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Anime girls are definitely more attractive than real women, yet I find more realistic drawing/painting styles to be more attractive than an anime style. Pic related is a good example, it’s clearly meant to be more realistically proportioned than anime proportioned, yet even though I find anime girls more attractive than real life equivalent, I find that this style surpasses even anime.
It feels like a contradiction, because logically if anime > real life, then anime > realistic art styles also be true. And yet what I find is true is this: realistic art styles > anime > real life, when it comes to attractive design.

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That's what real women were supposed to look like, but modern food preservatives and pharmaceuticals prevent that from happening

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Imagine being this obsessed about what turns you on
Touch grass, incel

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>>400lbs goyslop enjoyer

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>t. queefing Roastoid
The fact that Men are resorting to idealizing fictional figures really says a lot about how putrid and insufferable Women have become.

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>person on art form discussing aesthetics

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I am dude, imagine thinking a woman would give a minute of their day to reply to your thread, kek
Cope and seethe, incel

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There's no rules says no rules in your art forum saying I can't call you an incel for it

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You're discussing what makes you hard, I bet you don't even draw nigger retard

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>A simp in the wild
o-oh no...

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Yeah but the source

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Frank Frazetta

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>Anyone that points out I am a coombrain fits into this category that allows me to dismiss them without self reflecting
Kek, cope and seethe

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There is absolutely nothing wrong with being a coomer.

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Ok, good for you but what is the point exactly?
What you'll do knowing this?

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Uohhhhhhhhh! !! !! Booba erotic !!!!!! Illustration's booba and belly !!!!!! Erotic ...

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Why is she so fat tho

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Ooogaboooga booba hyuuuaack homini homini booobaaa!!!!
>Apply pseudo filter
Yes, quite these tits are quite splendid sir

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Idk, i’m used to drawing anime/manga style because that’s pretty much the only stuff I watch/read. Now I’m discovering other styles like Frank Frazetta and Paolo Serpieri, and thinking “shit, they look like real women but hot somehow?” and my mind is blown.
I was hoping someone could explain why I find them sexier than anime girls even, because I genuinely don’t understand it.

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The short answer is porn addiction

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First step: knowing the disease.
>i’m used to drawing anime/manga style because that’s pretty much the only stuff I watch/read.
Second Step:
Become a man.

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Any other skilled illustrators who depict nice, plump, jiggly looking girl bellies like this?

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You came into the thread seething
While I just... came..

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What you're experiencing sounds like a mix of immaturity, porn addiction and supernormal stimulation during your formative years. The (somewhat)good news is you're not alone, it's become very common to have these problems. The bad news is, I don't know if it's possible to walk it back enough to truly find other humans appealing again. But enjoying Frazetta is promising so good luck anon.

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And I leave with a clean, as you wallow in your guilt

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Glad you agree

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I accept your concession

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Seen better irl. Go out and get some reference. Good motivation to git gud actually.

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can you interact with real life women without thinking about how attractive or fuckable they are? can you even consider women - who are literally 50% of the population - as ordinary human beings, just like you?

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No, and furthermore Women love to be treated like shit they are sub-human and there was a reason why they were not allowed to vote.

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If women are such whores, then why won't they fuck you?

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Because they’re whores

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>"So if anime is better, why do i like this other stuff? Let me present a subjective as an objective. btw I can only think and behave in absolutes."
You are absolutely retarded.

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So I should draw realistic style from now on?
Yeah, I don’t see what that has to do with my question.

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Maybe Frazetta had a thing for women built like brickhouses? Idk.

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Because all forms of pinup illustration portray women as flawless and an exaggeration of their most ideal features.

Look at a lot of classic pin up art compared to the women they were referenced from.

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With that attitude, no wonder you were friendzoned so many times.

If you started treated women like actual human beings, or didn’t see a relationship with a woman as just someone you get to fuck 24/7, maybe you’d be given a chance

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>treating women like human beings
Women don't even treat other people like living beings.

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>If women are such whores, then why won't they fuck you?
Because they charge more than they're worth.

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Woahh that belly mamma Mia

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Anime is like a candy bar, OP pic is like a wine. Your brain only needs to see a pair of boobies and lack of obvious defects to get interested, but a more realistic artstyle can bring the more subtle things the human brain looks for.

