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ITT: Post revolutionary character designs

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>pic not related

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99' Serj.

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can you elaborate on what the fuck you mean?

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none of these images are striking or interesting, what are you doing?

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That means you don't have good taste

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I like characters that spin

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>not posting the actual kino by the same artist

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actually the most interesting part of the series, I hope they expand on hell more, would be a waste not to

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it means i have much better taste than you. what's interesting and inspiring about an anime girl in business casual.

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I wasn't talking about Makima you retarded faggot

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good post

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I feel like P&S had an irreversible effect on 99% of twitter OCs.

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Based on what? I don't see their influence in anything because neither had a particularly interesting design. It's a unique artstyle, but that's it.

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>Using Limp Bizkit as an example of "interesting and unique"
>Having Good taste

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She kinda cute ngl

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seethe more

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Look at him go

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>/ic/ has normie taste
how unsurprising

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revolutionary for my dick

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/ic/ is 95% normies and mentally ill trannies, what did you expected?

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All soul, no fundies.

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Colson the gemson

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Why did this design blow everyone's mind?

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it's the new thing, the new fotm, people will forget about chainsaw man 1 month before it finishes airing like everything else normies revere until they have something new to consume.

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Makimers was popular well before her anime aired

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It didn't, it's just a key character in a currently trendy work that people are using to shitpost with. Think Satania but the intent is to make you hate it.

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Bayonetta probably.

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Toby has consistently put out retarded designs and then made the internet fall in love with them.
The average artist has a hard time making anyone like their designs after already making them cute and attractive.

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Not bad

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This person will be talked about for centuries as a design icon.


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