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Do you draw better after jerking off, or when holding it in?

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When I do no nut november all I want to draw is porn so I think it just shifts you towards drawing more porn than sfw, it doesn't make you better at it.

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I don't draw so who knows.

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While jerking off

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Is this image a shitpost? The one on the left is so much better.

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Clearly just some non-artist seething about an artist getting paid.

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The left one is still shit. may be copium but both are (almost) at the same skill level.

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This meme from depressed losers needs to go, being a failure inst funny. Get a grip and fucking draw.

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It's certainly not perfect and there are some stand out "wuts" in it, but overall it's a more appealing and better executed than the one on the right. And I say this as a coomer.

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Only to a coomer would the two options be “coom” and “hold it in”

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yes, the enlightened centrists freeze their cum in urethral canal, balancing on the thin edge of cooming and not cooming.

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I feel way better when holding it in. I know nofap is a huge meme but I honestly feel more confident & energetic when I don't ejaculate.
Last time I fapped to completion I immediately felt tired, drained, & exhausted.

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I am on trenbolone so It literally doesn't matter, I want to fuck the drawing pad and dominate it no matter how many times I coom in a day

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Holding it in. I don't get post-nut clarity, I get sleepy and can't concentrate.
I use it as a motivator by seeing jerking off as a treat I get at the end of drawing for the day.

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explain how the left looks bad

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plottwist; both were drawn by the same person...who mass debated before while and after drawing both pictures AND recieving the international acclaim...

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Both feel meaningless to me

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Why is she holding a fountain pen, when the diary was written in ballpoint pen?

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Is this the blind deaf mute girl? How is she able to see what she is writing?

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the three root kleshas: Moha (delusion, confusion), Raga (greed, sensual attachment), and Dvesha (aversion, hate).

These three poisons are considered to be three afflictions or character flaws innate in a being, the root of Taṇhā (craving), and thus in part the cause of Dukkha (suffering, pain, unsatisfactoriness) and rebirths.

And the OP''s got all three!

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>hired by kikes
Money laundering

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I lose the drive to do anything when I jerk off. I just feel tired.

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I like left its a good characterization of Anne's rat jew face she has.

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You are a massive /beg/ if you believe this. Call the left soulless if you'd like but on a fundamental level it is leagues beyond the right.

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>tfw no tranny art gf to make creampies with
why draw

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left: soulless
right: soul

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Right sucks and left is alright but I'd like to point out the dip pen on the left and remind you all that "Anne Frank's" diary was written at least in part (I forget how much) in ballpoint pen which wasn't invented until after she died
Don't let the art distract you from kikes trying to deceive you

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>that background

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it's not.. in skill and in taste it is not at the same level.

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Back to /beg/, retard

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None. It's a retarded denialist meme. Anne Frank used only ballpoint.

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None. It's a retarded denialist meme. Anne Frank used only fountain pens in her diary. The instances of ballpoint pen were for numbering pages and were done after the war by Otto.

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Fucking permabeg retard, holy fuck. I hope you are baiting and you are not actually this much of a tard.

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theyre both shit imo

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Holocaust Deniers are amoral, gormless, deceptive cretins who will lie about anything and everything. They have no interest in truth - their primary goal has, and always has been to try and rehabilitate Nazism/Fascism.
I have never met a group of people more eager to call out others for their supposed 'deception' while themselves taking at face value complete nonsense (usually derived from artefact riddled jpegs) that will get them totally humiliated.
At this point the Holocaust Denier scene has fallen into chaos. One of its 'head researchers' admitted they were total failures and it was time to move onto other issues. https://forward.com/news/14953/revisionist-it-s-time-to-quit-shoah-fight-03176/

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ChatGPT post

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Skill on par with AI lmao

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anne frank is celebrated in the west because it teaches us to be passive and be "positive" in other words, be in denial of the shit going around you instead of trying to escape and have better opportunities

its copium

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If it was AI art I'd look above a HS level

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>if it was AI art
Learn English. Please.

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I lose interest when I finish

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The longer I go without jerking off the larger the urge to crossdress and shove things up my ass increases.

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go back to /pol/

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I draw better when I am upset