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If you're on a break after drawing and feel like sharing what's on your mind about what you're working on, the industry, things that excite you about art, or anything that frustrates you about drawing or the process of art then grab a cup of water and chill out here. Remember to keep the discussion on-topic as much as possible.

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>my art gf hasn't noticed me yet

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I've become good enough for my art to be resonably good, good enough to sell and and for randoms to compliment it.
Yet I still approach art in general as a if I were a /beg/shitter. Oh no, I cant' draw that... Tad of research later, turns out I can, and it looks pretty good. But it wasn't as spontaneous as I wished. Is that what they call impostor syndrome? Anyone else feels the same way?

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>me on the left
And no if you can capture the form and draw from life consistently well enough then you aren't a beg. You will always need references
t. /beg/ who can't do either consistently

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>Is that what they call impostor syndrome?

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my art is shit and I gaslight people into liking it by using dishonest symbol drawing

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>But it wasn't as spontaneous as I wished.
I have a similar mental problem. Even if I do a drawing well, people like it, and its an objective success, my brain just says 'you prepared too much for this, i bet <artist> would have done this flawlessly without reference in the span of an hour".

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based kjg poster.

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Honestly, talking to some industry people and asking for crits, one of the easier things to get roasted about is if your references are shit.
So I wouldn't go idolising noref artists, rather I will be pleasantly surprised if I see the artist's ref board when I look at their artstation post or whatever.

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So I was wondering if there is a squizo-art thread, I think it could be interesting to see that and it could inspire other anons.

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A person who retweets a ton of AIshit retweeted one of my pieces. Will blocking him block everyone following him from seeing that post? I just about had it with twitter solely because of these apes. And no fucking way am I making an artstation.

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theoretically should take your post off their account but you may need to double check on an incognito window

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Blocked and it's still there. Maybe it was a changed feature?

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Taking good shits lately, feels good.

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what’s wrong with art station?

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There was an app or extension that did this so look for that.

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I was banned for a couple days because a jannie is an AI shill, and my life got exponentially better.
I'm considering taking the jump and stop using 4chan all together, which I probably won't, but it feels nice to consider.

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I think I would be good to restrict the time in which you are allowed to open 4chan each day. <1hour

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show your art

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A lot of things, but in the specific case of AI all the big names have used it as part of their datasets. AS has yet to do a single thing about it.

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this is 99% of twitter artists. especially westerners who draw anime.

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do it
I visit this place maybe once or twice a month and it's great. this site rots your brain like you wouldn't believe.

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I used to want to only draw pretty and appealing things but now I want to draw ugly or unappealing things, does anyone else know this feel?

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i make my self portraits as unflattering as possible

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>finally get into le epic secret club discord with twitter famous artists
>they're all obnoxious
>server is dead most of the time
Fell for the meme

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Now you know anons aren't exaggerating when they say online artists are 95% insufferable and discord is a shithole mainly used by groomers.
It just keeps being true.

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Me too, except I am actually ugly and I just accurately depict my ugliness in full form. I rephrased my original comment wron and meant to day I want to draw in an "uglier" style. I despise my current art style and the way I draw faces, but it's so hard to change my style. It's an extremely mediocre style and ugly but not ugly in the unappealing way but trying-way-to-hard-to-look-good way and I started wanting to learn how to draw like pic rel. There's real soul to it and it feels so much more easygoing and free-flowing which I think actually makes this style look more beautiful than my stiff try-hard style.

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I think I'm starting to get gratification way too early from my art and it kills any motivation I have to actually finish stuff.

Like, I'd sketch and my brain would go
>That's a pretty nice face/pose/whatever
I'd get some of that "good hormone", and I'll end up never finishing it or losing focus
It's like, it's good that I like my art more, it means that I'm improving, but I also want to FINISH stuff.

Work is also a factor, in that by the time it's bedtime I've gotsome sketches down and maybe want to finish them. Then I've got 8-9hrs of work/commute and my brain is just thinking up more new stuff the entire time instead of on finishing what I started...

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Feeling grateful today.
>Grow up poor with everyone crabbing on me for drawing
>"You're gonna be homeless", "You're not as good as ____", "It's near impossible to get into the games industry as an artist", "You've been rejected by this art school twice already"
>Literally no one believed in me, except for a few nice anons on here
>Stubbornly kept at studying and practicing like my life depended on it because I couldn't see myself do anything else
>11 years later, all my dreams come true, I even meet the love of my life.
>My art is at a level I never thought I could reach, and I keep improving as I continue to study and practice
>Right now, I am planning to take a luxury trip to Bora Bora... something that I never thought was possible for someone like me.

We're all gonna make it brahs, never ever give up on yourselves.

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Really doubt they will, it's more of a business site then an art site

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Tried a new prepacked meal, now I feel sick and don't wanna do anything. Made some good progress on a project last night at least, so maybe I can just take today off.

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i just ate a load of chicken nuggets and i passed out for 3 hours.
Im going to start intermediate fasting and eat only the smallest of portions.

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So apparently Twitter is dying or something.
Where's everyone moving? I seriously have no idea and it seems like neither do most artists

Tumblr? DeviantArt? One of the dozen "Twitter-likes"?

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Tumblr seems to be the move at the moment, sounds like they're already planning to add some new features so it's more accommodating to twitter refugees and artists without disrupting it's current style, though I have no idea what besides that they're borrowing some of the Mastodon code for it. If you need something with more normies, Hive's the one since they just paid off some huge tiktokkers to promote it but it's only accessible on phones at the moment.

That said, Twitter isn't dead yet but it's very difficult to see how it's supposed to pay off its current debt when all the main advertisers have abandoned ship and it's facing at least 10 lawsuits at the moment, so everyone's just making sure that they're still connected by posting alternatives just in case it does totally die.

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Tiktok is the future, boomers.

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I wish i could go back to my art school and take every modeldrawing class again. The tempo our teacher set was close to what I would think the old masters had to endure from their mentor. It was harsh but so rewarding, 5 to 15 minute sketches for an hour followed by grueling 1 to 3 minute sketches. We had to change materials every day and were challenged in every way we thought we were comfortable. I miss those days dearly because i was so motivated and the results were so rewarding to me.

Now that I have a job that isn't in the art industry i barely draw in my free time. Its mostly spend gaming, excersising or doing household chores.

How do you do it guys? How do you challenge yourself without the help of mentors or others? Whats keeping you challenged and engaged?

