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You will never.

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>you will never be a wageslave for some corporation, being forced to commute to work and slave 12 hours a day every day, forced to deal with normalfags, to earn a meager wage, so you can feel important and boast about it like the retarded, validation seeking teenager you are
Oh, no.

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>wakes up at 8AM
What the actual fuck

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Art for money is a soulless, fruitless endeavor. At least a dead end 9-5s won’t drain you creatively and will pay more than most art gigs lol. Keep coping op

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Thank God, working for a Japanese Company is horrible...
Very much this, plus your post doesn't cover how horrible working in a Japanese office actually is...

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>Japanese office
Generally, working under someone else in Japan is a death sentence.
That's why their suicide rate is so high and their birth rate so low.

It isn't really any much different across the globe, though.

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>not waking up at 4am

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>waking up

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>>30 years old
>>no kids
>>has a pet

the fuck is her problem?

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How can I pursue the dream of living in japan without working there

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Sounds like you have a problem with strong, independent women, anon.

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It doesn't look that bad actually. I don't have much to do in my free time anyway.

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like her there are a lot in japan she doesn't look bad but no one touches her even with a stick

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Seeing these 'day in the life of japanese ....' video is always interesting for me, but seriously, I cant stand that nigger face, why did he do that? cant he just record those people working without showing his face?

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You forgot to mention that Jap wagies literally work themselves to death.

>Mental stress from the workplace can also cause karoshi through workers taking their own lives. People who die by suicide due to overwork are called karōjisatsu (過労自殺). The phenomenon of death by overwork is also widespread in other parts of Asia.

>More than 2,000 Japanese killed themselves due to work-related stress in the year to March 2016, according to the government.

>Japanese woman 'dies from overwork' after logging 159 hours.

>The government accepts around 200 workplace injury claims for karoshi annually, but campaigners have put the toll at around 10,000 deaths.

>Japan is also the birthplace of karoshi – “death from overwork” – a word invented in the 1970s to describe deaths caused by work-related.

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kek this is why I might have a little bit of faith in the based humans that remain, everything else is a globohomo jew cocksucker

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>Alarm clock
>Wagie really beaten down from yesterday's work
>Try to reconstruct their energy tank in the 10 minutes they have for brushing their teeth and breakfast
>This guy is not japanese
>Gets his face real close in front of the camera
>Full wide smile
>Eyes wide open
>Talks to you as if you're a baby, ready to be tucked in bed
>Wagie gets out, they walk it all out to work, cool, if you forget this is pretty much the only connection with the outside world they get
>Cut to weirdo meeting wagie
>Asks some dumb shit like why you're not having breakfast at home and buying a cookie in a mini market when the little jap has barely any time to put in his shoes
>His voice is always feigning enthusiasm about daily chores at wagie's cage
>He has done a shit ton of work
>He's holding in the pain
>It's not even noon yet
>Creepy Filipino goes bother other wagies
>Asks dumbass questions to them too
>They just want to be left alone
>Thank you!
>Break time!
>Oh, he's in the computer
>Yep you guessed it, he's checking his garbage dump hill of e-mails
>Remains polite despite his break is over
>Has to enduro 6 more hours of this
>Time to go home!
>Huh, that was a bit too much
>Gets home
>Wait, why is he still working
Still cool to look at jap wagie life, same with the restaurant vids, the only ones where I cringe at are the ones with his wife, it's like she doesn't give a shit and he tries to keep his cheerful persona, seeing them coexist is pretty awkward but I guess they just shrug it off and go with the motions, their quality of life is comfortable enough when not in the wage cage.

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>Square Enix
how did he do it

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is she going to be replaced with AI too?

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I noticed they tweaked her face a bit on the thumbnail. She's cute but not that cute.

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>"omg the japanese are so cool why cant we have a city like theirs ;_;"
>for starters work like they do-
Never change

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>Work like a Japanese person
>While not living in Japan
>Reap all of the profits
There's a reason why Studio Trigger opened a Patreon and KickStarter for some of their animations... Nigger

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>reap the profits of living in niggermerica

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>Japan is also the birthplace of karoshi – “death from overwork” – a word invented in the 1970s to describe deaths caused by work-related.

My language had this word since it diverged from old slavonic and in my culture dying from overwork is considered normal and not particulary notable.


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thank god I will never be a woman

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>while living in niggermerica

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>declining birthrates
>reason why the term death by overwork is created
>high suicide rates
>their currency is becoming shit
Weebs should hang themselves.

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Your language always looks so silly, amazing food and bakeries you guys have though.

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>posting about japan makes you a weeb
>if you don't want to wageslave you must be a gibs nigger
Peak 14 year old /pol/nigger
lurk moar

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>increased immigration from mutts
>reason why youre not exploring the final space frontier is because youre too busy babysitting niggers off tax dollars
>high crime/murder rates
>congress passing trillion dollar bills like its nothing
yeah so much better LMAO
>lives with mommy unemployed thanks to the uncle remus guide
you really thought you said something there