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>8 likes in 3 hours
Yeah, checks out. No fucking with my reach here at all.

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Is that 1.2 mill followers elsewhere or on instagram?

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Ig like actually sucks balls because they wana be tiktok so bad

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I don't see why artists upload to a website that force crops your pictures

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Because artists these days are spineless cowards who follow the trend instead of creating them.

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What alternative is there?

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My Instagram is completely fucking dead. I've got just under 5k followers, which I've been stuck at for years. At some point, my account just stopped growing and it has slowly been dying ever since.

I even started posting Reels to moderate success for a while in a desperate attempt to reignite my page, but those have also gone wayward. My Reel today was seen by less than 150 people and it's gotten 12 likes in the past 12 hours. This is the worst performing post I have ever made. It's significantly worse than my first post back almost 8 years ago.

The whole thing is legitimately broken. Like, it just doesn't even work anymore. What's the point?

I've seen Hive getting a ton of buzz recently. I've seen more artists jump ship to this than any other knock-off social media site. It's supposed to be a back-to-basics mix of Instagram and Twitter, with a strictly chronological feed and no intrusive algorithm that suggests random stuff to you (unless you use their explore page). Looks promising, but the dev team is small and reportedly struggling to meet up with the influx of new users.

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Only reason to go on IG is for the porn. Too bad you have dig through a ton of shitty art to find some stuff. That place is slowly morphing into DeviantArt.

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how do you get engagement without a retweet button? even tumblr has that shit

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>70 followers, half are likely bots
>10-20 likes per drawing
cope retard

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>I've seen Hive getting a ton of buzz recently.
bro hive has like 100k users while twitter has a billion. Go there if you want to build a fanbase even with the entire musk drama

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Stop thinking Instagram will make you a better artist and will make you happier with popularity. Norman Rockwell didnt have Instagram, Michaelangelo didn't have instagram, Mucha didnt have Instagram, and they will all be rememberd for thousands of years longer than the best artists on IG right now.

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Wrong. They had patronage which was the instagram/twitter of the past.

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It's hard to find an exact number, but it looks like they've currently got around 1-2 million users and growing. Still young, but it's clearly gaining some momentum.

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Dumb, immature take. What a stupid thing to say.

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HA... HA.. HA.

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Managed to get 20K using reels. Follow me bros marciobarra_art

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Dumb, immature reply. What a faggot thing to say.

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Main problem is that instagram changed the way they show stuff. After scrolling like 5-10 posts by people you follow, it changes to "suggested posts" automatically so people dont even see posts from artists they follow.
You can manually switch to only show followed posts but it switches back everytime you reopen instagram and most users wont bother.

It sucks cause I found instagram the best social media website as a user for looking at someones art, since you get just images by default and I can get the source image on desktop.
Twitter just shits itself if you want to see more than 5-10 media posts back in someones timeline and theres way too much text only posts in the home or latest screens.

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It has a billion acounts, not users. Majority of accounts have been proven to be sockpuppet and bot accounts.

Twitter is personification of manufactured consent, it is nothing but a platform for corpos and government to pretend a billion people hold opinions they have decide upon.

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facebook twitter and tumblr. instagram is so awful now its not even worth it

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And grand unveilings. Sharing art used to be a momentous affair for the top artists.

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Dumb people like you say this all of the time, but all of these dead fucks would have absolutely been on social media if they were around today.

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