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I haven't been able to draw anything for a project that I've been working on for a while now, which has turned me off from drawing as I feel an immense pressure to do nothing but produce content for that thing. Today I sat down and mindlessly sketched for myself and found that the lines and color just came out nice and flawlessly. I guess worrying about the future is only going to make the present worse.

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I started an ambitious personal project that forced me to get out of my comfort zone. I even picked up some blender skills and storytelling skills because of it. The thing that keeps me on my toes is how I want to ensure a certain level of quality I can be proud of, like a legacy of sorts. That's how I kick my own ass.

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I really don't think Twitter is dying until they actually do some major change that makes the site unusable for a big group of people (Tumblr banning porn). There's a bunch of fearmongering on my Twitter timeline about Elon laying a bunch of employees off and people posting their accounts on alternative sites, but considering none of them have fully taken the leap and deleted their Twitters and still upload frequently I really think it's just an outrage of the month kind of thing. The big artists playing along with the fearmongering saying they're going to leave have been and will silently back pedal once they realize they have to rebuild their online audience again on a new platform, and everyone will just forget about it when the next big nothingburger happens.
Plus Twitter sucks but it's the only "art platform" that seems to have a pretty decent mix of western and eastern artists. Pixiv feels way too eastern, and Tumblr feels way too western.

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Also you have to understand that these jobs that Elon laid off were literally like HR and marketing. Sure there were some actual engineers, but a ton of it was those meme jobs where you spend 2 hours a day in total doing meetings/emails and then 6 taking advantage of office luxuries like cafes and lounge rooms. If you've seen tours of Twitter's HQ it's full of just luxery faculties like that. Meanwhile if my boss sees me on my phone too long he'll tell me to go sweep the sunlight off the street or some shit. Honestly I'm jealous

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So they say. I haven't noticed any changes beyond the bitching and moaning from the lefty types who read mainstream media. Make whatever conclusion you will from that.
I guess if your only audience is liberals then you ought to follow them wherever shithole they run to, but everyone else is going to stay on twitter so the audience will be much broader and overall bigger there since it's an established site. And they'll likely be getting their daily dosage of news and happenings there from established sources. Any contender attempting to dethrone the still reigning twitter is going to have to introduce some crazy new ideas to wow the general public aka your potential customers. My advice is make accounts everywhere just in case but stay tuned on twitter until musk is tweeting about shutting it down.

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>I'm finally flexible enough to touch my toes
feels gud

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Anyone else literally weep when you see something beautiful and to your exact tastes? Like once a decade.

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Drawing is one of the few things I enjoy doing for the sake of it, rather than results or showing people. It just relaxes me and doesn't feel like work at all. Almost everything else I am into feels like work sometimes, but drawing never does. And improvements are nice to see, but even without them, I enjoy the process of creating something.

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An interesting thing I read somewhere was that people don't use Twitter to follow certain people's they use Twitter to see what's on twitter. It's like the way people used to watch late night talk shows. They would just tune in to see what was on, they didn't really give a shit who was on, they just watched it religiously regardless. Of course the big guests helped, but most people just wanted to watch the show. Something similar with newspapers and the journalists writing for them. People just buy the paper and don't really care who is writing.

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Yes. It's exceedingly rare though.

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I got into gardening for whatever reason, just a few containers of Peppers.
Gonna plant some Watermelon seeds soon. It's perma-hot in my region so I'm hoping they do well

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post the artist that made you feel that way I need something new to see

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No. That's why I'm making it myself.

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I kinda got that when I first saw Tradd Moore, and then a while later even more with Itoh Sei
I wasn't weeping, it's just this dreadful feeling of
>Holy shit, how can there be someone who can make something this good??
Like it's just insane to me that there's an actual person out there who's THAT good

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Has Pixiv released any form of clarification on their new art censorship policies? Is loli/furry gone for good?

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You can post it, you just can't make money off it with fanbox/etc.

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Of all places I found that artist on skeb, found out they did official art for a franchise I loved but had fuckall commissions done. Commissioned them, then waited a few months before comming them again and found out they didn't have any other work since my last one, and they closed after finishing my second one. Gonna comm them again once they reopen.

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I have no damn pressure control for quality linework. I'm doomed to become "the 4chan meme artist"

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How do cut I drugs and porn completely out of my life?

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snip your balls
get addicted to a lower level drug like coffee instead

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I'm already addicted to caffeine...I just wish I could shake off these degenerate urges

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Started doing daily strength training since Monday but I haven't done any exercise in years. My arms are pain incarnate right now but it's actually helping motivate me to draw even when it hurts

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the only way to fix this is to buy a shit load of materials & a bunch of coffee caffeine and stay up for days grinding

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> How do you do it guys? How do you challenge yourself without the help of mentors or others? Whats keeping you challenged and engaged?
The weight of my own failures is enough.

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Even when I'm practically crippled by illness I try to add a little every day to my sketchbook. Somehow the feeling of scratching tones onto the physical paper gives me the relief that mindlessly bouncing my leg or tapping my fingers doesn't. Feels good.

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do good artists only draw good things or are they mostly drawing shit but only show the good?

>> No.6388659

I never upload the bad but there are times where I don't upload the good either.
I'm not a good artist it's but probably worth considering the idea.

>> No.6388682

In my experience on live drawing places like drawpile the good artists are pretty much always good unless they're having some kind of shitty day. Even then, the stuff is still pretty good.

>> No.6388690

Not going to post my work so you can take it with a grain of salt, but usually I need to warm up for like 40 minutes to an hour to draw anything good. Drawpiles and aggies become embarrassing for me when it's the first thing I've drawn all day

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I only post my stuff on /ic on rare occasion for a joke. It is usually bad rushed no-ref stuff that still shows some skill. I don't want to share my good stuff here. I plan to post it somewhere else some day.

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It's strange how facebook isn't more popular for artists.

>> No.6388738

facebook is only used for old people, not even thirdworlders use it anymore, t.thirdshitter

>> No.6388739

Sure but old people is the demographic with the highest disposable income.

>> No.6388744

yeah the have money, older people (at least the ones i know) are not very interested in art in general, i think if they were to appreciate some kind of art they would go to the basics like van gogh, picasso, da vinci, etc. i don't see them consuming anything that is not hyperrealism for more than 5 seconds.

>> No.6388746

Of course you would need to adjust your art to be nice flowery stuff, pets and who knows what (Drawing old people's pets alone could probably be a great business. Even digitally). Even if just 1 out of 10000 is a potential customer that is still a huge potential market.