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This bitch needs to lay off the donuts.

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This guy makes something good. You can use realistic features and still have them look good.

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Well, even the referenced woman is pretty hot. Gave me a chub at least.

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Yeah and graduate to cake; that belly needs to be fatter.

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been really tryig to blend anime with more realistic facial properties to find my balance..

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You should draw instead of jacking off and making dumb threads

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Women were made to arouse men in order to procreate, if you cannot make another Man get a hard on there is something wrong with you.

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Holy molly those milkers and belly omnomnom

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Plain wrong. From an evolutionary perspective, the males of the species are the ones who were created to attract a mate hence the distinguished appearance. Males were ultimately created to be kept as livestock and have the best ones selected to have their seed harvested for procreation.

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Explain women's obsession with make up and beauty. They even say things like "I dont wear make up for men I wear it for ME" which to me shows the desire to be attractive is so deeply ingrained they can't differentiate it from their own personality.

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because women have a more developed eye for colors and aesthetics than men. They also care more about looks as opposed to males who will stick their dick in anything with a pulse(if even that) If you don't believe me, just look up the endless articles about males getting their dicks stuck in places they don't belong.

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If you can't make your man ejaculate inside of you by nature you're a defect.

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because you find value in the amount of effort it takes to create the work, anime style at its core is designed for anime and manga production, which means being able to consistently produce dozens to hundreds of frames each week.
your prefered style isn't something you'd see often in a long running comic book or cartoon series since it wasn't created with that principle in mind.

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Thank you for proving my point.

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A lot of male coping seething and malding here, what gives? Isn't pussy too abundant and expendable to care?

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Why so many trannies in this thread? Mad they'll never be as attractive as women yet again I can only assume.

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Lmao, this is what men deserve

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All it takes is one post to set off the XY chimp-out script. kek

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>m-muh dick...can't get hard any more... watched too much loli necro scat rape! wahh

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defective women will still procreate while you remain untouched.

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Thank you for proving my point.

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men on here literally post shit like "pears are objectively more attractive than women because they make my dick hard!!!!!"
and expect literally anyone to care

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>sexual arousal to pedophilic stimuli in normal men
telling on yourself as usual KEK

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it's like how male beetles will breed with bottles instead of females of their species because the bottles resemble female beetles with exaggerated propportions. Males are biologically broken and only programmed to coom.

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ohh the moid went silent kek. Trudging through his folders for the heavy artillery to try and win an argument on a Mongolian basket weaving forum.

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Can people stop fighting and post more chubby girl paintings, I need some new stuff to study

>> No.6422057

nah, they're to busy """"studying"""" them by themselves

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see i feel so different because to me the most beautiful age is definitely when the woman is approaching 100. That's when I most want to have sex with a woman. Nothing like a good old 100 year old woman, now THAT's hot.

>> No.6422075

And that is also of course when a male is the most attractive and potent.

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moid moment

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Still waiting for you to refute this, you can't.

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Majority(52%?) of studies are disproven after 20 years or something. Has anyone repeated this study?

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Refuting what, that all moids are pedophiles? There's no refuting because that's just facts.

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and again, by nature and by how the graph clearly shows if you cannot make your Man ejaculate you are a defect and in the context of the chart you've reached your expiration date the science clearly demonstrates that fact.

>> No.6422098

God, males are so retarded they can't even make a good argument that doesn't make them out as biological defects or sexual deviants kek. Anyways, have fun typing up an essay on why you hate roast beef foids but still seethe because you want nothing more than to stick your dick in one in an attempt to win another pointless argument on the internet.

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yeah because the pedophiles are clearly not the defects, but then why do males still rape women over the age of 13 then if they're so unfuckable?

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Not an argument, and I accept your concession.

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I love the amount of absolute unadulterated tranny seethe this thread has wrought.

You are an absolute Chad, OP. Never stop reminding these dumb hoes and troons how ugly and repulsive they are.

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the irony of a woman accusing you of being unable to concoct a good argument then immediately going into "y-you just don't get pussy!" mode.

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Based fellow old hag enjoyer

>> No.6422113

The other irony is that they won't stop talking about my dick.

