizing your faults then flipping them to be your driving features
>not really liking the formulaic new stuff so you could bring an old 'nostalgic' twist on things.
>Having older confidence in yourself because you know it's only a matter of time if you have a game plan.
>Learning how to deal with urgency/time management while the youngins get tripped up by life's black swans.

Why aren't you doing it?

>> No.6485857

What a cope.

>> No.6485868

A cope is what you're doing, Mr. sour grapes.
Giving up on your dreams, being unhappy with life because you allowed other people to talk you out of going all out, or maybe you ran from fear not realising that it was your friend all along. So you can stay unhappy not giving it your all because you got distracted by life, or you can play the cards you've been dealt, feel the pleasure of breakthroughs after long study sessions, or when you make your first sale. Build that work capacity, that tenacity grow out of that prison you put yourself in my friend. I'm gonna go ahead, I'll see you at the top

>> No.6485875

More walls of cope. I'm happy shattering illusions, which is quick and easy to do as opposed to your inordinate effort to whip up bullshit to confound people.
>I'll see you at the top
Sorry, I heard that line from my peers years ago, they can no longer see me up there.

>> No.6485990

No idea what has been posted itt. Just popping in to say I love CSR's art and glad they're doing well.

>> No.6486047

The problem with a lot of these is that the story is usually
>yeah i was a neet
>so i just bummed off my parents and drew 10 hours a day every day
>also remember all those good art forums filled with artists actually helping each other? Yeah was a big fan of those. they all died though so oh well, maybe find a new one though lmao

sinix has a similar story, and while its admirable to git gud that late in life, I can't just quit my job and fuck off at my parent's house for 8 years while gitting gud.

>> No.6486053

Shouldn't have called your dad a nazi then and maybe he'd support your dreams

>> No.6486095

my parents are just retired and while they can afford their life style just fine, they wouldn't be able to if I moved back in and started leeching.

>> No.6486100

Make me

>> No.6486114

Well then you'll have to do things like sacrifice your social life and spend most of your free time drawing/painting/whatever.

>> No.6486119

based communist

>> No.6486154

Dammit, I've spent all my time reading this thread instead of drawing like anons are saying I should be.

>> No.6486159

AHHAHAHAHA. You fell for it again

>> No.6486163


>> No.6486562

His work isn't in the style that the average poster on here likes, but MeatCanyon's first cartoon was from when he was apparently 31, and he's improved significantly since then

>> No.6486850

Meat canyon is older than I thought he was
Good on him though

>> No.6486924

This is true. Drawing at least requires no innate talent. Some people might progress faster because of higher spatial IQ, but even that doesn't make such a difference.

>> No.6487579
File: 290 KB, 490x381, Screenshot_20230123-103229-154.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Half assed twenty minute drawing today from reference. Eye catching image from /pol/ slide thread. I thought it would be fun to do in three pens, but I got bored and didn't have more time anyway.
I'm hoping to have more time to draw soon, but working, exercise, and learning to cook healthy is taking my time. Also had to deal with sick pet on top of all that today.
Anyway, here's my 20 minutes of /beg/ coom.

>> No.6487590

man, just how much money do COOMERS have? I don't even seen anything that special about this guy's work, something's up.

>> No.6487600

Because drawing full porn leave nothing to the imagination.

>> No.6487603

Just don't quit your day job. Unless you somehow become popular first. Drawing as a hobby is fine.

>> No.6487639

Drawing hot girls was literally what revived my motivation. From there I got decent at figures which resulted in more motivation for "normal stuff". The days were I gave up on "drawing seriously" I ended up studying the most anatomy and construction. For example I a phase were I was obsessed with sexy legs and feet, sketched hundreds of them on Pinterest, but then felt an overwhelming curiousity to understand knees better. Funmaxxing is seriously underrated and might be one of the bigger reasons why kids get good fast. They just care about the fun and as adults we tend to forget that. Even if your ambitions are serious, spend most of your time on shit that's fun. Just keep in mind that most ref as terrible lighting, but instead of being selective, it's better to draw everything that attracts you, but keep the rendering to a minimum or don't render at all.

>> No.6487648

I remember lounging around playing games all day in my college days. And I barely even remember the experience from those games I played a lot. I wished I'd just kept on drawing digital back then because I am very happy with my current progress now. I wonder how much further I would've gotten to by now if I wasn't a lazy fuck in the past

>> No.6487675

For me the problem is exhaustion. I cooked for the better part of the afternoon and managed to do minimal calesthenics. I succeeded in making pan de cristal after several failures. I replenished the healthy treats my wife and daughter keep eating. I got stuck actually working most the day, and the fuck off time I did get I had to sneak to the store that has my ingredients because I wouldn't have time to after work.
I'm imagining a magical day in the near future where the food is all prepped, I did my exercises in the morning, I get off early from work, nothing is fucked up, and I'll have hours to draw (and paint!)
As it is, I'm in bed winding down so I can pass out. I'd jerk off, but my wife will probably want sex and I'm too old to reliably do both.
Yeah, passing out now I think.....

>> No.6487693

U underestimate coomers. Every heard of gacha? People literally drop tens and thousands dollars for their waifus.png

>> No.6487771

>be rich
>spend it on making your semen come out
coomers have negative intelligence

>> No.6487797

>be rich
>spend it on being trolled by fine artists

>be rich
>spend it on tasting weird things

>be rich
>spend it on getting a 1% chance of dopamine rush from a spinny wheel

>be rich
>spend it on going vroom

>be rich
>spend it on substances to make your neurotransmitters go bazinga

>> No.6487854

can't wait until AI completely replaces you coomer artists.