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It actually excites me to see something high level. It reminds me that wanting to get there is a worthy goal.

>> No.6388783

i thought twitter wouldve been a lot bigger than that

>> No.6388788

when I told my roommate that i used twitter, she didnt know that people used it to actually discuss world events and thought it was a site just for porn and onlyfans people
technically not wrong but yeah, doesn't quite have the reach you think it would
if i had to adjust my art exclusively for old people, i dont think i'd have fun anymore

>> No.6388856

Sounds comfy honestly, regardless if it gets results or no. Need to try this when i get some time off.

>> No.6388926

another reason for why being the loudest doesnt make them the biggest.

>> No.6389359

Looking back at my art from a year ago isn't making me think about how much I used to suck at art like it normally does, it's making me think about how much I used to fucking hate myself and how it bled into my art because I was constantly drawing things for clout rather than for my own sake. Feeling so much better about myself these days.

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My first work (children’s book, I only did the illustrations) is going to be published soon.
I should be happy, but I got this job out of sheer luck, and I’m not sure if I’ll find another chance like this. (Pretty sure the publisher doesn’t like me)
Illustration is what I study at university, and what I always wanted to do since I was little, but I can’t help but feel like everything I make is slightly above /beg/

>> No.6389664

Tfw to shitty to draw well and still too shitty to draw ugly style. Why does Taiyo Matsumoto's art have a professional air that contrasts the skill ceiling of the style. I tried to do a style like his but it ended in failure. It's over, I have drawn more 100 pages and my lines are still shit and I can't ink drawings well like they do in the demos I am a permabeg

>> No.6389672

I thought Telegram is obscure Discord alternative

>> No.6389674

>I have drawn more 100 pages
100? That's like 1 sketchbook. Don't expect to even notice improvement until you've filled 4 or so.

>> No.6389678

I have drawn for more than 10 years of my life. I mean I've been trying really hard grinding ink drawings for the past few months everyday now and I have no improvement I can barely hatch or render. I don't have "soul".

>> No.6389681

try automatic drawing.

>> No.6389685

This is too high level for me. I can't even draw without 5 rough drawings, this requires high imagination, visualization, and pen dexterity, and probably some level of intelligence. People who can do automatic drawing of full pages have actual talent.

>> No.6389693

True that guy did make it look complex. His version is highevel. It's still a useful exercise at a low level though. You are not trying to make pretty pictures, just let lines out and let them goes where they will, no thinking. Look up automatic drawing examples, some people do them very simply.

>> No.6389699

I have done that a lot already with my many sketchbooks where I only drew in pen with no eraser but everything I did came out awful with mistakes anyway.

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File: 1.55 MB, 1764x2000, Masson_automatic_drawing.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

There are no mistakes with automatic drawing. It's not a goal orientated task. turn off judgement.

>> No.6389759

It's not complex really, though it can seem like it. Why exactly don't you want to? In saying you don't want to, i think you already have the beginnings of an answer for yourself. Chisel and carve out that "why" for yourself diligently, and I believe you'll find your motivations make themselves.

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I was doodling some clouds/trees and such in my lab notebook and the girl across from me said, “Wow, you’re so good at drawing!” I couldn’t decide whether to say thanks, tell her that I disagree, or mention I’ve been trying to learn for a while, so I ended up just staring at her.
She apologized after a short silence.
At this point, I think she was just trying to make conversation, but it was also the first time someone complimented my art out of the blue like that. I think it has given me a reason to keep going with this.

>> No.6389837

Cute anon. We are going to die alone, you and I both

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Haha, yeah.

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I had a girl compliment my art once and I didn't realize she was probably just into me so I was just kept stuff like "no this is bad, im bad im so sorry i know its bad, sorry you have to see this" until she gave up. She would regularly try and talk to me at figure drawing classes and I'd just shoot her down with incel tier sadboy talk about how bad my art is. I probably looked like I was going to cry. Worst of all I literally do this shit for money and I get enough external validation but I still have as much confidence in my art as I did when I started, anytime people look at my art IRL it feels like my brain is being dipped in acid.

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man, are the cocksuckers at celsys gonna even have a BF sale for ex this year or are they counting on people to eat this bait at the regular price lol

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>> No.6390384

I'm thinking about giving up on trying to make money with my art. I have no talent for it, only love. And yet I love writing more than I do drawing. It was my plan to learn to draw well enough to draw illustrations for my novel, and if possible, make some cash to support myself while I write, because it's fucking hard to make a living through writing. But it doesn't seem possible, my drawings are shit and soulless. I always draw something I think is pretty good only to come back to it the next day and realize what an abomination it is.

My only friend who remotely cares about my art endeavor keeps shitting on my art with technical nitpicks (are folds supposed to look this way? Why are the highlights going across the hair? shit like that) though he has never picked up the pencil once in his life, but not even people online like my art. I get hundreds of likes sometimes, but I know for a fact it is because of the fotm I draw, not because of my skills.

I'm not giving my all to chase the clout, but some real encouragement or just pointers that I'm going in the right direction would have been nice. But there isn't one. Turned out, you either are good or you are not. I will think this through once more tomorrow but even if I give up on making money with art, I would still draw for myself. At least I won't be spending 5 hours a day to labor over shitty drawings anymore. The thought that I will never be able to draw like the artists I look up to hurts a lot though. Sorry about the rant.

>> No.6390398

>are folds supposed to look this way? Why are the highlights going across the hair? shit like that though he has never picked up the pencil once in his life
you don't need to have picked up a pencil to notice oddities in drawings. but you're an artist and artists are professional liars. those with average technical skill can still find success by convincing the audience that whatever bullshit they put on the page IS the truth and they know full well what they are doing. explain why it's objectively correct for the fold and the hair highlight to look that way (if you can't then, uh, you probably DID draw them wrong, ask him how he would do it instead), make him submit with words

>> No.6390399

maybe theyre sick of you showing them garbage

>> No.6390400

me too anon...

>> No.6390404

I don't want to convince anyone with words that my art is correct or not though. If it looks wrong then it's shit. And like you said my knowledge probably wasn't suffice to get it right in the first place. I think my art should speak for itself. If people who don't draw think it's not good then it's silly to convince them that it is using technical knowledge, even though the guy in question is kind of a pseud, who likes to "analyze" art.

