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Has drawing ever found you love?

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LoL brootal. The girls who looks like drawings are all semen demon sluts in reality

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I didn't see that he was cringe, unfollowed

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>3D woman

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not directly but girls ive dated thought it was cool i could draw

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damn he actually has some babes replying

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her too

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i guess being a big artist really does pay, bros

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Jesus anon you should develop some taste other than 'does it have a vagina?'

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you are legitimately a penis sucker if you don't think she's pretty

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im so horny and lonely
but god id rather stay this way than attract an artwhore

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Everyone. This is why we should improve ASAP as long as girls are still very young. We as future artists should strive getting a beautiful young and small girlfriend through our drawings.

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I met my boyfriend through /ic/. IWe were friends for ages through an /ic/ adjacent discord group and started dating some years later. 'm working as an artist and he's also aiming to go pro. Watching him improve has been really lovely. We save costs on art courses etc by living together and there's some art rivalry which is really fun. Also helps with staying accountable.

One of the few professions where I'd say dating someone in an adjacent field gives a huge boost. Kinda how doctors have a really hard time dating because of their really shitty hours.
It's one of those life paths that requires a lot of weird scheduling and personal dedication.

I don't think drawing to impress really works, unless someone's already into it, but I highly recommend making friends and dating other artists (as long as your other life-goals align too.) It's really fulfilling.

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this is so wholesome that I wish you guys the best

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Man, I wish I could date an artist too.
Welp, guess that's going to be my resolution for next year huh?

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Protip: That cute rivalry is going to turn into bitter envy and resentment :)

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I hate it

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no, that's what my dashing good looks are for

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sounds like you speak from experience lol

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No, but im hoping that drawing will increase the odds to find a similarly autistic woman who shares my interests, so we can be autistic together. i doubt itll happen, but ill draw anyway since i like it

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begging on twitter to get noticed by neon hair red flag teenagers and trannies is beyond pathetic. have some respect for yourself

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If that doesn't happen, you can always become the woman and try not to 41% yourself

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Yes I love my 2d quadruple amputed painter girlfriend

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How are such below average artists so popular, honestly? Does the scratchy MS paint and blob anatomy look good to you guys?

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I got good enough to attract an autistic woman but at that point I was so into drawing that I just rejected her because I don't want to be distracted.

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God this guy is lame. This feels like the zoomer equivalent of boomer newspaper strips

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It might have helped me.
Did a paper portrait for a friend his brunette-long-black-haired sister asked me to draw a portrait of herself.
A while later did it, but because it was the first portrait of the day it ended up looking crap.
>Anon, why does it look like Tarzan? (it kinda looked like Tarzan, yeah)
She was annoyed and told me I'm a bad person for drawing her bad (she thought i did it wrong intentionally)
Things happened and I know I can get things to progress but I feel the distance is too big for us to prosper.

Now that I think she is the first girl I've drawn in person, all other times I drew women was in front of my computer.

Do you want to see an example of portrait I do? I use a technique that allows me to do realistic portraits in minutes.

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are you special needs? you sound special needs

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It is exactly that.
Complete with anime

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Unrelated but I just realized I bought some of this guy's prints at his booth at a french anime convention.
I like his art style

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yup. you're a penis sucker.

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It would've been a lot better if he keeps his personal opinion seperate from his girls.

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kek god hes so fucking cringe

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increasing levels of based

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im not a tranny anon, sorry

thats part of my many hangups. its hard for me to want to set aside time for other people, so it always feels like im making a huge sacrafice if i decide to hang out with someone instead of stay home and draw or shitpost

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Eh, people try to talk to me but I get easily overwhelmed talking to new people and tend to ghost unless we're playing videogames together or something and focus ok that. Also I'm kinda fat irl and don't feel like going through the whole process of disclaimers where I have to explain that meanwhile I probably didn't want to be romantic in the first place.

Romantic relationships are stressful. Only been in 2 but I would much rather spend time with my best friends and hang out instead of thinking about if I'm doing lovey dovey shit correctly. Im probably aro/ace

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>I'm kinda fat irl and don't feel like going through the whole process of disclaimers where I have to explain that
I feel similar due to being 5'6. I unironically have had girls blowing up my dms because of my edgy tumblr tier art. But I don't feel like explaining that I don't look like Peter Steele (the edgy 6'5 type o negative singer dude) so I usually just ghost them.

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works on my machine.
Have you tried to bee ur self?

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I think that anon was not questioning her being a female and actually more concerned that the OP is apperantly being propositioned by a frog.

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Maybe it's because of the place I live (countryside) but a lot of girls I dated/talked to never were into drawing. They were like "that's cute" but never ever talked about it again.
I tend to pop up this subject soon cause I like to draw a lot and I don't want it to be a barrier/problem in our future relationship.
I wish I could find someone who was artistic/creative like myself but everyday things seem rough.

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I met my wife in drawing class.

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This guy has the all of the personality and sparkling wit of a room temperature glass of water, got me cackling

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redemption arc?

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If I had any access to f*males I wouldn't be drawing random shit two hours a day to curb the suicidal tendencies.

I'd have kms years ago

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Stop using your height has a cope for a shitty personality.

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I'm dating a stranger (not anymore) who commissioned a touhou fanart from me. How about you anons ?

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I think I've figured out how to signal to the type of girls I like using my art, but they have a bf every time

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It really sucks because they start trauma dumping super hard and literally tell me like their fantasies and shit, and go "I like my bf but idk if I love him and I can't be myself around him" because they literally just settle for whatever overwatch slightly nerdy normie is around.
I really want to go "dude just date me instead I'll beat you up everyday" but I know I can't compete with the comfort a real person provides

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wrong. still laughed tho.

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>online art attracts men
>instances when I've been able to attract irl with art it was somebody with bf or late teen zoomers
>body can only attract whores who I have no interest in
Life is suffering

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>hatefucking your artist gf because she is gmi
why the fuck does this sound awesome

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I like guys that know how to draw.

I don't have much to talk about with boys that don't (it's autism srry)

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>Not answering the question
You guys I think this one might actually be a real one
Also sauce

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Nvm on the sauce

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Drawing has given me nothing but despair and misery.

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pic unrelated...right? I know that artist O_o

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>attracted to male in wig and female clothes
>calls other people penis suckers to cope

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what is the sauce

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