>> No.6487860

looks like we don't need an ai to replace your nonexistent art

>> No.6487874

>Using AI for this post
Fuck of to /sdg/ pajeetnigger

>> No.6487928

if ur so smart how come ur so poor?

>> No.6487945


>> No.6488006
File: 83 KB, 354x423, 1652983335550.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It's really amazing how many people genuinely think this fancy tool will be any sort of actual replacement for artists.

>not drawing

And every time, it's from people who have no actual skills or artistic knowledge. It's the equivalent of spouting pop-sci knowledge like AI singularity will replace humanity and one shouldn't even bother when they've barely passed highschool math/science class.
The graph you replied to is because of the entire world economy going to shitters due to the corona virus not because of AI.

>> No.6488083
File: 57 KB, 197x187, no grog.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I think im broken bros. I thought maybe I could make some money making porn bucks but I realized I lack the sensibilities that others have to make hot coom art. I can only draw cool manly things and environments but drop the ball hard when it comes to making hot things. How do I fix this?

>> No.6488395

Wow, fuckin dope
You are a big inspo for me, for both mastering the human body and getting fit

>> No.6488544

Same here only me and one of my friends used to draw in class and people liked the comics he drew and I was always the "oh your drawings are so funny haha" guy
I stopped drawing and picked it up again at 17 or something, I draw almost everyday but I really have 0 talent and if I ever get good its gonna be because of stubbornness

>> No.6488559
File: 3.40 MB, 463x423, CuteSexyRobutts.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.6488609
File: 171 KB, 1171x1004, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

just wanted to say I hate this guy, whenever I see this ugly ass avatar in a thread I just get annoyed
the fucking cat mouth isnt supposed to be this big man

>> No.6488619

>How is it an obsolete skill when he's making $10k?
It's obsolete but it's going to take time for most people to realize that, he probably has 5 years left of making money before AI completely replaces him, it doesn't happen instantly. So why waste 5 years of your life developing a skill just for it to be fully replaced by the time you're done?

>> No.6488623

>It's really amazing how many people genuinely think this fancy tool will be any sort of actual replacement for artists.

I mean if you're old enough you know the writing on the wall when you see it.

>> No.6488673
File: 181 KB, 780x700, inb4.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Autistic trannies aren't supposed to exist, but here you are.

>> No.6488732

look at this young 20 something volunteer shitposter. Do you even have a job yet anon or can you not hold a job longer than 1 month? Lmao, your parents must be really proud of you! Imagine the stories they tell about you on family gatherings!
>My anon was on a website all day laughing alone while muttering god knows wtf.
>He never leaves the house at all!! The stink in his room is already reaching the living room!
>Please help, my son is being abusive to me, god where did I go wrong raising him?! I never wanted him to be like this! huhuhu
Neets should be thrown out to the homeless shelter to fend for themselves. Learn a thing or 2 about how being selfish cunts ruins the social structure of society. At this rate, mankind will collapse before AI can take over.

>> No.6489216

Thank you, anon!

>> No.6489223

How? Does he make stories or games? That's way too much for someone who does an occasional lewd drawing

>> No.6489225

I also think that most pajeets are some 20 years old delusional faggots who couldn't hold a job and wants everything to go to rapture just so they justify their lazy fuck's lifestyle

>> No.6489247

his "art" is a joke

>> No.6489329

What youtube videos do I watch to learn how to render and draw like cutesexyrobots?

>> No.6489357

I just don't have the mental energy anymore. I can draw but it takes so many calories to just think of what to draw. I have no hobbies or interests, I threw it all way to learn how to draw.

>> No.6489645

my art goal is to one day have people make memes about hating me

>> No.6489810
File: 809 KB, 1375x1600, 1valk.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i love csr and picked up drawing as hobby/plan B career during corona in part because of him
this is how i draw now

>> No.6489885
File: 293 KB, 828x1212, AD10DB1C-E193-4066-BFF0-7C0A7FBE7D77.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Just like ai is replacing you, retard?

>> No.6490193

Literally only the rich profit from this and yet the people still let it happen. We are doomed.

>> No.6490348

Just be rich lol
I love capitalism

>> No.6490349

>Literally only the rich profit from this
>yet the people still let it happen
tried to warn you...

>> No.6491992

And now you can't even aspire to doing this because of AI.

>> No.6492085

How do people know those layoffs happened because of AI?

>> No.6492120

Like photobashing? You really think this is going to become some magical button that just shits out masterpieces?

>> No.6492168

putting two and two together

>car company buys car-building machines
>lays off half their workers
makes me think

>> No.6492299

There's plenty of stories of artists who started late but there's not a single person who's defeated laziness and bad habits. Either you learn as a kid or you are screwed.

>> No.6494411 [DELETED] 
File: 52 KB, 580x435, dbb812bd12b77425bd68114d47d3e491-11.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

imagining fake scenarios in your head about your past and 'what could have been' is unhealthy, stop it anon

>> No.6494415
File: 52 KB, 580x435, dbb812bd12b77425bd68114d47d3e491-11.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

stop imagining fake scenarios in your head about your past, it's very unhealthy. If you could have been capable of doing something, you would have done it, otherwise you were incapable of doing it for some reason. don't trick yourself into thinking you could have made it to the major leagues "if only I could have done something that I didn't do." you are where you are now because that's the only thing you could have been up to this point

>> No.6494608

Invest all the money you make into real estate, having another job that also helps.

>> No.6495381

imagine not even owning a gold plated lamborghini HA what a peasant

>> No.6495385

thats 0,5% of their overall staff tho, and it doesnt say what position they were in

>> No.6495423

based. GMI attitude you have anon

>> No.6495443

>confusing markets with Capitalism
>type 1 trillion $ into private banks
>usury ensues
>nothing was created
>everyone exploited
>Democracy purchased