>> No.6390474

>happily draw every day
>stop one day
>alright I'll draw tomorrow
>... I really dont want to draw, I'll try again tomorrow
>a week goes by
>forgot what its like to draw
>the idea of drawing doesn't make sense anymore
>I'm just staring at a screen putting black pixels everywhere?
>I used to like doing this?

>> No.6390597

I love drawing because if I don't know what to draw I pull up pics of women and start drawing them as studies

>> No.6390607

Don't think, feel.

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Has /ic/ slowed down? The general threads are very inactive. I know it's a slow board but it's feels like it's almost reached /i/ levels of slowness.

>> No.6390768

that sounds like a fancy way to say doodling
what artist doesnt doodle?

>> No.6390831

the crabs are busy begging their parents to buy them a cintiq for christmas

>> No.6390837

Found all of my old sketchbooks from when I was a beg. 8 books and most of them only had a few pages filled because I kept buying new ones thinking it'll motivate me to do more doodling and practice but I just kept going back to digital in the end. At least I don't have to pay for a new canvas every time.

>> No.6390840

I have to find joy in drawing again, instead of drawing for dopamine. I have to defeat you all! (Except those of you that are genuinely nice people, good luck you too)

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Only talented people can do that, I can't draw from imagination I can only steal from reference. I will never make anything like Studio 4C because I don't have the spark. This is the true redpill, artists are born with the spark or talent. I don't even know how to do automatic drawing or to just let it flow because I have zero imagination or creativity. There is nothing in my head to flow out. Have you ever looked at your own drawing and wondered why it feels like something is missing and then looked at someone else's and wonder why his or her's feels complete? Why is it that my finished work is never finished, but other people's finished work really if finished? This is the spark, and only those with the spark are GMI. You can see which artists on this board have the spark or not easily. People like me who do not have the spark should only draw as a hobby and should never dream about making anything good. If you are a permabeg don't bother trying to do anything worthwhile or trying to become like your heroes, drawing should only be a hobby because artists are born.

>> No.6390869

Talent is an excuse for people too lazy to put in work

>> No.6390870 [DELETED] 

I sometimes remember that despite what many people will say, how much work you put in to a piece does not always matter.
You can put your whole heart in to your work, and touch exactly no one.
You can put years in to your skills, and still be rejects.
You can do your best, and still only be appreciate after death.

All this is possible.
I keep drawing anyway.

>> No.6390873

I sometimes remember that despite what many people will say, how much work you put in to a piece does not always matter.
You can put your whole heart in to your work, and touch exactly no one.
You can put years in to your skills, and still be rejected.
You can do your best, and still only be appreciated after death.

All this is possible.
I keep drawing anyway.

>> No.6390879

Okay, then how come I can draw from reference and life but I can't draw from imagination? I have been drawing for more than 10 years, and I have a decent skill level but only when copying from life and I can't draw from imagination, and I don't have creativity. Talent is spark or creativity. My IQ is too low to learn the process to become as skilled as third worlder artstation artists and I don't have enough soul or talent to draw like geniuses such as Yoshitaka Amano. You need to accept talent exists, talent is the creative genius who can come up with ideas and concepts that bewilder people like me (who can only grind bland things from reference and can't come up with any good ideas or stories.) So although may have some skill (only when drawing from life) I always am amazed by other people's ability to come up with images even if their skill may be lower than mine. It's insane for anyone to deny the existence of talent, people who are talentless are NPCS. NPCs are people who can only be hobbyists.

>> No.6390882

No one's readin your Livejournal diary entry, go kill yourself. You come off as a total subhuman.

>> No.6390885

So you finally accept talent exists? After all, I am a subhuman so that must mean I don't have talent or spark like other people.

>> No.6390889

You seem determined to give up, so anything people say will be twisted. Even if I were to say practice drawing lines until they're straight, you'll likely make an excuse.

You can't help someone who refuses to be helped.

>> No.6390897

Good posts.

>> No.6390908

I wrote that as an example or point on the difference between someone with talent and without. Someone without talent like me can draw perfect portraits of other people but cannot for some reason draw vivid imaginations. If everyone had the same talent how come there aren't more Yoshitaka Amanos? But instead there is only 1 out of 1000s of artists who have an interesting artistic vision. My point was that talent is real and anyone can draw but not everyone can draw from imagination or learn creativity.

>> No.6390914

Define creativity.

>> No.6390917

Anything that involves being able to draw from imagination. Why can I only draw from life but nothing else? When I draw from imagination it's only symbol drawing like in my earlier post and when I try to draw like the artists I respect I can't come up with anything interesting and don't know how to finish an illustration if it isn't from life or photo.

>> No.6390920

Creativity largely consists of combining ideas together to create a 'new' result. It's not nearly as magical as it may seem. Tell me, do you know how to combine shapes in your mind? Can you combine ideas to create a new one?

>> No.6390927

I know creativity is being able to combine preexisting ideas and executing them well but some people can do it and some can't. You make it sound easy but it really isn't, so you're probably one of those talented people who can and don't understand how people can't. People who can are simply talented, and people like me who are NPCs can't draw from imagination. There are tons of people who can only draw realism but can't do anything creative or draw without reference. How come their skill is good when drawing from life but they are stumped when you ask them to draw something from imagination that is a finished piece. If someone can draw realistically but can't retain that information and then default to symbol drawing when drawing from imagination then they are low IQ hence talentless. They can still draw, they just aren't talented.

>> No.6390931

Yoshitaka amano was heavily influenced by art nouveau. various artists such as Mucha, Klimt, Rackham, William Blake, Odilon Redon, Leonor Fini, Aubrey Beardsley etc. Combined with being influenced by his own countries ukiyo-e paintings resulted in his unique style. He happened to be in the right place at the right time, and open to the right influences that gave him that spark you seek. For automatic drawing, you drew faces, that was not the point as it lead to you judging them as poor symbol drawing, instead don't try to draw "something" and just draw lines, make marks, marks that are there just to be marks, thick, thin, dotted, swirly, harsh, smooth, bold, meek, loose, tight, flowing, abrubt. Don't force it, just play around, relax, listen to relaxing music perhaps, take some deep slow breaths.

>> No.6390934

It’s a different anon who replied to you, I’m not reading your blog post.

>> No.6390935

Of course talent exists but you are not even average so die.

