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>Getting pretty decent at muscles, poses, bodies, etc.
>Cannot draw a table
>Cannot draw a counter
>Cannot draw a sword
Anything square utterly ruins me. Is this a common problem or do I have a unique variety of retardation?

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Don’t fret. That’s just perspective, anon. I recommend Ernest Watson’s “creative perspective” book in particular if you want to freehand your perspective. If you’re a complete beginner to perspective, then start with perspective made easy

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I would but if I'm drawing swords or furniture I tend to give it like 5 tries and then start over from scratch so I have nothing recent saved.

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boxchads wins again

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perspective made easy

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learn 1-2 point perspective and start grinding out floating pizza boxes

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the box is very important.

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they didn't ask you to post anything specific, just anything, and what's stopping you just drawing something now? Do it, don't be a lazy butt.

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If you cant draw those things then I guarantee your figures also look shit

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Learn how a table is assembled so you know what you are drawing. Use a ruler. Try and try again untill the shape is there,add shading add texture, worry about details after getting the general shape correctly

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A table is just a figure run through a body horror filter

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>Anything square utterly ruins me. Is this a common problem or do I have a unique variety of retardation?
draw a bunch of squares i guess.

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You unironically need to do drawabox

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hahah felt that way for a long time. still do honestly. it gets easier though will the more perspective stuff u do.

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It's the opposite for me I competed for realistic art objects tables cities nature scapes etc can be sketched in seconds for me but people?. I can't draw people for shit all I can do is alt style unless I spend a week studying someone in particular.

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You just have to put the time in, Anon.

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Motherfucker you are literally tracing grid lines. Take off your training wheels.

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common problem. Learn constructive drawing, it's significantly easier than anatomy anyhow

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it'll probably help him faster honestly, nothing wrong with that. go draw faggot

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no rules only tools

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