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Did globohomo art emerge spontaneously or was there a well defined start (specific artist or company) somewhere that influenced everyone else? It's very poorly documented online. I suspect there may have been a single initiator because corporate art was already a thing previously but it was very varied (just looking at Office clipart shows a lot of heterogeneity) while globohomo art is quite uniform and has peculiar features (thick limbs and necks are a staple for example) that seem unlikely to simply arise from a collective unconscious.

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when trends like this come seemingly out of nowhere and appear on several companies at once, you know the answer.
Money changes hands, friend of a friend who can do "art" gets to pretend it's the future of marketing, and it gets pushed everywhere finding success, because the companies using it are already too big to fail anyway, or have tasteless consumer bases.

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you're both fucking idiots.
>it's very poorly documented online
yeah because you're using some chud slang for it. it's called corporate memphis and it has a wikipedia article clearly stating it was developed by Buck Studios for Facebook. you know, the massively popular and influential company?
jesus christ you're pathetic if you have to make vague allusions to jews because of the common phenomena of companies ripping off a popular brand. get off 4chan and interact with a real human being just once, please

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i think it started with the trend of minimalism which goes way back with brutalist architecture, focusing on function and cost efficiency rather than aesthetic. fashion and art followed suit. why corporations choose the thick limbs and all that is a response to be as inoffensive as possible thanks to modern politics and its creeping transhumanism advocacy. it's cheap too (someone gullible on fiverr can do this for a few bucks), easy to edit, and is very low maintenance as a style. perfect for pushing out products with time/money saved.

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>Buck Studios
So I was right, shitugly "art" company shakes hands with zucc, gets paid way too much for ugly clipart, every other subhuman company quickly follows to slurp the same art.

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no point in saying this because no one on this site has a brain and can actually research or think for themselves lol.
but yeah, it is obviously very documented, aside from the abolutely banal concept of trends, and profit-driven companies latching onto anything popular/stable enough that is in demand instead of experimenting and risking losing customers.

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One graphic designer did it and became popular, then others copied it.
Same as all other art.

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it's always the jews

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Ok, give ten examples

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Corporate memphis started here

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That boy's got some FINGERS!

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No it started from a style of interior design called Memphis.
The whole point of this style is extreme minimalism and childishly bright colors. The 1950s corporate style is anything but.

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I love this artstyle

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get fucked OP holy shit

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Its bad. Too many white people.

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Looks like she's about to bend you over and slap you with that wooden spatula.

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>and interact with a real human being just once

You know the average person is 100 IQ

And 99% of people are below 130 IQ

Thats called mental retardation, why would you want to interact with them

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This looks good, what happened. Jews?

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And that's a good thing!

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People always act like you need a cohesive team to orchestrate changes in society, when in reality these changes happen subconsciously by virtue of having a particular demographic interact with society.
Nietzsche's subconscious monster, basically.

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That's A.I. generated

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Jews hired some African refugee or black American to "design" it, they then improved it to the point of making it passable, then pushed it in every corporation they could. Later on you'll see stories of the "history" of the beloved corporate art style and how we owe it to some black person

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Like every style, it's a gradual change based around cultural influences. I'm still predicting we're about to enter an era of intricate design and logos like the victorian era. Hate to even bring it up here, but AI emergence only supports my theory. With such an oversaturation of simplicity and aimless imagery people are likely to gravitate to fine details. The entire point of advertising is to stick out of the crowd, after all.

Time is a circle.

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I'm up for that

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Its just the logical end result of corporations being lazy, efficient and facetious.
That artstyle is low effort, practical because its vectorial and easy to pass off as racially and bodily "diverse" without being too obvious about it. (Obviously excluding examples like OP in which they outright include shit like pride flags)

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Unless we PRESSURE business and legal groups to BAN that soulless garbage. Maybe instead of admitting defeat before the battle even begins you can actually have some optimism?

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Memphis style is awesome because of how obnoxious it is though. Corporate art is so bland.

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Thats the whole point isn't it? Make something so bland and inoffensive that it can be used across as wide an audience as possible.

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I'm not a defeatist and didn't think I gave off that vibe, I just think it will happen regardless of what the result is on that front. Styles change anyway and we've been stuck in the same ones for a few decades.

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Yeah it's just strange how memphis originally was going for the opposite.

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>get off 4chan and interact with a real human being just once, please
You can't make me go outside.

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you could learn something from them

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rare ownage

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>It's very poorly documented online
except for the page of the studio behind Alegria


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It was made to coinside with svg animations on websites. The big limbs strangely looked better in motion. It was then co-opted by this gay shit you see in the op which ran it into the ground.

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You don't need every single member of a tribe to be in the game for a conspiracy to happen. Sixty years of Italian mafia racketeering of local NYC business was started and sustained by just five guys.

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Oh god it's hideous

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Imagine her giving you light, rapid slaps on your balls while you leak out of your chastity cage as she dildos your ass

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Facebook is owned by a jew you retard so its still the jews

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tourists will never recover

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made to be as easy to outsource as possible so pajeets can take design jobs. hopefully ai art fixes the issue by allowing one competent artist to do the work of 20 pajeets

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How do you suppose globohomo made it all the way to your pantry?
>$10 for a box of woke onions green cereal

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i just carry a sharpie around and draw little swastikas on these when nobody is looking

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