>> No.6390936

reasons why your imagination "sucks"
- you are convinced that it sucks. self fulfilling prophecy
- you find enjoyment and attention in telling people that your imagination sucks. it's become your personality somehow
- you simply didn't look at stimulating art and materials enough
- you're embarrassed of what's in your head and your brain is doing everything in its power to prevent you from conveying it

>> No.6390961

But he's creative because he knows how to use those existing ideas well, that's my point. I cannot draw from imagination, yes people like me exist.
That's basically what I was trying to say because there are people who deny talent exists. Talentless are NPCS. Only talented people are in denial and think everyone can just draw from imagination.

>> No.6390980

>Only talented people are in denial and think everyone can just draw from imagination.
you could do it. you just wont allow yourself to do it without harshly judging it. The expectation of judgement(from you or others) is stopping you. You don't want to do "bad" drawings from imagination. You got too caught up in what other artists are doing or are capable of, so you keep comparing yourself to them.

>> No.6390982
File: 80 KB, 487x503, 1615888686164.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>you find enjoyment and attention in telling people that your imagination sucks. it's become your personality somehow

Shut the fuck up I have a manodepressive borderline disorder I can't fix that by just changing my mindset how dare you

>> No.6390985

like van gogh...

>> No.6390991

I just did earlier, all it was were random lines and and badly drawn cartoon faces and I wasn't afraid to post them. Have you ever seen those fanartists who cant draw any original content and only draw media they consoom? There's proof right there of people who don't have creativity, but I'm not trying to insult them I'm just using them as an example of what I mean by no imagination as I'm like that but with studies and photos. When I try to wander off my mind just becomes empty, I'm literally an NPC I can think of nothing for hours like a drone, Idk if other people are the same. The other anon might be on to something with stimulating media, so it might be something like that not being trained well. I theorize talentlessness could also be a result of low EQ, or IQ if you cannot retain information well.

>> No.6391026

Unironically pyw I wanna see how your life drawings look.

>> No.6391033

Haha we should be lovers I can make you worse

>> No.6391034

>you're embarrassed of what's in your head and your brain is doing everything in its power to prevent you from conveying it
How do I break this my brain is riddled with anxiety

>> No.6391047

Or therapy.

>> No.6391064

I feel nothing

>> No.6391066

Imagine being able to draw automatically lmao. holy shit some people just have it so easy. I have to carefully analyze and filter every single thing I do through ten checks just to make sure I don't fuck it up. I'm like a tiny person inside a human operating it like a gundam, everything has to be carefully planned out to not be autistic. If I drew what I liked, I'd get arrested in a day. Some people just aren't born with a human aesthetic sense so we need to learn how to do that with mindful drawing. If automatic drawing doesn't work out try carefully training yourself to get an eye for what these automatic drawers do.

>> No.6391963

I feel like a lot of people on /ic/ give advice based on what personally works for them even though it's getting pretty evident that most artists work differently from eachother. It's probably why Just Draw has become the all-defining advice around here, most issues can be solved if you just stopped worrying about doing the right thing and when you recognize that something is off, you can just go seek out how to fix that one specific thing.

>> No.6392011

if it works for them then it might work for someone else which is why people share their advice, if it doesn't then you move onto the next advice, literally how all learning and discovering to learn works

>> No.6392056

>I feel like a lot of people on /ic/ give advice based on what personally works for them
Duh. You want them to advice you to do things they have experienced doesn't work?

>> No.6392111

I mean more like
>People will be more likely to improve if you tell them what they want to hear as a validation for the problem they're experiencing
Too many people just recommend artists to follow or specific lessons but it doesn't always get to the core of their initial conundrum and they stay beg tier forever because they end up focusing on the wrong things and stop having fun -> no desire to absorb a lesson, or it just flies over their head because it's not solving their immediate short-term issue/isn't provided in a format that helps them absorb the information.
I think that if the idea of "small steps" for general advice rather than pushing into learning an entire fundamental might be more productive since people will then self-motivate when they see immediate results, basically.

>> No.6392118

I haven't painted a single thing in 9 years. Then, for some reason, likely a confluence of psychological stuff, I just got totally and completely sick of my life. I quit my bullshit job, and that very day marched down to an art supply store, bought a massive fucking canvas, went home and made a huge abstract painting. I've now completed 3, with a 4th almost done and a final 5th one will complete the set.

I feel like an imposter being in any art circle, irl or not. I have absolutely no formal training, and my only informal training was some useless oil painting lessons my parents had me take in high school, so instead of attempting anything that requires technical skill I've defaulted to simplistic abstract pieces. I don't at all dislike making them - quite the opposite, when I used to paint a decade ago, I never made a single abstract piece and I felt largely indifferent to most of my attempts at realism - but I still feel insecure, like I'm a pretender who hides behind abstraction (my only solace is that I know for a goddamn FACT there's many artists who do exactly that and they still get their art posted in galleries, so I'm not special in that regard).

>> No.6392136

Post those portraits then, want to see how bad you portray yourselves.
At least they get alt/crazy bitch pussy, I remember one of the big ones in the US said a weird girl was hitting on him all the time while they were on a convention. Wish that were me, draw anime portraits, get +300k followers and be hit on by an alt girl.
At the end it's all a fantasy...Art is a fantasy.
Care to say which companies are you working for? Congrats, by the way.
Twitter seems to be doing just fine in my case, lots of snowies were crying over the Musk buy, pretending the platform was going to die. First they created new tumblr accounts, then, when they realized nothing had changed, they created accounts on a alt-twitter site """just in case""", and then, at last, they just moved on and pretended nothing had happened.
I'm currently in university studying engineering, when things go south I just vent myself with drawings. Maybe find a reason to draw? Like something that makes you furiously want to draw, that is what happens with me. I put aside all my work and just start drawing.
Happened to me the other way around, I try my very best with every singular piece that I put out on the internet, but then I began working on a personal project and drew without pressures really fast, with results I actually enjoyed.
I believe that at least the nips post almost if not all of their work. The thing is that professional illustrators won't show you their "practices". These practices could very well be actual artwork for amateurs but for them is just learning, experimenting, failing and succeeding, all of that just to produce new art in a better fashion the next time they got a blank canvas in front of them.
It pisses me off that when I see something that appeals to my exact tastes, I had never imagined it, and even if I wanted it, I wouldn't be able to replicate it.

