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>rarely post art on social media
>only 100-something followers
>never use hashtags
>the only people who actually interact with my posts are my friends
>i know they really care about my art
>feels good
>feels enough

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it also helps that most of my friends are cute women

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This is the way to do it. My mutuals have amazing art and it's much cozier on your timeline following people you genuinely care about. I don't give much a fuck about non artists.

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what do when your friends don't care about your art either

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I don’t even post my art on social media. I draw for my eyes only.

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Make art friends!

That's the only reason I have social media personally. None of my friends like art either.

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>The beta state
A slave to social media, addicted.
>The omega state
Scared of life, avoids social media.
>The alpha state
Rules social media, yet is unaffected by it

Not playing doesn't make you cool, it's just another coping mechanism

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you need to be 18 to post here

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They hate him because he said the truth

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the friends who don't care about my art are my art friends, though

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Sounds like you need some better friends. Maybe try casting a wider net or going towards communities that are interested in the subject matter of your art.

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Drowing in copium.

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i genuinely didn't understand what you meant but whatever

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While I don't care about social media much, I try to feed my stuff to the algorithm by adding hashtags. Since I only use Instagram, I make my own reels showing off my art by making video edits of a drawing.

Kinda like serving a turd on a silver plater. If it lands, it lands. If not, I don't care. But yeah only my frens like my stuff.

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>coping mechanism
And? I am coping very well without social media lol

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I hate this thread, I hate OP, I hate the coined term “art friends”, I hate the word “mutuals”, I hate every single discussion about social media on this board pertaining to stats, I hate the duck sucking discussions that art “friends” have over artists better than them, I hate OP and I hate (you) most of all.

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So on the topic of social media I lost my dog yesterday and was in such grief could feel my brain hurt like never before. It was the first time I lost someone close to me. But I checked my brothers twitter and he mentions that it hurt him to BUT then he goes off about his 2023 resolutions basically making it about himself. What fucking cancerous shit dude…all for his followers. He was NOT that taken back from it IRL he barely if ever was by my dogs side in her last moments.

If he’s like this I can’t imagine how many others go on twitter to fake their sob stories. Fuck social media.

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i envy this. but as someone who needs money from commissions i can't not care about visibility on social media

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That's just called being a narcissist, social media attracts them like shit to a fly

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Sometimes I want to become friends with my mutuals, but then I realized I would act like a retard and end up changing my mind

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I know that feel. I just recently became mutuals with my "art hero" and I want to become friends with him so badly but that's probably because I have little going on irl.

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And to add, another issue is that I don't deserve him even following me. He has significantly more followers than me along with an immense skill gap. I'm /beg/, he's pro.

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He probably likes your art genuinely, there's people that find certain charm in amateurish drawings, maybe he thinks you have SOVL

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As an AI Artist, I'm laying low until there is less hostility against my chosen medium.

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I dont have social media at all.
I draw only for myself. I never show my drawings to anyone except like when my friends went to my apartment and found my sketchbook laying on my table and they flipped through it.
I draw and I have fun when I'm doing it, that's the most important thing.

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>Wanna be artist since 2005
>Talentless jackshit
>post work over 10+ year include deleted works
>nobody not a single fucking person liked my work
>do not even give a shit, got a job and distracted by doing another stuff

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>The sigma state
Doesn't care about social media, enjoying life

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I’ll be your friend anon :3

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>have barely 100 followers on twitter
>most of them gained trough using the #artmoots hashtag
>most of those mutuals are just degenerates with pronoums and troon flags on their bio
> they barely post art and most of them use their twitter as a blog
The problem is not that they barely post art, but that they dont seem interested on improving their shitty donutsteal OC and they dont interact with anything that is not on their tweets. I just wanted to meet people of mutual interest in drawing anime girls. Serves me right I guess.

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pretty much. i'm like never more than 5 minutes of social interaction away from ending up like this

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>pure pain
why would you make me remember this?

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40% of them are trannies now.

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Get better friends. I don’t give two shits about sports and still show up to my friends’ watch parties. They don’t particularly care for art but still tag along at the museum with me and love seeing my art. Life is too short for one sided love, even platonic love.