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Does it even exist? Basically the only ones I've seen are either kemono friends stuff where it's just a girl with animal ears, OR, western diaperfurryshit where it's very obviously meant for dogfuckers and is just generally very low quality

Only thought of this because of pic related by tetetoroort and I saw his stuff and it wasnt awful and looked good and likeable.

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ovopack is kino

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Seconded. ovopack is god-tier, even if you're not into furry/kemono.

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Why do people make such stupid shit names?

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>OR, western diaperfurryshit where it's very obviously meant for dogfuckers
I don't even want to know how those two are connected

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this looks like furry shit for pedophiles.

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Oh yeah, op's looking for what furries describe as "cub". It's generally frowned upon in the fandom.

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nah, that one I just thought was cute and didnt instantly offput me

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KINO incoming

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i think this would work better without the blurry background trees

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Disney cartoon face furries will never be kino.

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lmao fuck off nobody gives a fuck about cubs other than kids that just turned 18 and need something to rage against to feel special or the 30 year creepers that are grooming them and need to keep clout hunting
you’re all fucking animal fuckers as far as anyone that isn’t part of your retarded clique can see

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