>> No.6392138


Lots of people here have your exact same story and I can assure you they are not into you. Unlike some of the people who tell this anecdote, I don't have a problem with people looking at me while I draw or even drawing nude women on public, so I'm used to people coming over my desk and compliment me.
This is where the anecdote differs from all of yours. I've had at least 15 girls coming over my desk to compliment, saying stuff like "Wow anon, you did that? That's sooo goood!" or "That's incredible, you should be an illustrator anon!" and when you go and say "Thanks, it's just practice!" or some generic response, they'll go into NPC mode, stare at the thing a few more seconds and they'll go away
Either they are not into you and you are just trying to mentally jerk yourself or I am really ugly and unpleasant to be around.
I'd be interested to see your work, if you are willing to post it.
Yeah, I've been noticing this place has been going downhill for the season or even 2022 as a whole, and I'm not even a veteran on this board.

>> No.6392178
File: 188 KB, 512x468, 1654885437668.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

So when do the AI lawsuits start?

>> No.6392196

How long should one take a break from drawing?
From the beginning of November to now, I've been pumping out drawings every 3-4 days.
Most months this year were about 4-5 drawings per month, but Nov (and June) I managed to make 8 drawings.
While it feels nice to produce more art, I'm starting to reach a malaise in creativity.
While I had fun making my latest drawing, I definitely noticed a drop in passion compared to the last seven I made this month.
Should I call it for November and not draw until December?
I'd like to avoid burn out and watch/play some stuff to get new ideas.
Is 5 days too long or too short?

>> No.6392199

Some have been filed. Against Github and Microsoft I think. That stuff usually takes time so who knows.

>> No.6392201

it feels like the Github lawsuit happened really quickly, within a month of Github copilot coming out, but Dalle has been out for a year now and no one's done anything. Does it really cost THAT much to file a lawsuit?

>> No.6392208

It takes time irregardless of the cost. There's a lot of bureaucracy.

>> No.6392243

Is it because artists are pussies and have no money?

>> No.6392388
File: 69 KB, 760x922, 2888.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

My loneliness is making me want to kms and drawing isn't helping me cope anymore

>> No.6392737

I really really hope I didn't kill off an artist by deleting my discord account.

>> No.6392837
File: 58 KB, 768x768, 1669580947179.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

If I spent a week or two weeks or a month not posting anything I draw would it cure me of constant seeking approval or validation from random people on the internet?
I feel like I would just lose all motivation to draw and I'd be worse off for trying it.

>> No.6392862

No because your problem stems from lack of self confidence. You have intense soul searching to do.

>> No.6392883

While I'm proud of my progress I do get put down by comparing myself to other people a lot, guess I need therapy or something

>> No.6393108

You and everyone else on twitter. Unironically.
Not trying to shit on you or anything, it's a real modern day epidemic and for some reason all anyone suggests for it is enabling bad coping techniques. Don't fall for their tricks. The only thing that needs changing are your philosophies. The only one in control of your happiness and confidence is you.

>> No.6393113

You sound just as insane as them though.

>> No.6393120

Go ahead and elaborate anon.
You going to disprove that the western world is suffering from various mental illnesses that stem from a lack of true self confidence?

>> No.6393254

Get into the habit of drawing things that you don't save and will discard. Draw things because you want to draw or practice, not so you have something to post online
Also stop drawing predominately fanart (especially FOTM) if you're one of those people. Start getting into character design or something for a concept in mind, even if you don't plan on developing it further

>> No.6393378
File: 79 KB, 735x822, 1283f6460ac7b070931dd3ad45543212.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>listening to sad music
>be depressed
>listening to happy music
>depression cured
I do this to myself, don't I?

>> No.6393388

I've always had a talent for designing characters that people like. It made me feel worthwhile. But I felt selfish for having that passion, and assumed people would find more value in me if I just drew porn of popular characters instead. But now that AI art is on the rise and anyone can make high quality porn of those popular characters in a matter of minutes, it makes me feel like things have changed and that I should now focus on original characters like I had wanted in the past if I want a shot at making a splash.

>> No.6393399

Yeah. Same thing happened to me when i stopped listening to Stained.

>> No.6393426

I'm quite new to /ic/ (here just for grabbing some art books and video courses) and I fucking hate it here other than that, every other threads it's just the trolls just spreading hate and shit on beginners.

>> No.6393438

you'll be back

>> No.6393439

This, and the stalking and harassment is what drove most of the good artists that away.

>> No.6393449

No pain no gain.
But all pain is also no gain.
Come here occasionally and it's alright.

>> No.6393465

that was how I got addicted to this site. I don't even watch video courses anymore, but I still come back every day for my daily dose of abuse

>> No.6393467
File: 38 KB, 715x655, Dinoaur2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It's the same problem everywhere on the interwebz. Just learn to skim through the bullshit and focus on the relevant stuff - don't feed the trolls or don't give attention to retards.

>> No.6393469

This is basically the only thread I use because I just don't have any other artist friends I feel comfortable confiding in, not that I've ever said anything super weird or egregious here.

>> No.6393492 [DELETED] 

I like the art resources and I am here like once a week. But some idiots really makes my blood boils every single time I visited.

Not like I'm totally new at drawing, but I wonder how beginners feel being in this place. I genuine believe art is a great hobby for everyone however some texts I saw here are so discouraging, I feel utterly disgusted and I can see people quitting from it.

I'm so glad that I have a bunch of fellow artists with different experiences I can talk to, I'm also hoping to work on art education stuff by review, filter and compile resources for different kinds of new artists (that's why I'm here stealing shit). I met some chill anons here but holy shit troll anons are so loud and obnoxious.

>> No.6393494

Sounds more like Duning Kruger

>> No.6393581

>you gotta practice composition, dynamic poses, gesture, line weight, etc because you can't just draw people standing around like family guy characters
>see countless pictures of just that, and they look amazing

I dont know what's real anymore.

>> No.6393612
File: 2.20 MB, 1242x1235, unknown.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

ultimately you should have the goal of making art that looks appealing to yourself and fun to make, and if you need those lessons, they will come to you naturally at a time when you think is right. you cant just force yourself to learn something when you don't know why or when you're going to use it

>> No.6393670

Will there really come a point when I will only have fun drawing and not want to kill myself? Or should I just get used to this suffering

>> No.6393681

Try to do a project/series of what you like to create, ideally a month long but you could go longer if you can. It can be challenging or easy but I think challenging stuff helps spiking your brain with dopamine better. Good luck!

>> No.6393702

>diagnosed with ulnar nerve entrapment
it's fucking over for me.
>tl:dr I drew too much, when I do I press on my elbow
>this is a nono apparently
>result I feel my pinky and the other finger tingling and it hurts to draw and keep the elbow closed
I pay shit with the money I earn from patreon, hence I can't afford to stop. Anyone know of a good drawing tablet that's just flat horizontal?