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"the sience" only states that males will sick their chodes in anything and that is exacly why women should be the only ones allowed to chose who to fuck and you will be stuck cooming to child porn until the feds kick down your door one day or you contribute to the ever growing male suicide statistics. Moids really are so retarded they can't even read a graph properly

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You forgot the most potent tool available to women
>you just want to fuck me
The trump card, there’s simply no beating it. An old fat ugly bitch will use that card against you the same as a young hot blonde woman

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We are not birds

>> No.6422120

sexual dimorphism exists within every living species

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Ergo, there are idealized sex dolls specifically designed to replace you. Science wins.

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I actually don't even agree with OP but I can't help but notice all the rage over his thread. Seems like he struck a nerve lol.

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>heh, stupid foids...Now back to my 57 terrabyte child and zoo porn collection

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Your brain is rotted by internet memes.

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exactly, you will only ejaculate into demented silicone dolls and die off while we continue to procreate. Perfect example of natural selection. The same has also been done with rabbits where fake female rabbits were created as a way to decrease their population.

>> No.6422131

>while we continue to procreate
Why are you pretending that women don't get all kinds of body horror tier procedures done with the express purpose of not having children? Abortion, tube tying, etc. Women are not having many kids either, the fertility rates are dropping more and more and not a lot of women want to be in vitro single moms.

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Correction, other females continue to procreate while you being the defect through natural selection die off.

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Don't worry, there will always be women who are willing to be impregnated by Chad, fren

>> No.6422140

even if some dysgenic femcel from 4chan has kids, they're not very likely to procreate anyway. what is the difference between someone not having kids and you having an incel son who ends your rotten bloodline? exactly

>> No.6422141

Nah, science has come far enough to where any woman can get pregnant if she so wishes but not every male can impregnate someone without resorting to rape

>> No.6422142

Biologically human men hunt and conquer. In the stone age when they took over a new tribe they would kill all the men, kids and old women and then rape the remaining women into submission. Those new women would then be at the bottom of the hierarchy in the new tribe.

When it comes to mammals and much more primates women are physically weak. They need to rely on social status and appealing to men to survive.

Women were even slaves to their own body before the invention of birth control.

The moment the world hit an apocalyptic disaster forget about all about the Hollywood strong women. They will instead be lining the streets to survive.

Get the fuck out of here with your stupid sexual dimorphism bird theory. It's delusional.

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>what is surrogate motherhood

>> No.6422147

Because it's either a girl or an abortion. Problem solved.

>> No.6422150

might as well abort either way if you're going to be the mom kek

>> No.6422151

Just like your mom wishes she had aborted you?

>> No.6422153

>citation needed

>> No.6422155

i know this is hard for you to imagine but i have parents that love me :). sorry, i hope you get to experience that in your next life.

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>Y-Your mom!!!
Kek he struck a nerve didn't he?

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>but not every male can impregnate someone without resorting to rape
Quite frankly, that's not a problem for us now is it? What do you suppose happens during a war setting? Historically speaking it results in the conquistador raping the spoils of war. Consider yourself fortunate that Men have erected a government to protect you from foreign threats.

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> i have parents that love me
and yet you ended up here seething about how much you hate women on a board for artwork and critique. How curious.

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Anime is cringe, but Frazetta girls are top tier.

>> No.6422167

when did i even say that i hate women? god you are not just a dysgenic femcel, you are also profoundly low IQ, your kids are going to have a blast with those stats! i hope chad can dillute your rotten genes at least a bit. that is if he even deems you worthy of being a cumsock.

>> No.6422170

telling on yourselves again I see. You're saying if it wasn't for government males would all naturally be rapists and pedophiles? Very rational and civilized I must say

>> No.6422175

>clueless fems
Situations like war are great for seeing the true difference between men and women. Check out the Ukrainian conflict. Like how the women are being advice to spread their legs and just take the rape. Like how they mostly can only rely on men to do the fighting. Women are mostly being recruited for the hospitals and kitchens. Have you seen the data on women in the military? lol

Women have never had it better than in the last 5 decades in the history of humanity. However the moment civilization fails they are screwed if they don't have a man to protect them. Who do you think build society? The roads, the buildings, etc

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File: 1.62 MB, 1334x1080, 1541259176823.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Yes indeed how do you suppose our ancestors copulated? Survivor of the fittest, the Alpha Male reaps that's why we're here today if if wasn't for the Man fulfilling his duty.

