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None of the above... oh GMI?

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You had to be there...

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Thanks for posting the other one didn't have it saved.

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I used to feel some of these but I don't anymore
Did I make it???

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the boomer sounds extremely based

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I'm an evolved version of the unfinished sketch, I sometimes produce good monochrome shit, the thing is, I can't do lineart and I can't paint properly

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Just like me frfr, I can't use anything but pencil brushes

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I truly wonder what GMI means in this field.
Just making money out of art?
If so, isn't the degen porn addict GMI?
If it's not making a living out of art, but just being happy with drawing, isn't the Boomer GMI?
Reaching a level of technical skill you are happy with? lol
Being praised by other good artists? lol
Leaving a legacy for the generations to come? lol

It's all vanitas, if you think otherwise you are delusional.

We are all NGMI in the eyes of God, and we can all be GMI in our own eyes.

Also OP's meme is shit because I'm NGMI and not in there.

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Imagine drawing with references. Sad!

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Mix of Degen Porn Addict & Boomer

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what's wrong with copying jpegs??

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"Has never created a complete work in his life despite drawing for 3 years"

Try "Has never created a complete work in her life despite drawing since age 10"

I end up sketching something, hating it and never finishing it. Then having long stretches of months without drawing causing skills to go to shit and then furthering it and for some reason the "artstyle" I have is so fucking inconsistent I'm afraid if I ever uploaded anything people would think I'm stealing from different people.

I don't know if it's a phenomona of looking at your own art like hearing your own voice on tape but I dont have the normal mistakes of something that's shittyly drawn but still registers as the subject. When I fuck up it dosent register as something at all. I cant do something that is "a poorly drawn human/chair/whatever". It's either semi realistic or it's abstract lines that just don't "click" into a fiqure. For some reason instead of going the usual route and starting with those bigheaded ms paint anime characters as a child and slowly getting more human looking I can't do anything "cartoony". There's no inbetween or weird proportions stage. Like my art always looks like someone held a paper onto window and tried to trace something outside, like drawing lines around a fiqure instead of it "clicking" and mentally registering what it's supposed to be. How the fuck do you work with that?

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idk read a book or something

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Unfinished sketch (but like 15 years instead of 3) and porn addict. I love drawing and committing ideas to thr page, but I tend to get bored when it comes to inking, so I prefer to just move on to the next thing.

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I'm new here, what meme am I missing?

But to word it more clearly: it's like I draw TOO MUCH with my eyes instead of my brain instead of the other way around, like I don't have the instinctive mental bias of "how to drawn an x" so I end up completely mimicking what I'm seeing so it's either semi realistic or abstract lines.

It's the complete backwards of the problem others seem to have so I don't know how to improve.

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>thinks shadman isn't that bad
yep, that's me

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me too, but I'm ngmi

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I think you'll benefit a lot from learning construction

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None of them.
still ngmi tho lol

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Which one of them is the one that doomposts about AI instead of drawing?

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>Worships incase, doxie, shindol
You got me. Kek

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these all seem way too specific to be relevant to anyone.

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You think about trannies more than trannies do

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does he also think about Russia more than Russians do? I mean, he did mention it one time.

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You know good and God damn well what I meant.

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where is the AI shill?

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post the real one

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The fetishist
>started drawing because there wasn't enough art of their obscure fetish
>might not look like they're a fetish artist at first glance, only readily apparent when you notice all of their drawings have balloons, tipped over potted plants, people with acne, characters coughing, whatever the fuck
>only seeks critique to improve fetish drawings
>"does anybody have good references of people with psoriasis on their shoulders haha"
>zero mainstream appeal, doesn't care, just obsessively produces more fetish drawings
>dedicated fanbase of the other hundred people in the world with the same obscure fetish

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Unfinished sketch chad here

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Unfinished sketch failure here.

I just don't know where I wanna go with pieces...

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I think I'm the "muh style" ngmi.

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Poggers I am the Loomis one WAGMI

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Unfinished sketch except I don't chicken scratch or watch Proko. I know that finishing stuff is one of the best ways to make gains but I always stop after the initial sketch and fall back into the rabbit hole of doing unrelated studies.

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None of the above
NGMI furry artist who spent too much time drawing animals and now my human characters are lacking
Also ngmi who spent too much time drawing in only black and white/Grayslake and neglected color for the most part (I am catching up in both of these areas though)

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zero creativity or x factor sketch master and fundies zealot, permangmi4ever

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im actually literally the unfinished sketch guy

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What’s the point of finishing

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Who here this type of unfinished sketch: sketch, happy with it, look at it the next day and dislike it, spend way too much time refining it, reach a point I'm satisfied with it but can't stand the idea any longer, move on to next sketch

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idk... bofa your parents finished so you're here.

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i'm the brain damage ngmi
cant draw as much as i used to after an accident that fucked up my brain and nerves

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None of the above.

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Probably learn towards unfinished. I need to work more on actually colouring shit in.

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lmao just draw your demons and then one day you'll be hired to make mtg cards. At least that's part of my plan.

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omg i'm literally the first one

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I was a boomer until about a year ago but now I suck at both trad and digital art, despite grinding fundies for a long ass time. Still feel like I'm GMI tier tho

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I think this could look way better if you sort out the wrinkly ass lips and those eyebrows. Its like some parts are more rendered than the rest of the drawing.

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>believes everyone has talent
ur still a boomer bro

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(im coom addict)

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number 1 besides the last two points

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GMI means:
-making a living with you art so you don't have work another job or live w/ yer parents
-being popular enough so you are not ashamed to show your art to mainstream normie fucks
-getting the respect of your peers who are not normie fucks

money, fame and respect

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everyone can draw and have fun with their art, you don't have to compete within an imaginary rat race to learn and appreciate art

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