>> No.6393759

how much detail do you put into sketches? Every time I see someone doing a sketch and then drawing over it, the sketch already looks amazing and the lineart on top barely looks different.

>> No.6393764


>> No.6393787

Nope. You have mental issues. If you stop sharing you will simply avoid the problem. That being said, it's a good idea to stop showing your shit to people until you're mentally sound and capable of handling disinterest and even outright rejection.

Simply not posting without actually addressing your problems with approval seeking is only going to put it on pause but the moment you share again you'll find that nothing has changed. Actually work on your bad thought patterns during the time you decide to not post.

>> No.6393801

The answer to any pain gained from repetitive actions is exercise of the corresponding opposite muscle group. If you needed to cure lower back pain it is often you stomach and butt muscles you need to work out. Carpal tunnel syndrome can be fixed by asserting pressure when trying to open all 5 fingers repeatedly. etc.

Don't know the trick to fix ulnar nerve issues though but it is some form of workout.

Basically you are too lazy and don't take enough care of your body. Your problems are not going to end with this ulnar issue. You need to change your daily pattern and work out. You are also going to age like shit if you don't.

>> No.6393803

Chad, gmi /fit bro.

>> No.6393822

the only thing that appeals to me is death

>> No.6393830

And yet ur still alive. What a farce

>> No.6394197

having a detailed sketch like that is good so you're not fussing with adding brand new details during the lineart when you didn't put some reference for them on the sketch.

>> No.6394465

I'm that kinda person that puts every single detail down in the sketch, I need to know exactly what and where to draw, I spend a lot of time on the sketch but in return it makes the line art a faster process

>> No.6394614
File: 604 KB, 1200x1000, 1577524981045.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Why is it that my mom completely disrespects my work no matter how good I get and how much money I make? If anything she gets more and more disdainful the further I go, she constantly tries to discourage me with comments like "you can't just draw for the rest of your life" and generally just gives me vague, critical remarks about my work anytime she sees me drawing (e.g. "that leg looks long..." , "why is his arm like that?", etc). Also I'm not a NEET, I have a degree and a job so she has no reason to do any of this.

How do I unironically stop wanting my parents approval? It really fucks with my confidence in my work.

>> No.6394619
File: 145 KB, 1318x1318, FhD1gZOVIAA5CzI.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Doing some style study at the moment. Whenever I look at Wooma's art I can't shake off the idea that the mood is always involved in some sort of weird emotional drama even when they try to do something cute like pic related. Obviously artists will just lean towards a style full of things they like and won't really work into the opposite end (ie Kéké wouldn't do anything close to what Garth Ennis does and vice versa) but for people who just want to draw all sort of things, I wonder if it's possible to manage a style that fits anything. I actually have a friend who's attempting to do this, but they get burnt out so often and their gallery looks almost schizophrenic at times because of it.
I don't really know where I want to go myself, my personal style development has been pretty messy but I do know I want to draw cartoony stuff in general.

>> No.6394621

I'd ask her if she actually has anything nice to say about what you make, and then ask why she keeps making remarks like that regardless of the answer she gives.

>> No.6395114
File: 37 KB, 355x321, imagen.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

A South American agriculture professor and japanophile was teaching a class on Mammoth, known porno artisan.

"Before the class begins, you must get on your knees and worship Dorontabi and accept his linework and expression is something all of you should strive for!"

At this moment, a brave nihilist who understood the nullity of dedicating one's life to making generic anime art stood up.

”Are lolis simulation or simulacra?”

The arrogant weeb smirked quite snarkly and smugly replied “Clearly simulacra you stupid permabeg, as my petabyte collection of twixivterest references proves it!”

”If it were, then your collection and the collections of your influences wouldn't contain JAV and junior idol sets. Your assumption comes from your own inability to draw in an appropriate manner... including acing the style of your beloved Mammoth.”

The dishonest weeb was visibly shaken by this public revelation which he himself loves to repeat for pity and attention, and privated all of his online accounts. He wished he had some discord friends to stand up for him, but he chose to forsake them for the life of aloof troubled artist a long time ago!

The students applauded the bold critic for having reignited their will to improve. Begs and ints teamed up in unison to improve each other's art, having been freed from the tyrany of pretentious cliques and obnoxious teachers who prey on begs to feel better for themselves.

The Chilean lost his smugness and deleted all of his online accounts the next day. He died by bashing his head trying to perfect leg anatomy and rendering, then was reanimated as a cyborg on AI support aiding his existing stats in copying, tracing and referencing.


>> No.6395116

I clapped.

>> No.6395256

Been trying to figure this out for a while but what’s the difference between coloring an illustration vs painting a piece?

>> No.6395418
File: 42 KB, 563x511, filename_(1).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I just can't get myself into fitness.

I know it's good for me, I know I'll regret it in the future if I don't start...

But I'm just so fucking tired of work to the point that I just can't give a fuck. I tell myself at work:
>Today's the day, soon as I get home I'm strapping on my trainers and going for a run!
Then I get home and collapse on the bed.

>> No.6395425

but if the sketch has a bunch of overlapping lines and vague forms, you still have to invent new elements when you do the lineart. If the sketch is precise enough that everything is here, then its not a sketch. Isn't that just drawing everything twice for no reason?

I just want to make sense of it, I dont have the patience to just do everything twice especially when the lineart is worse than the sketch. Its like the definition of insanity.

>> No.6395434

strangely enough, looking at wholesome hentai might help. Seeing beautiful characters with beautiful bodies enveloped in each other's love is enough to light a fire under my ass and get to the gym.

>> No.6395437

no, it's a good idea to have everything 100% worked out, as a beginner, because this will let you separate your "drawing skills" from your "inking skills". When you get better, you can start to ink over looser sketches.

>> No.6395463

id get into fitness but i cant eat and i hate eating, the calorie maintenance is the worst part for me

>> No.6395464


>> No.6395492
File: 241 KB, 373x504, 20220630_001548.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Open software
>Doodling circle for 10 min and close program because no idea

What should i do all i can do is copying drawing i don't want do it anymore

>> No.6395528

because one of the slighted classes here has a lot more money at their disposal than the other

>> No.6395548

People fucking hate Microsoft (rightfully so)

>> No.6395605
File: 803 KB, 1597x1080, 1624326716135.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Forced to upgrade from new hardware
>Update clip studio
>Learn it has something called liquify tool
>Use it for the first time to see what it does
You cheating sons of bitches.