>> No.6422184

Men are the people who built 99,999% of everything you see in the first place anyway. I find it weird that people bring up men's supposed propensity towards violence when they are literally the ones doing everything. Women aren't kind loving beings, they are simply inert. They commit less violence because they are generally passive in every regard.

Also, women always opened their legs for invading tribes. No woman was ever loyal or fought to the death like a man would to protect his village.
In a way they naturally selected men for rape and violence anyway.

>> No.6422185

If being an alpha male involves rearing 500 retarded kids and being a sex slave to every woman I meet I’ll take beta male every day

>> No.6422187

Adult women berating me and calling me a worthless pedophile and/or semen pump is my fetish

>> No.6422192

>In the stone age when they took over a new tribe they would kill all the men, kids and old women and then rape the remaining women into submission
but also
>women always opened their legs for invading tribes. No woman was ever loyal or fought to the death like a man would to protect his village.
a bit contradictory don't you think? I guess that's wha happens when your only source is your own fantasies and imagination

>> No.6422195

You idiot now they're not going to play along

>> No.6422198

He wasn't a poof presumably.

>> No.6422199

If we go by the statistics for violent crime, most victims are also male. Dumbass.

>> No.6422201

women are stupid worthless creatures and yet you continue to give them (you)s over the most retarded shit. Why do you have to prove yourselves to a self-cleaning fleshlight when you already know you're right?

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>> No.6422206

and who are committing those crimes against the men? the rational and civilized sex I presume?

>> No.6422207

I get gratification, don't judge me.

>> No.6422208

It’s funny to me women have every win condition in society and still choose to play the game as unfairly as possible. It’s like if in a video game the enemy team played every broken busted thing as possible even though they were all smurfs and could just play for fun. What a miserable life

>> No.6422212

and you don't think she does? You know women live off of any form of attention. You're just giving her what she wants

>> No.6422215

please elaborate

>> No.6422217

Women would be more violent than men if they could get away with it. They are the irresponsible gender. If men had the same amount of child prevention methods and could detect when the woman was on a period there would be far less unplanned pregnancies in the world.

>> No.6422219

it's true. especially when I know I struck some nerves and you can feel their blood-pressure spike as they furiously type out their next response through the screen

>> No.6422223

Once you stop living your life as a man afraid to get “cancelled” by the hordes of women in the world you’ll be much happier. Live life acknowledging that they control every single thing you do, put your trust in God, and be at peace.

>> No.6422224

As the OP of this thread, I seriously don’t get how me asking a simple question about art spiraled into all this other gender war bullshit.

>> No.6422226

welcome to 4chan

>> No.6422227

>Women would be more violent than men if they could get away with it
I don't believe that. Women are so much weaker and smaller than men, how could they possibly deal any damage?

>> No.6422230

Lol how can a person this be this retarded honestly.

What are knives, firearms and cars?

>> No.6422231

that doesn't make any sense. Men don't get away with violence either but crimes are still committed. By your logic there would be no violence in the world

>> No.6422233

A woman can easily be tackled and unarmed because of her small frame and minimal muscle mass

>> No.6422235

weapons. However biologically they are intimidated by men. They are also attracted to dangerous men at the same time. Similarly to how biologically they are attracted to tall men. They are just as much slaves to their instincts as men if not more. Being on a period has a tendency to mess with their emotional state. So does pregnancies.

>> No.6422238

So if a woman stabs you in the abdomen 5 times and a few more while you're "tackling" her, you somehow win? Are you retarded? Just kidding, of course you are.

>> No.6422239

true, but don't forget that testosterone is also an anabolic steroid which is known to cause aggressions and other outbursts. We are all slaves to our bodies

>> No.6422240

>entire thread of appeal-to-nature arguing back and forth
>modern man is so profoundly removed from the natural condition that it isn’t even sociologically relevant
This is dumb.

>> No.6422242

I'd punt kick her before she even got the chance to stab me and then put her back in her place.

>> No.6422244

Women don't even exist

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>We don't need Men they're biologically inept and replaceable slaaaaaaay!
>Where did all the Men go?!

