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Christ. Nothing I do will ever surpass the old masters...

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This is why we invented AI, so that it can do the art that masters of old did without you faggots approval

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Just do exactly what they did. Training under a previous master. Is that still a thing?

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idk, there are no 150yo teachers where I live

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>felt cute, might delete later

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Already have>>6386601

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It's still a thing but I don't think there's a single living master that comes close to what they did during the Renaissance.

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>Christ. Nothing I do will ever surpass the old masters...
The only master you must continue to surpass is yourself!

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Can't unsee skeleton man taking a selfie.

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and? don't be a faggot and get over it

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who are good sculptors these days?
I found these guys just now
I don't know names of living sculptors.

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The masters sacrificed their entire lives for the trade.
The world wouldn't be fair if you ever surpassed them.

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nobody is commissioning stuff like that these days

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>he really thinks he’s part of the ruling caste and will have a seat at the table when AI takes over everything and the Internet becomes an unusable automated cesspool of spam, deepfakes and propaganda
>mfw AIcels are all like this
>find a mentor
That’s the ideal, Ateliers are probably the closest anyone can get to a classical renaissance style of art education.

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atelier has very different goals. you're better off doing it alone, copying mostly old master drawings, going to museums if there are some near you, copying sculptures not in the way that ateliers teach you.
of course when people say old masters they don't really mean old masters most of the time or they just use it as a byword for "skilled" while not really wanting to do any art that is related to what old masters made.

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What are you talking about? There are replicas of human skeletons in almost every biology classroom

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and what kind of art do you do?

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That's what Vilppu's for!

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yep Bridgeman did that.

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you didn't invent anything and AI algorithms are not going to need you either, you have no skills and nobody will ever pay you for learning how to use this software because anyone can do it

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I bought a bunch of skeleton miniatures and I am tempted to replicate this.

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People often assume old art is magic so let me explain you how this sculpture was made (probably, techniques changed with time so I might be plain fukcing wrong about it lmao)
at first the artist was fucking around with clay. Looking for a design that satisfied him/his client. Clay model was sacrificed to make a mold.
gypsym casts were made.
Precise measurements of the cast were made and compared to the stone block they had.
artists students put the measurments on to the block by drilling holes (they did that because it's busy work. similarly painters apprentices spent their days grinding rocks, flowers, bugs and other shite to a fine powder to make pigments)
Master delagated his students to carving different parts of the sculpture out. He personally did only the things that were especially easy to fuck up.
this sculpture seems to be made out of 3 pieces of stone which can explain the cool hollow stomach.

tl;dr that kind of sculpture is replicable. You just have to know how it was made

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are you like a fucking retard?

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Well fuck you too mate

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It's clearly made out of plaster.

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they still had to design the clay sculpt and then plan ahead. carving it out and finishing in marble still requires finesse. old master paintings can also be replicated even down to the pigments and technique if you know them, but still hardly anyone can do it right.
old master painters didn't use flowers or insect powder as pigments. they extracted the dye and fixed them into a colorless precipitate pigment.

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it's limestone

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>step1:get clay
>step2:sculpt the fucking owl
>step3:let your assistants recarve the owl
easy enough

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Every new artist requires to be paid at beginner level. Beginner artists that can barely draw basic shapes. Good luck being a pro then mentoring artistic retards.

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>being paid

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That's most of the working world.
>have good idea
>convince others to produce good idea
Most people refuse to believe that's the case because most people are on the production end of things. It fucking sucks to think about spending the majority of your life working for someone else's dream.
Yes, many old masters were very hardworking and talented, but they usually possessed the means to pursue art at a VERY young age. By the time they were middle aged they had been masters for decades and could easily convince college kids to do grunt work.
One of the biggest modern examples would be Jeff Koons. I don't give a shit what you think about his art, I'm just drawing parallels to production processes.

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Lmao everyone know you have to cope with smelling bag of shit everyday stem dropout pajeet.

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Not with that attitude!

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