>> No.6395646
File: 137 KB, 1495x1388, 3zrm9o.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

it feels weird seeing my art getting reposted onto imageboards...

>> No.6395789
File: 51 KB, 675x678, 1636361365291.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

things i like have 5000 likes and things I don't like have 20000 likes and that makes me upset and also makes me feel like a retard because i know it's just a taste thing but maybe it's because it's some latent thing from my childhood where people made fun of things i liked, fuck if i know

>> No.6395800

unironically touch grass

>> No.6395809

i have a right to wish that my thing which is already popular was as popular as the thing that's more popular

>> No.6395888

Holy shit yes
Getting enough calories in, getting enough PROTEIN in.

I fucking hate eating so much

>> No.6395897

and no one cares
so you are better off not caring yourself too

>> No.6395921

i don't want to make a personal art account until after i have an audience for my comic but i'm probably not going to be good enough to actually finish the comic unless i get outside critique.
(imageboards would be the non autistic solution to this, but archives make me paranoid)

>> No.6395947
File: 880 KB, 245x245, 5319D64A-5ACD-4278-9D19-35E1F7019B13.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What conditions cause a cast shadow to be a color gradient? Color bounces off certain objects back into the cast shadow right? And obviously for colorful transparent materials. What about the conditions needed for a cast shadow to fade gradually toward its end? I don't mean a soft edge I mean half the cast shadow becomes a blur? Is that only possible with an ambient light source like an overcast day?

>> No.6396004
File: 61 KB, 1080x1080, C296FBED-AAE9-490C-B6B9-936987CD7BD9.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Forge the blurred shadow part, just found a good explanation of penumbra.

>> No.6396014

I've seen one artwork of mine reposted into the niche fetish thread I originally posted it in

>> No.6396023

My biggest dream is to have someone post my work to a booru. I've seen people with fewer followers had it happen so there's hope.

>> No.6396026

I had something posted to a booru after making a fresh account and they picked the worst picture i had uploaded up to that point because it was an fotm character
not worth it honestly

>> No.6396108
File: 1.74 MB, 3541x5016, 1623414382900.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>been part of a small, comfy d*scord server for a few years now
>one of my friends started spamming art channels with AI garbage he generated
We're like 20 in there posting and often talking about art and none even looks at it or reacts to it, it's sad. I don't wanna be a sperg and tell him to fuck off, only suggested him to try drawing instead but he'd rather proompt more...

>> No.6396212

I had some fotm fanart uploaded to a couple of boorus recently and I have very few followers (new account).
My art is subpar, so I feel that it doesn't belong. But judging by the comments I saw people seem to like it anyways, so that's nice at least.

>> No.6396899
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>get the flu
>sneeze and cough on the monitor
>keep thinking I forgot to erase some specks trying to find what layer they're on because I'm too lazy to wipe the screen down

>> No.6396910
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>get measly cut on my finger while making breakfast
>cant hold the pen steady now
i might be made of paper skin and glass bones but just let me have a normal day dammit

>> No.6396937

>/ic/ confirmed disgusting and weak

>> No.6396944
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you're never alone. spirits all around. enjoy the music. enjoy the silence. the good ones like it when you do good and will try to help you do well. ok

>> No.6396948

>draw lineart
>realize my anatomy is wrong
>paint over
>paint over is also wrong
>redline my own drawing countless times
>now that I repainted over all my lineart I have to redo lineart again
it's all so tiring

>> No.6396956

He sounds like an asshole. Why did you even invite him in the first place if he can't and isn't willing to do art?

>> No.6396978

time to get ambidextrous, kitty kat

>> No.6397001
File: 143 KB, 490x774, 5E1D136C-53F9-412E-9CD6-FAFB643303D5.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

There's two 4x5 inch drawings in the corner of my paper that I just have to render and the page will be completely filled. Why can't I get to it? All I have to do is get to it. I can't fucking get to it.

>> No.6397008
File: 2.88 MB, 250x341, nyanjelly.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.6397017

Because you have to get a new page after that and the blank paper is daunting.

>> No.6397093
File: 295 KB, 1100x918, 6EDFC0CC-E728-4281-A667-E1B665263137.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I already started a new page, but I can't continue on it until I finish these two shits in the corner. And they're fully drawn and everything I'm just a dysfunctional fuck who won't find 30 min in the day to render them. I'm like a deer staring at headlights.

>> No.6397107

How can I enjoy making art when it isn't perfect? I used to have fun but nowadays I just sit down, shit out something lazy and feel like not even bothering because everyone is better than me despite years of practice

>> No.6397132
File: 12 KB, 354x307, FEZ-0MFWUAElurt.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

every second you think about drawing is a second wasted where you're not drawing
just pick the brush you usually use and apply color and dont fucking think

>> No.6397333

think of how much better you've become since you started. And think about how normal people (non artists) dont look at things as critically as you. Its not all about technical skill but the emotions your art conveys.

>> No.6397339

I can't think of another hobby where every single thing you do can be wrong. Its like playing a guitar but it makes fart noises somehow, and you have to spend years jut to make it sound like a guitar. how do people put up with this for their entire lives? How do I put up with it?

>> No.6397469

>build a big following on social media
>for some reason people start looking up to me
>they ask me art-related questions
>I lack self-confidence and I'm not good enough to think I can teach anything to anyone so i redirect them to learning resources
>"Anon, just say you don't want to tell people your techniques. It's not constructive to tell people "just train.""
I really don't think i'm good enough. It's not that deep. The resources I link you will teach you far more than I ever can.

>> No.6397478

People are asking you in particular because they like your artstyle. Whatever you do probably has a certain charm or something that stands out. When you link them resources, it probably feels like a cop-out "just fucking google it" kind of answer. That's why they get annoyed with you. At the same time, you don't owe anyone your time. Probably best to take the Japanese artist approach and ignore their art questions

>> No.6397479

Be the ultimate crab and tell them you just need talent.

>> No.6397481

People don't want to know how to get good at drawing eventually, they want to know how be good at drawing right now. That's why "just draw" triggers so many people on this board. They think if they just find the secret to drawing they can skip over the part where you suck.

Drawing your way through the part where you suck is the actual secret, and if you never just draw, you will never get good.

>> No.6397483

have sex with them

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