>> No.6422300

is this true? are women a meme or not

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Women are a psy op from the satanic elite controlled by gay aliens, yes;
gay aliens

>> No.6422359

>male incels from pol battle female incels from tumblr, the thread

>> No.6422377

someone tell me why the FUCK these tumblr retards keep infesting our board.

>> No.6422382

because they're insecure and insecure faggots are attracted to inferiority pits. ic has never made anyone better and whoever browses this place has serious problems

>> No.6422398

>tfw no misandrist tumblrina fujo artist gf who I can call a stupid roastie while we make passionate love
Why even live?

>> No.6422436

She would be a fat ugly pig with short hair (how the majority of attention seeking roastoids on here look). You don't want that bro.

>> No.6422442
File: 573 KB, 1280x720, 1541039136301.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I want to be raped by a fat disgusting ferocious Tumblretta pig just like on muh fat bastard japanese animays.

>> No.6422452

Jesus Christ, Anon, i know you hate yourself for being a disgusting tranny who failed to be a male and a woman, but at least don't stoop that low just to feel the touch of another human being.
Fujos are the worst of the worst.

>> No.6422461

Just imagine all that weight on top of you, being completely powerless to escape while this Ogress starts to snoo-snoo.

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File: 170 KB, 1520x1520, 166969564475.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I almost gagged

>> No.6422471

I'm pretty lonely, so I probably wouldn't mind. For better or worse.

>> No.6422797

She is fat

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>> No.6422902

but that woman is flawless?

>> No.6422919

gonna check the early life section on the studies author real quick

>> No.6422937

Animals rape eachother, doesn't mean that we should.

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> Anime girls are definitely more attractive than real women,

Non. You’re an internet addicted pervert.

>> No.6423509

Animals also are fun to see at the local zoo!

>> No.6423510

Based zoo enjoyer

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>> No.6423530

>the little black penis

>> No.6423648

It takes five minutes in a Baltic beach to cure terminally online impotence. It's really only miscegenated westerners and poor third worlders who are disgusting.

>> No.6423659

>our gynocentric society is imploding because women can't cope with their lives being over at 22
But nah, it's the men who are wrong.

>> No.6423668

No matter how hard you dilate you'll never have ovaries.

>> No.6423679
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I am become KATE destroyer of clippers

>> No.6423708

It's a dude with severe autogynephilia.

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Is it really their fault that nobody will fuck you tho?

>> No.6424056

>. Pic related is a good example, it’s clearly meant to be more realistically proportioned than anime proportioned
I don't think he was even thinking about "anime" when he was making it but it's very clearly stylized.
But it uses very similar tricks for making the girl more attractive as most anime style art does. Low amount of facial detail, large eyes, childlike proportions.

>> No.6424707

Anime is gay. You’re attracted to some dudes drawings.

>> No.6426646

why would i want to draw black people?

>> No.6426650
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>> No.6426651

are you nuts
this is what a standard hot woman looks like

anything above is bbw territory
anything below is still hot but skinny

>> No.6426659


>> No.6426666

>i'd rather not have sex
anon, you're gay

>> No.6426671
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a single chicken scratch from this Italian coomer > a million hentai """drawings"""

>> No.6426685
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>> No.6426687

why the fuck did this give me an erection?

>> No.6427170

real faces are too personal for you and you're so used to anime you love it but overly simple or stylised sexy bodies no longer do it for you and if you don't have some weird fetish (i.e. you are no evaluating actual quality or attractiveness) then you need something better. it is obvious why you like the real thing and you like the anime because it brings perfection and impersonality that real people can't.

>> No.6427231

Ok, so we have real women, then we have realistic paintings, and we have anime...

so realistic paintings > anime > real women

I can agree, but here is the thing, what if you mix in a bit of the west's penitent for detailed rendering with an anime style, not necessarily over dont or western looking but that 'realistic' and mash 'anime' with it. I think that combo comes out with something better not too autistic detailed that details get lost in any work that's not in color, but not so light on detail that you are left wanting more, very few artists have this style because its a bitch to do unless you are VERY good at your craft.

>> No.6427361
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>> No.6427370

you drew a stickman? pls explain